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Neverland Landing & The NWWL Satellite Estate
Here we are in the Barracks of Neverland Landing with a proposed school for children. In the distance you can hear the children playing there is something weird about this at first glance! A humongous dark Cumulonimbus cloud looms in the distance--lightning, thunder, and torrential rains accompanied by strong winds and hail are soon to follow. "Hey stop where are you going with that???" says the young boy. "Isn't that Michael's Rolls & piano I see being taken away hey stop you can't do that!" the child yells!  
"You know me the ghoul says to the young child I am the ghost of jealousy, past, present, and future! Deceit, lies--cyber sex and video tapes--fused with online gambling sites and televised sex. This is all for sale on a pay per view basis. This is Wrestling Girls Gone Wild and contracts which call for the exploitation of mothers and children. Fused with nude casinos and gambling like the Vegas Strip--SIN City or Bust! Yes, we are pimping everything here, everything must go! Morals, values, and anything good even legacies must go! $30, $40, $50 Sold!! To the highest bidder welcome to Neverland Landing & NWWL Satellite Estate where everything is bought and sold if the price is right!
Howard Mann: Does this guy look trustworthy?
Yes, this is Mr. Howard Mann. Mr. Mann has the key to the city--a warehouse stocked full of Jackson memorabilia somethings including many professional keepsakes and awards that Michael and his sister Janet have gotten over the years. We will now venture into the start of all of this and how things transpired.

Yes, just how did he get his paws on these items? This is the question my dear Watson indeed!
High power bidders at an auction
Henry Vaccaro got his hands on this entire memorabilia collection because he seized an opportunity--as any true greedy opportunist would--to cover storage and related costs that were due. For just $60,000 he accessed one of the greatest musical/show business legacies of all time! And he got access to these articles because of an inability to pay a storage fee!

Let's get into the facts of what he did to Michael! Mr. Vaccaro has stated that there were some very questionable items located in the storage location for that memorabilia! Me personally if these items were slated to go into a project of any kind why the heck would any questionable articles be in a storage facility with items slated for a restaurant chain???
  • "I'm gonna defend myself and then maybe the world is going to know about the sex objects we found in there."-Henry Vaccaro
  • "He also told her that a British tabloid was offering him "seven figures" for a "particular item" from the memorabilia locker. Mann declined to identify the item or the publication but said it was clear the paper's goal was to smear Jackson's memory."


I have one better than that! Could it very well be that these articles were placed there by Mr. Vaccaro and his people??? Beyond all that Howard, you have continued to reference these articles in various news reports--as if these items were really there! It is clear to me that this appears to be a blackmail/smear campaign!
If you are indeed so interested and consumed with the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy as you claim then why would you state things of this kind to the media??? By doing this you are adding hidden insinuations. (If I am not allowed to market Michael Jackson then I will mention these fictitious articles which were located in the storage container!)

There is this photo showing Katherine, Howard Mann and the treasurer of Joe's Las Vegas company (which is also the one behind the Gary project) so I believe it is safe to assume that Joe is part of what is being played here as well. However, all of them are disrespecting Michael's wishes, those he stated in his will and trust document and those he expressed with the way he lived his life. Katherine gets what is due to her, as stated in the trust document and granted by a judge, she got a loan on top of that from the estate (no, this is not her money, it is still Michael's money) and she still needs more money? And she turns against her son's wishes in so many ways? Instead of openly challenging the executors - and she would be safe doing that the judge granted her that - she chose to side with Howard Mann? Well, she would not win the challenge for the simple reason that there is nothing to challenge. 
All the noise around the court session October 2, 2009 - for the gallery! Really, she has been ploying with Joe *all the time* - behind the scenes! And no one feels the insult? No one noticed that Michael Amir testified that he, Conrad Murray and Frank DiLeo told the children their father had died - while she said on Oprah she told the children that Michael had died? This is no attack, this is just the plain ole truth here.


I have just gotten word that this is a real video that is posted on the Secret Vault website. This is what upholding Michael's legacy is about? This video has no place on a website dedicated to the Legacy of the King Of Pop! Sorry, it has no place there Howard--you are marketing to us the supporters and fans of Michael Jackson. We have a right to say something--we purchase these products.

On a personal note I think when you speak your mind often people don't feel that you have a right to. When the aforementioned occurs there are many different factors which may attempt to impeded your ability to publish the truth...
  • "In a strange twist of fate, a New Jersey businessman hit the music world's jackpot — a warehouse stuffed with the King of Pop's personal belongings — and he got it for a song. Henry Vaccaro said he never expected to get caught up in a legal battle with Michael Jackson's family. But he did, and in the end, he wound up with Jackson memorabilia that could be worth a small fortune. Vaccaro says his story with the Jackson family began back in 1993, when, he says, the Jackson family failed to follow through on a deal to buy Vaccaro's guitar company. Vaccaro said the family never paid him what they owed, and after years in the courtroom, the items of memorabilia became the focus of the legal drama. Vaccaro says he managed to get the entire warehoused Jackson collection — thousands of items — after the Jackson family failed to pay a $60,000 bill for the storage of the items. Vaccaro said he picked up the bill, and the case with the Jackson family was settled as he became the owner of the family's memorabilia. The deal of a lifetime left a complete stranger owning the Jackson family's personal history.”Largest Private Collection."
  • "The property seizures were sweet for Vaccaro, who had won the judgment against the Jacksons after a business partnership with them failed in 1994. But the value of the property seized was not enough to satisfy the entire judgment, which had increased to $1.7 million with interest by the end of 1998, and the hunt for more Jackson assets continued. Enter Frank Coonis, the veteran Los Angeles private detective who had unearthed the Jackson cars and the piano and who had plenty of experience with Hollywood celebrities. Devising a ploy worthy of a pulp-fiction novel, Coonis engineered a clever sting operation he hoped would penetrate the Jackson defenses and locate assets. The plan went like this: First, Coonis contacted a company that issues rebate checks on behalf of corporate clients. These checks typically represent product rebates or refunds of overpayments made by individuals to the companies. Coonis said he arranged for the rebate company to mail $50 checks to each of the Jacksons with a letter stating "we believe you are entitled to this rebate, et cetera, et cetera. The letter also said, `If you think you're entitled to more, please call us at such-and-such a number."
  • "With the checks out, the trap was set; all Coonis had to do was wait for someone to bite. And they did. "Three of the Jacksons cashed the checks," Vaccaro said. Those canceled checks were returned to Coonis. On the back of the checks were the stamped numbers of the Jackson family bank accounts in which the checks were deposited. Vaccaro said with an order from the court, he seized $7,000 from those bank accounts. "A few of (the Jacksons) also called the phone number," Coonis said, and with caller identification software, Coonis was able to get their phone numbers. Steven P. Fernandez, Vaccaro's Los Angeles lawyer, used the bank account numbers to subpoena bank records and canceled checks from those accounts, opening up another avenue of investigation, Vaccaro said. In a recent telephone interview, Coonis described what happened next: "We got Mrs. (Katherine) Jackson's canceled checks, and we noticed these recurring checks to a vineyard. Maybe they own a vineyard, I thought, or buy wine from the vineyard." The monthly checks of $650 were written to a vineyard in Oxnard, a rural community about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. Coonis decided to pay a visit. "It was actually a small business park that included storage warehouses" at the vineyard address, Coonis said. "Through the window of one of the warehouse units, I saw a cabinet, and on the cabinet was a letter with the Jackson name on it," Coonis said. He spoke with neighbors at the industrial park who told him the storage facility was being used by the Jacksons, Coonis said. He discovered that the unit was leased to Tito Jackson, one of those named in the judgment, and was being paid for monthly by Katherine Jackson. Coonis informed the lawyer Fernandez of his discovery, and Fernandez told Vaccaro. "(Fernandez) asked me, `You have any idea what could be in the storage unit?'" Vaccaro said. I said, `I'll bet it's the memorabilia.'" Hitting pay dirt: The discovery of the Jackson storage facility in January 1999 jogged Vaccaro's memory. He recalled the week in January 1993 when, as an advisory board member of Jackson Communications Inc., he took part in a series of meetings at Havenhurst."
Henry Vaccaro Looking At His Pay Dirt
  • "But if it does get nasty, Vaccaro explains he'll reveal another Jackson secret: "I'm gonna fight like hell... If this is what he feels he has to do to improve his image, come after me. "I'm gonna defend myself and then maybe the world is going to know about the sex objects we found in there."

  • "After buying Vintage Pop, Mann approached Katherine Jackson to seek the family approval he felt was necessary before trying to sell merchandise to fans. He said he told her that he could provide regular cash payments with more ease than the estate, which was encumbered by her son's debt. He also told her that a British tabloid was offering him "seven figures" for a "particular item" from the memorabilia locker. Mann declined to identify the item or the publication but said it was clear the paper's goal was to smear Jackson's memory. At the family's request, he destroyed the item and returned a box of other personal items to the family. "He was nice enough to come to me with those things and I really appreciated what he did," Katherine Jackson recalled. The relationship has not been without missteps. This fall, Vintage Pop gave the gossip site TMZ a track from the memorabilia locker that the site advertised as never before released. It turned out to be a remix of an old Jacksons track, "Destiny." The fan backlash was swift and brutal, and Mann had to issue an apology."
  • "Bankruptcy filings: On Feb. 26, 1999, little more than a month after the memorabilia was seized, Tito Jackson filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Central District of California. A week later, on March 1, Joseph and Katherine Jackson did the same. In the filings, Tito estimated his total debt at $2,248,026, which included a $1.7 million debt to Vaccaro's lawyer, Fernandez, that represented the judgment Vaccaro's company, HVV Corp., held against Tito. Katherine and Joseph Jackson estimated their total debt at $27,205,657 and also indicated a $1.7 million debt to HVV Corp. It turns out that Jermaine Jackson, who also was named in Vaccaro's judgment, had filed for bankruptcy a month earlier, soon after the memorabilia was seized. His filing of Feb. 8 claimed a total debt of $10,575,413, which included the same $1.7 million debt to HVV Corp. These filings did more than protect the Jacksons from their creditors: Under federal bankruptcy laws, the filings required the return of all assets removed from the estates of Tito, Katherine, Joseph and Jermaine Jackson within the past 90 days. That meant the memorabilia Vaccaro had seized from the warehouse in Oxnard, which had been leased to Tito Jackson, had to be turned over to a bankruptcy court trustee appointed to retain custody of the Jacksons' estates. The trustee also demanded the return the two Rolls-Royces and the baby grand piano. Vaccaro had no choice but to comply. "Everything we collected, we had to give back," Vaccaro said. "I was devastated." Filings under Chapter 7 of the federal bankruptcy statutes are called liquidation, and require the appointment of a trustee to collect the property of the debtor, sell it and distribute the proceeds to the creditors. Depending on the value of that property, it's possible the creditors could receive only a small portion of the debt they are owed. "Because (the Jacksons) owed so many millions, it meant I might get only pennies on the dollar," Vaccaro said of his judgment."
  • "Piano, Rolls sold: Because of these delays and others, it wasn't until December 2001 that the trustee finally was prepared to act on the judge's order of April 2000 to sell the contents of the two warehouses. By that time, the baby grand piano and the Rolls-Royce that Michael Jackson had tried to purchase had been sold at auction to an unknown buyer. But because of a letter from Michael Jackson's attorney, advertisements for that sale of the car and piano did not mention that either item had once been owned by Jackson. "We decided to be careful" with the advertisements, Davidson said of threats from Jackson's attorneys to sue if Jackson's name was used. "The piano and Rolls were advertised as items coming from the estate of Joseph and Katherine Jackson," Davidson said. On Dec. 10, 2001, almost two years after federal marshals raided the warehouse in Oxnard and seized the contents, the Jackson bankruptcy trustee notified the court he was going to sell the contents at auction.On Dec. 15, 2001, Henry Vaccaro, unaware of the impending sale and ignorant of the trustee's earlier negotiations with the Jacksons over the delinquent storage fees, called his Los Angeles lawyer to "see what was going on" with the memorabilia. Fernandez placed a call to the trustee and found that Moldo "was fed up with the Jacksons," Vaccaro said. Moldo informed Fernandez of the auction. Moldo also told him that "if (Vaccaro) agrees to pay the $60,000 in storage fees, plus $25,000 in legal and court costs, (Moldo) would recommend (to the judge) the sale of the memorabilia to us," Vaccaro said. Still in bankruptcy, Vaccaro contacted a friend of his in Asbury Park who owned a company called El-Rich. The friend agreed to make a bid on the Jackson memorabilia. The bid El-Rich made to the trustee was $85,000, which covered the storage fees and legal costs. The bid was sent to Moldo with a $5,000 certified check. But even if Moldo recommended to the bankruptcy court judge that El-Rich's bid be accepted, a public auction was required to be held at which anyone could make a higher bid. That auction was set for Jan. 10, 2001, in a Los Angeles courtroom. And Vaccaro's friend wasn't the only one who showed up."
  • "A Los Angeles judge has tossed out Michael Jackson's $10 million lawsuit against a New Jersey man over memorabilia the pop star claimed had been stolen. U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper dismissed the lawsuit yesterday (Jan. 4) because Jackson had stopped pursuing the case he filed two years ago, according to court papers. Calls to Jackson's spokesperson and a lawyer for defendant Henry Vaccaro seeking comment weren't immediately returned. Vaccaro had a warehouse full of memorabilia from Jackson family members that included gold-trimmed costumes, financial documents, letters, awards and one of Michael Jackson's first outfits worn with the Jackson 5. At one point, Vaccaro's lawyer, Edgar Pease III, alleged the items also included gold records and personal items including skin bleach, soiled underwear, sexual videotapes, sexual paraphernalia and a hand-drawn picture by Jackson of a 7-year-old boy."
  • Henry Vaccaro filed a police report July 31 saying his rented storage space was burglarized and valuable Jackson items were missing, North Las Vegas police said Thursday. The auction was staged on July 26, about one month after the pop star died in a rented Beverly Hills mansion. Vaccaro of Asbury Park, N.J., told investigators he last saw the items in storage at Southern Nevada Movers in North Las Vegas more than two years ago — on May 30, 2007, police Sgt. Tim Bedwell said. Vaccaro also reported memorabilia unrelated to Jackson was missing. He put the value of the missing items at about $1 million. Vaccaro told The Associated Press the missing items included lyrics, notebooks and costumes first obtained years ago. He said he had agreed to give some of the items back to Jackson’s estate, but would not say what the items were. He discovered the theft on July 19, he said.“Everything that was sold is stolen merchandise,” the 69-year-old Vaccaro said. Mario Trabado, owner of Clark County Public Auction, said he had auctioned Jackson items bought legally less than a month earlier from a private collector. He declined to identify the collector but said it was not Vaccaro. Most of the items sold were connected with the Jackson family, not the “King of Pop” himself, Trabado said. The items included a 31-page Jackson family photo album from the 1980s, which fetched $1,000, and a personal notebook that contained doodles, Bible quotations and other notes written by Michael Jackson. The notebook sold for $3,500.Trabado said the 277 lots sold for about $37,000 — a loss for the auction house after he accounted for promotion costs.“It wasn’t a very good deal for us at all,” Trabado said. Trabado said the collector from whom he bought the items told him he obtained them in a storage auction held because a customer of the facility had unpaid bills. 
A STORY OF STORAGE - A Tall Tale Of Sorts

Storage Facility
In 1996, Henry Vaccaro had won a lawsuit against several members of the Jackson family when their company, Jackson Communications Inc. (JCI), had defaulted on a contractual agreement to buy one of his companies, Kramer Guitar Company. Michael, Janet and Latoya Jackson had not been receiving income from Jackson Communications Inc. (JIC) and were thus not part of the judgement. Another part of this ruling is equally important for what is going to unfold during the following years. The judge found that not just the company, Jackson Communications Inc. (JCI), but also each individual member of the family who was subjected to this ruling was *personally* liable, with what they *personally* owned. During the following years, Henry Vaccaro kept trying to recover the money that was owed to him based on this ruling, and he was trying to collect that money from the Jackson family members *personally* as well as this ruling gave him the legal standing to do so. I will spare you the details of this, focusing on the discovery and history of the storage facility in Oxnard, California.  

After having seized the records of the personal bank accounts of several of the eight members of the family who owed him money, Henry Vaccaro came across payments for a facility in Oxnard made by Katherine Jackson. Shortly after the discovery of the storage facility in Oxnard, U.S. Marshals gained access-on January 19, 1999. If it had been Michael who had been paying for the facility., e.g., there would have been no way for Henry Vaccaro to get a court order granting him access to this facility. Henry Vaccaro had already seized money on these bank accounts, so what were the relevant Jackson family members and their attorneys thinking what would happen? 
This warehouse also contained items belonging to Michael and Janet who were not subject to the court ruling. The U.S. Marshals seized only those items belonging to family members who had been subject to the court ruling. These items were moved to a different storage facility. So now we got two warehouses - a warehouse storing the goods seized on behalf of Henry Vaccaro, and the original warehouse storing the goods belonging to Michael and Janet Jackson - which was sealed by the US Marshals.  

What happened next? Right, Henry Vaccaro proceeded to sell the property seized by the U.S. Marshals to cover the amount that those eight members of the Jackson family owed him. And with this our story ends in 1999... and Michael and Janet got their properties back and all is well that ends well...
United States Marshall Insignia

Hold on!
Shortly after the U.S. Marshals, on the basis of a court order, had seized the items and handed them over to Henry Vaccaro, Tito Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Joe Jackson, and Jermaine Jackson filed bankruptcy (filings beginning shortly after January 19, last ones on March 1, 1999).  

And thus the story continues... and not just that, it actually takes even more momentum from this point onwards. Henry Vaccaro had to hand over the memorabilia that had been seized on his behalf to the bankruptcy court since he had taken possession of them within that 90 day period. He was also required to hand back the cars and the piano he had seized earlier when US Marshals gained access to Hayvenhurst. Michael tried to get back several of these items in 1999.  

And now we are approaching yet another very important ruling in this matter which explains how Henry Vaccaro got hold of Michael's and Janet's items--which had *not* been part of the original 1996 ruling.
Various proceedings ensued following this court ruling, with the eight Jackson family members who had been subject to the 1996 ruling *and* Michael and Janet Jackson who now found themselves involved in the bankruptcy dealings of their parents and siblings raising objections. The trustee offered the Jacksons the possibility to buy their memorabilia for just the storage fees plus administrative costs and fees--but it seems they could not agree among themselves on who was going to pay what.  

Thus, an auction of the contents of both warehouses got scheduled for January 10, 2001. Henry Vaccaro managed to place the highest bid on the contents of both warehouses (via a business partner). Having got to know Mr Vaccaro we know he wanted his money - the amount that was granted to him by the ruling in 1996. He moved the memorabilia to Asbury Park, New Jersey, and worked on an inventory, going through the items, listing, documenting and photographing them. He tried to make some money with the goods via a pay-per-view website called "" (if this address sounds familiar - yes, this is the precursor of "").
It is important here to understand that any ensuing lawsuits filed by Michael and Janet Jackson were related to the April 2000 ruling of the bankruptcy court that essentially said that the contents of the original warehouse were the property of those who had paid for it (namely Katherine Jackson) and thus part of the bankruptcy estate. 
It seems to have been pretty quiet on this front then for about 2 years--until the year 2004, just after Michael had been officially charged by the Santa Barbara DA for alleged cases of child molestation and related charges. Suddenly, just after Michael's arraignment in December 2003, those memorabilia got the spotlight again. Ms Dimond visited the storage facility in New Jersey to personally inspect some of the boxes that seemed to belong to Michael and used footage of these items for her Court TV show, among them the famous underwear. And how did Ms Dimond get word of these items? I will leave this to your imagination... It seems Henry Vaccaro perceived the criminal case as an opportunity to market the memorabilia and increasing their value. The reason why it had been so quiet with regard to the collection may have been that he had difficulties finding buyers.  

As for Michael, he was surprised to find out what items were found among the memorabilia. He was "shocked" to find out what the warehouse contained, following the Court TV show. Does this mean he had no idea that those items had ended up in that storage facility in Oxnard? Right, why would items of a private nature that are definitely not suitable as memorabilia to decorate restaurants with be collected at all? It is clear that we have two varieties of storage items here - those that were collected for the planned restaurant chain and family members donated and those that were in that facility for purposes other than collecting memorabilia.  

But why would any person with some sense left put those items in a box and not a washing machine? What would be the purpose of storing it away in a box? Since it makes no sense, and since Michael had obviously not handed over those items to members of his family for custody - how did that box make its way to Oxnard, some time before January 19, 1999 (when the U.S. Marshals had gained access and then sealed the facility)? We are talking about a *single* specific box here. Also, not every box with "Michael Jackson" written on it needs to contain items belonging to Michael Jackson! Personally, I would be interested to find out if any of the other boxes were marked in a similar way - as in "Tito Jackson" or "Jermaine Jackson". Another thought is that that box did not come from the original Oxnard storage facility but made its way to New Jersey some time after January 10, 2001 but before Ms Dimond's visit to the Asbury Park storage facility. But this is a thought too keen to be pursued... Either way, something is very dubious here.  

Michael decided to fight Henry Vaccaro in court. A few weeks after the airing of the Court TV episode his lawyers filed a lawsuit in court demanding the return of all items belonging to Michael Jackson that were kept in the original Oxnard warehouse (which had not been seized by the U.S. Marshals in 1999!) Michael J. Jackson vs. Henry v. Vaccaro  
Based on this filing, Michael was granted a restraining order. It is this lawsuit filed in March 2004 that resulted in a ruling January 3, 2006 that Michael forfeited his rights to sue the defendant, Henry Vaccaro’s company Vintage Pop Media, for the same issues again. Michael's law firm had not been paid since a while and submitted an affidavit saying Michael had not been supportive with the lawsuit. Henry Vaccaro's used this affidavit to motion for dismissal of the lawsuit.  

Next, Henry Vaccaro petitioned the District Attorney of Santa Barbara to get hold again of the items that were seized in March 2004. Most importantly, however, Henry Vaccaro sold the memorabilia (who apparently had not made it out of the country at any point of time, contrary to his claims he had sold the items to a buyer in Europe) to Universal Express Inc... a penny stock company (which meanwhile went into receivership). This company now proceeded to auction off the memorabilia items in 2007 in Las Vegas, including Michael's and Janet's items (which formed part of the collection based on the bankruptcy court's ruling). Needless to mention that the memorabilia, who had travelled all the way from California to New Jersey, now made their way to a storage facility in Las Vegas--straying all over the US, from one warehouse to the next, having been displayed on tacky websites to generate a dime or two for their owner, and having been the subject of several lawsuits.
What is important to note is that the auction house, Guernsey's, auctioned off all items of any value in this memorabilia collection which was comprised of the contents of the original warehouse in Oxnard. The CEO of Universal Express, Richard Altomare, threatened Michael using the contents of that one box... nontheless, Michael sued to prevent the items belonging to him being auctioned off. A court in Las Vegas granted Michael a restraining order so that some items could not be auctioned off. They were sealed by the court. These are the items the estate lawyers were going after July 21, 2009 and which Henry Vaccaro claimed had been stolen (the second time Michael's items disappear in this story - first being sold to a mysterious European buyer, and now being stolen...). I should mention that Universal Express never paid Henry Vaccaro the full amount for the contents of his New Jersey warehouse which had been agreed on, and Henry Vaccaro sued Universal Express and got back what was left after the Las Vegas auction. Please note that what made its way back to Henry Vaccaro are the *auction rejects* - items the auction house had not thought worth of auctioning, or items no one had been bidding on. What had been missing at the auction were those 273 master tapes which Universal Express had not made part of the auction. Thus, the auction rejects and those 273 tapes made their way back to Vintage Pop Media. In addition to those items, there are those 60 items for which Michael had a restraining order issued by a Las Vegas court that are somewhere - but whoever has hold of them right now, these are under a court order and thus not the property of this person at this point. You will find a report on the Universal Express dealings in this PDF, pages 6 to 9: Vintage Pop Media 2007

You see that the story of this storage facility is beset with questions. The overwhelming majority of these items is just worthless, left overs from an auction; you get an idea when you watch the video with the estate's lawyers searching the boxes in the Las Vegas facility... What Howard Mann acquired, his only real asset is that court ruling which he believes applies not only to the physical assets in his "vault" and copyrights and rights to publicity related to these same physical assets but to any copyrights and rights to publicity past, present and future. This is why he has the This Is It imagery and the Earth Song images and all the rest on his website. He is even infringing on copyrights owned by Sony here! Think about it. This would essentially mean that this court ruling took those rights away from Michael altogether. The estate called his interpretation "creative" - I call it malicious intent.  

After all this, it is an outrage to call those auction rejects and raw recordings in combination with an idiosyncratic interpretation of a court ruling a satellite estate worthy of Michael, equaling Michael's official estate. All the doubtful dealings related to these items, the threats, the blackmailing using the contents of that specific wardrobe box - Henry Vaccaro used it to threaten Michael should he dare to sue for his items, to create publicity and to increase the value of his memorabilia collection; the CEO of Universal Express used it to blackmail Michael; and now we have Howard Mann doing the same... who is also using Michael's children who cannot possibly have a full understanding of the background. Watching the Good Morning America segment, you see them unknowingly interact with people who are openly out to cut themselves a slice from what is solely theirs, irrespective of what is stated in no unclear terms in Michael's last will and testament - it does not matter to these people what Michael had wished for. They just want their money. And notice, just imagine for a moment a court sides with Howard Mann. This would mean Vintage Pop Media, his company, can make money with the brand "Michael Jackson", and no limits here. And then look at the contract he has with Katherine - 25% of the profits go to her, 75% to Vintage Pop Media. On the other hand, Vintage Pop Media is not carrying any of the financial burdens the lawfully established estate is facing, so this just profiting, a free ride at the expense of the children.
  • "When he looked closer, however, he concluded that the most valuable thing Vintage Pop had was not a particular piece of memorabilia but the court decision. As Mann saw it, whoever owned the company Jackson had sued, Vintage Pop, was forever immunized against intellectual property suits from Jackson or his heirs and had free rein to make money from Jackson's name. "This is effectively a satellite estate. Its value is unfathomable," Mann said." ________________________________  

In the following, please find the sources for this story of a storage...

  • "So, on Feb. 8, 1996, Gindin issued Vaccaro a default judgment against the Jacksons for $1,347,733.40, which was the court's estimate of the damages Vaccaro suffered as the result of the collapse of JCI and Kramer. Gindin's ruling also contained two important points. "First, the judge limited the liability of the judgment to those members of the Jackson family who had taken or received dividends from JCI. That included Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Tito, Rebbie, Marlon and parents Katherine and Joseph Jackson but did not include Michael, Janet or LaToya. Second, Gindin ruled that those eight Jackson family members who did receive proceeds from JCI had each individually violated the corporation statutes of New Jersey and were therefore personally liable for the damages."
  • "The monthly checks of $650 were written to a vineyard in Oxnard, a rural community about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. Coonis decided to pay a visit. It was actually a small business park that included storage warehouses" at the vineyard address, Coonis said. Through the window of one of the warehouse units, I saw a cabinet, and on the cabinet was a letter with the Jackson name on it," Coonis said."
  • "He [Frank Coonis] spoke with neighbors at the industrial park who told him the storage facility was being used by the Jacksons, Coonis said. He discovered that the unit was leased to Tito Jackson, one of those named in the judgment, and was being paid for monthly by Katherine Jackson."
  • "During their inspection, the marshals found many items that appeared to belong to Michael and Janet Jackson. Since Michael, Janet and LaToya Jackson were not named in the judgments Vaccaro had won, those items were not taken. They were left behind in the Oxnard warehouse, and the marshals locked the facility, slapping a seal on the door that read, "Property US Marshal - Do Not Enter."
  • "These filings did more than protect the Jacksons from their creditors: Under federal bankruptcy laws, the filings required the return of all assets removed from the estates of Tito, Katherine, Joseph and Jermaine Jackson within the past 90 days."
  • "Michael Jackson's attorneys apparently thought the same, and in December 1999, they contacted Moldo on behalf of Jackson, who wanted to purchase one of the Rolls-Royces and the baby grand piano that was seized. He offered the trustee $20,000. The trustee went to court and seeks a motion to sell them (to Michael)," Vaccaro said, "but I sued him to stop it because the trustee has the obligation to the creditors of the estate to get as much money as he can. Vaccaro's lawyer Fernandez filed an objection to the potential sale to Michael Jackson on Dec. 28, 1999. Two weeks later, a judge agreed with Fernandez, and the sale to Jackson was denied."
  • "U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Kathleen T. Lax agreed. On April 18, 2000, she ordered the contents of the two warehouses - Worldwide Moving & Storage, which held the material Vaccaro had seized, and the original storage facility, which still held items belonging to Michael and Janet Jackson - to be sold at auction."
  • "Because of these delays and others, it wasn't until December 2001 that the trustee finally was prepared to act on the judge's order of April 2000 to sell the contents of the two warehouses. By that time, the baby grand piano and the Rolls-Royce that Michael Jackson had tried to purchase had been sold at auction to an unknown buyer."
  • "Monmouth County assistant prosecutor Bob Honecker told CNN his office was contacted about the items by Santa Barbara County authorities March 5. Those officials arrived in New Jersey on March 17, he said. Vaccaro said -- and New Jersey officials confirmed -- the items taken included what Vaccaro called a "pair of soiled, white Calvin Klein size 28 underpants," two photographs of Jackson with young boys, and a note believed to have been written by Jackson that refers to kids who stayed at his Neverland ranch as "rubbers." Also seized was a letter reportedly from Jackson to his brother’s Tito late wife, Dee Dee, warning about child molesters, a Neverland ranch welcome kit and a Neverland "Do Not Disturb" sign, Vaccaro said."
  • "The morning after Dimond's visit, Vaccaro told me yesterday, Sneddon personally phoned Vaccaro, said that Dimond had informed his office about the underwear and other potential evidence, and asked to borrow the items for use in the investigation. But Dimond, through a Court TV spokeswoman, insisted yesterday that she simply had sought comment from Sneddon's office "on some evidence that might be of interest to the prosecution."
  • "In her Court TV report last March on Vaccaro's collection, Dimond is shown daintily lifting the soiled briefs and speculating that they might contain "DNA evidence." When the camera was turned off, Vaccaro recalled, "she told me she was going to call the prosecutor about this." Dimond, who has tangled with Jackson defense attorney Thomas Mesereau, is known to many close observers of the trial for coverage that seems to favor the prosecution in her reports on Court TV, as an analyst for other television outlets and in a newspaper column."
  • "The New Jersey businessman says Michael Jackson's legal problems only increased the value of the collection. "It bought attention back to it because the initial sale had fallen apart, and then it was resurrected with his problems," Vaccaro said."
  • "According to the pop star's spokesperson, Michael Jackson was shocked to find out that the warehouse contained some of his most personal items. Jackson says he only gave his family permission to use this memorabilia for a theme restaurant they supposedly planned on opening."
  • "The Monmouth officials said the items were taken in March by Santa Barbara County, California, authorities as part of their investigation in the molestation case against Jackson. The items were found in a wardrobe box with Jackson's name on it, according to Henry Vaccaro Sr., who once owned that box and hundreds of other items of Jackson family memorabilia. He has since sold the collection, which was stored in a warehouse in Asbury Park, New Jersey, after being shipped from California. CNN cannot independently verify who owned any of the items."
  • “Basically the lawsuit is that this guy Vaccaro has no right to any possession of any property belonging to Michael Jackson and to the extent he has any property that is owned by Michael Jackson, his possession of that is illegal,” said Los Angeles attorney Brian Wolf. Wolf said he would ask for a court order for the return of anything already sold. The bankruptcy case allowed Vaccaro only to get property belonging to Michael Jackson’s brother Tito and their parents, Katherine and Joe, Wolf said."
  • "Jackson's lawyer Brian Wolf said the items were not part of the bankruptcy and should not have been sold. "Michael is outraged that someone would be attempting to sell his personal private property they don't have any right to, just as anybody else would be," Mr Wolf said. "We're going to do everything in our power to ensure that the property is returned to him." The legal claim was made at Los Angeles district court on Monday. Jackson is seeking compensation for copyright infringement and violation of privacy rights among other claims."
  • "Later, he [Henry Vaccaro] tried to sell material belonging to the family through two sites he set up. While Jackson had no objections to the sale of materials belonging to his family, he sought and obtained a restraining order against Vaccaro in April 2004 for his things among the possessions. Vaccaro said that by the time he received the restraining order, the entire collection had been lapped up by a European collector for over US$1.4 million."
  • "What happened was that (Michael Jackson) never paid his lawyers, so his lawyers made a motion to withdraw from the case for nonpayment. But the lawyer submitted an affidavit saying Michael has been uncooperative, will not help with the case and they submitted that to the court. My lawyer was smart enough to take that same affidavit and make a motion to have the case dismissed, and it was dismissed,” said Henry Vaccaro Sr, Vaccaro's father, while explaining the dismissal."
  • "The auction, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on May 30th and 31st, will have all orders delivered by Luggage Express, a division of Universal Express. Luggage Express picks up passengers’ luggage from their home, work or any other location of their choice and delivers it to their end destination. The Jackson Collection contains thousands of items from the King of Pop and his talented siblings from as far back as their first appearances as the Jackson Five on through the early 1990's. Fabulous stage worn costumes and personal clothing, props and instruments, awards, gold records and paper ephemera (from performance contracts and unpublished photographs to hand written music), on to items given to Michael and his brothers and sisters by other legendary entertainers and sports superstars make up only a portion of this unprecedented Collection."
  • "The Jacksons are contesting ownership of a number of lots in the auction, which company chairman Richard Altomare claims to have purchased from the pop superstar's former business partner Henry Vacaro, who was awarded the memorabilia as part of a bankruptcy case against Michael. But Altomare has called upon the Jackson family to reconsider their pending lawsuit, because Universal Express have held back a number of items, including portraits of naked boys and sex toys, which could prove highly embarrassing to the star. Altomare tells PageSix, "There are a couple of paintings Jackson made of children, of boys -- naked. And there are some of his whitening creams, some sex aids... some of the old records in his sealed (sexual molestation) court case. "This is stuff we have kept from the auction out of respect to Mr. Jackson. The guy has troubles. We all have skeletons in the closet and, if Michael hadn't put up a fuss, I might have quietly, discreetly, just given it to him. "I'm a gentleman... But if he pisses me off, I may end up auctioning them." The Jackson family are due in court for a closed hearing in Las Vegas tomorrow, where Altomare will argue he is the rightful owner of the collection, which is estimated to sell for more than $100 million."
  • "The items are to go on sale following a protracted court battle that ended two weeks ago when Michael Jackson's lawyers reached a confidential settlement and dropped an effort to block the auction. Richard Altomare, chief executive of Universal Express Inc., the Boca Raton, Fla., luggage transportation company that owns the items, said Jackson's lawyers settled when they were convinced they had no legal claim to the goods. "Despite his emotional attachment he had to accept he didn't have it," Altomare said. As part of the settlement, Jackson was formally invited to attend, although it was unclear if he planned to do so."
  • "The pop superstar agreed to let a Guernsey's auction take place at the Hard Rock hotel-casino in Las Vegas last month (May07) - but now wants family items withdrawn from sale back. Jackson's sister Janet is also seeking the return of memorabilia items belonging to her. And, on Monday (25Jun07), Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez ordered 60 items impounded at the Clark County courthouse, so she can rule on ownership. Gonzalez scheduled a 16 July (07) contempt of court trial after deciding earlier this month (Jun07) that Universal Express Inc had violated previous court orders to withhold some of the more than 1,100 items offered at auction. Guernsey's lawyer, Joe Coppedge, says, "Per the judge's order, we have delivered 35 items claimed by Janet Jackson and 23 items claimed by Michael Jackson... to Las Vegas." The May auction resulted in sales of over $1 million (GBP500,000). The items Jackson withheld following a last minute court battle included a steamer trunk of the pop star's personal effects, photos and sheet music signed by participants in the We Are The World recording and video. His sister has asked for the return of the original certificate of her marriage to singer James DeBarge, among other personal items."
  • "According to the Investors hub message boards USXP auction produced only $600,000 in total. Representing a huge disappointment to the expectations this company has been setting forth. This is more than 98% less than what they were claiming that this old junk could be worth $30,000,000 to $200,000,000."
  • "He also told her that a British tabloid was offering him "seven figures" for a "particular item" from the memorabilia locker. Mann declined to identify the item or the publication but said it was clear the paper's goal was to smear Jackson's memory."
  • "Mann is taking on the estate armed with two weapons — a legal loophole that he says gives him carte blanche to flout intellectual property laws and an unlikely alliance with Jackson's mother, Katherine. Frustrated with the size of her allowance from the estate, the family matriarch has entered into a business partnership with Mann in which she has given her blessing to the book and other projects and he has paid her what he said was "hundreds of thousands of dollars."
  • "But when Mann introduced himself to Katherine Jackson a few months after her son's June 2009 death, he offered her two things she wanted: money and the opportunity to protect her son's reputation from yet another damaging press report."
  • "When he looked closer, however, he concluded that the most valuable thing Vintage Pop had was not a particular piece of memorabilia but the court decision. As Mann saw it, whoever owned the company Jackson had sued, Vintage Pop, was forever immunized against intellectual property suits from Jackson or his heirs and had free rein to make money from Jackson's name. "This is effectively a satellite estate. Its value is unfathomable," Mann said." ______________________________

NWWL-Carmen Electra~Howard Better Have My Money:

NWWL's DVD Cover


This is all about naked women and wrestling. As seen on Spike all the dudes reading this blog right about now know just what I am talking about here--my boys. As we know Carmen being the hostess of the show was all for it. This is beer and beer nut action--on the sofa action--when your wife is out to play and if you taped it--you had it right before Monday Night Football... The best of both worlds you could NOT get better than this fellas! And if you were a bachelor during this time man... 

In fact in her promo she suggested she get into the ring with them to get it on! This is the perfect male fantasy show all about women on top of women and more naked women. I would say that this right here is the equivalent to soft porn! Yes! That is about the size of it and you know what...So what we have here is MANN and Carmen with the classic porn pimp king/queen production here. (*Pardon X1:D*)

Carmen Electra's NWWL Bikini Tag Team Match Tags: Carmen Electra's NWWL Bikini Tag Team Match
  • "You want to see Naked Women wrestling? Brother, you've come to the right place. The right place on Monday night was the Docks nightclub in Toronto, where the NWWL taped its next pay-per-view show in front of an invitation-only audience of hundreds of (mostly male) fans. And what a show it was. Model / actress / next Mrs. Bob Kapur Carmen Electra kicked off the show, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with her poignant question, "Do you guys want to see some Naked Women?!?" (psst ... Carmen, honey? Did you really expect them to say no? I meen, jeez, it's not like they thought they were there for the church social. The sign says Naked Women's Wrestling ... not too many ways to take that. What's that? Your head hurts now? That's okay, you just lean it on my shoulder ... that's right ...)."
  • "Howard Mann: Chairman/ President: The visionary and driving force behind DC NetCast, Howard has over 14 years of experience in various aspects of the entertainment and Internet industries. His experience began working with Nigel Best Management, where he was responsible for media, publicity, and tour coordination for the popular Canadian band Bare Naked Ladies. Howard left music in the early 90’s to pursue various online business activities. Over the last several years, Howard has concentrated on developing, consulting and launching several Internet related initiatives. These have included building proprietary state-of-the-art, shockwave-based casino software, and consulting on numerous projects related to streaming media. More recently, Howard's extensive network of contacts within the entertainment industry, coupled with his Internet expertise has resulted in the conception and creation of several comedy related and worldwide syndicated television products that include Carmen Electra’s Naked Women’s Wrestling League (NWWL)."
NWWL Vixens

  • "NEW YORK, April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- 121 Ventures Inc. is proud to announce that a brand new Pay-Per-View from Carmen Electra's Naked Women's Wrestling League ( will debut in America at 11:30 EDT on April 10, and be rebroadcast through June, 2007 (Canadian debut on Viewers Choice is April 27). Carmen Electra's Naked Revolution will premier exclusively on Events iNDemand Pay-Per-View, and features the hottest and sexiest professional wrestling bouts the world of sports entertainment has ever seen. For complete listings and channels go to the ringmaster of this naked one-ring circus is none other than 21st Century sex icon, Carmen Electra, and this time around the Naked Wrestling action is wilder than ever. Naked Revolution features the debuts of Reality TV Star Mandy Weaver, as well as hardcore wrestling Queens April Hunter and Annie Social! Shot before a crowd of thousands of screaming naked wrestling fans, Carmen Electra appears live at the largest NWWL event to date. Naked Revolution also stars wrestling Hall Of Fame inductee and legendary manager--Jimmy "Mouth-of-the-South" Hart. And with Jimmy Hart at ringside, anything can happen ... so expect the unexpected at Naked Revolution. Another celebrity making an appearance at Naked Revolution is the outrageous and infamous Mary Carey, whose reputation for stealing the spotlight and creating havoc everywhere she goes finds its way into naked wrestling ring. Please note this is not oil or mud wrestling. This is the same kind of high-impact; body-slamming action that can be found in the world's leading professional wrestling rings, except that in the NWWL, all of the wrestlers are female and each women athlete performs completely naked."
  • "The Naked Women's Wrestling League, also known as NWWL, is an erotic professional wrestling promotion which features naked females battling in the ring. Carmen Electra acted as hostess for the organization until 2007, when she sued the company for breach of contract. The NWWL has broadcast shows around the world, and its wrestlers have been featured in magazines such as Penthouse, Playboy, and Maxim. Before creating the Naked Women's Wrestling League, the creators tried other products that featured naked women, such as online gambling, before settling on nude female wrestling. The NWWL wrestlers were trained by Ron Hutchinson. The show made its debut in 2004 with the release of the pay-per-view show "Vegas Stripped". It returned to pay-per-view in 2006, with the "Naked Revolution" show. Carmen Electra hosted the show, while other celebrities to appear on the program included pro-wrestling manager Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, as well as adult entertainment star Mary Carey. Pay-per-views feature female wrestlers wrestling in both clothed and nude. In November 2007, Electra announced a lawsuit against the NWWL for, among other things, breach of contract and failure to pay money that she claimed was still due to her. In response, NWWL owner Howard Mann revealed that he would seek damages for defamation, slander and malicious persecution."
Howard better have my money.
  • "According to documents filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Electra was supposed to receive $400,000 and a cut of the proceeds from DVD sales and pay-per-view fees for four hosting appearances and her company, Electra Blue, has to date only been paid $100,000. They entered into the deal on Jan. 26, 2004, per the complaint. Meanwhile, Toronto-based NWWL Productions president Howard Mann said in a statement released to E! News that he entered into no such agreement with the erstwhile Playboy Playmate, calling her lawsuit "malicious and highly damaging." "I feel her claims are nothing more than a desperate cry for attention," Mann said. "Carmen's financial issues are are simply not my concern...I am currently engaging California counsel to actively defend my position, and I will be seeking damages for defamation, slander and malicious persecution." Electra has also accused the NWWL and several other companies and individuals, including Erotic Wrestling Productions, Full Speed Productions and Virtcom Enterprises, of unlawfully trading on her good name to promote the league, whether by referring to it as "Carmen Electra's NWWL" or stating "Carmen Electra Presents NWWL." The 35-year-old actress' suit also states that the plaintiffs used her "name, voice, image, likeness and/or attributes" without her consent for the covers of such illustrious DVD titles as Operation Naked Storm, Bush vs. Hussein, Tag Team Dream and Twin Peaks."
Electra Blue Productions Vs. NWWL Productions Inc.
  • “I was alerted yesterday that Carmen Electra has filed a malicious and highly damaging lawsuit against myself and my companies in a Los Angeles County Courthouse. I was not actually formally served notice of the suit. I was notified by a journalist from who sent me to to view the release. To set the record straight, Carmen was paid in excess of $300,000 (receipted proof will be shown in court) for her work on NWWL (Naked Women's Wrestling League) programs. I have not entered into any royalty agreements with Carmen, and have actually paid her in advance for an appearance that she has not yet made. I am reluctant to move forward with her in future roles, and have recently expressed my dissatisfaction with her performance and attitude. Carmen's financial issues are simply not my concern. I would assume that simple six-figure math would not be beyond her capabilities, but I am frankly surprised that her lawyers and management would not correct her errors in simple addition ($100,000 paid in '03; $200,000 paid in '05). I am currently engaging California Counsel to actively defend my position, and I will be seeking damages for defamation, slander and malicious prosecution. I strongly urge Carmen Electra to govern herself accordingly. I feel that the is likely the best and most sociably viable product the Carmen Electra "brand" has ever been associated with ... she should be thanking me, not suing me. For any additional comments or information, please feel free to contact me directly.”
Sincerely, Howard Mann President 121 Ventures Inc. / NWWL Productions Inc. / NWWL Productions et al.'s+Lawsuit+in+Los...-a0171243297
  • "According to court documents filed in L.A., Carmen requested the dismissal of her suit against the league and its founder Howard Mann. It's been nearly three years since she filed -- claiming she was owed $300,000 for hosting NWWWL events.Mann tells TMZ, "After years of multi-million dollar litigation we are happy that we can put this behind us and wish Carmen much success in her future endeavors." 


Whoa apply the breaks for a minute NWWL is a tad too racy! Hold on a minute here, pardon me lady did you say dismissed Ms. Electra??? I am confused here what you allege in this complaint basically states that Mr. Mann seems to have stiffed you for quite a wad of cash! Please do not attempt to insinuate that there is not something more to this as I have eyes to see where this is going.

According to Mr. Mann and the source quoted above there were millions of dollars spent in costly litigation and legal fees all for this law suit which you engaged and just like that you dropped a portion of it??? Is this the case Ms. Electra to what do we owe the sudden change of heart? This is preposterous! This is what I say--will we to be duped into believing that Ms. Electra dropped a portion of the pending litigation against Mr. Mann??? This was done for a reason: 

REASON: What this appears to be is a pay off. I ponder did Mr. Mann agree to give you payments regarding this issue? What were the monthly installments for the full amount owed. The date on the source article is as follows:

On 8/2/2010 TMZ Reports The Following:
  • "Carmen Electra's lawsuit against the Naked Women's Wrestling League just took a three count -- a portion of it's been dismissed."
  • Mann tells TMZ, "After years of multi-million dollar litigation we are happy that we can put this behind us and wish Carmen much success in her future endeavors."
Mrs. Jackson--Victims Personal Merchandising (VPM) Exploitation Contract: 


OK now that we have it established that you are not dealing with an individual of limited brainwave activity the VPM "EXPLOITATION" Contract Mrs. Jackson signed with Mr. Mann was endorsed on 2/3/10! It just so happens that the actual report about this contract was released to the masses on 11/12/2010 via TMZ! This is about a dollar what the heck is fifty cents??? 

Notwithstanding all of the debacle which transpired regarding how Mr. Mann got his hands on the Jackson Family's personal articles on 2/3/10 it was established that Howard Mann entered into a binding contractual agreement with Mrs. Jackson mother of Michael Jackson. This contract not only provided some revenue which generated this sudden change of heart Ms. Electra had --it provided something else. This is the reality of the situation here he paid you off didn't he Ms. Electra???! We will most certainly address just what it provided coming soon in another segment of this blog.

(X1 Scratches His Head)  

There are some that have stated that they have doubts and question the authenticity regarding the validity of this contractual agreement between Mr. Mann and Mrs. Jackson. 
Please view the actual contractual agreement between Mrs. Jackson and Vintage Pop Media below:
Katherine Jackson Vintage Pop Media Contract  
This contract was endorsed/notarized by a Court Approved Notary Ms. Nancy  Ponamarenko (Earth to Space Shuttle come in you are steering off course! This woman really exists!) 
Here is your mission you can go and like Nancy on Facebook and ask her if she notarized this:
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  • "The family is fine with it. Who cares about the money? We have enough money. If I cared about the money, I'd be doing a reality show and doing interviews."
  • "When Michael was alive, he went to great lengths to protect his children and keep them out of the spotlight, and because of that, Katherine tells TMZ, they will not be featured. She said that Michael “would never want his kids to appear on TV, much less on a reality show."

  • "TMZ has obtained a contract Katherine signed with Vintage Pop Media (VPM), the company that owns tens of thousands of photos, videos and other MJ items. Under the deal -- which is not sanctioned by the MJ Estate -- Katherine agreed to participate in the production of "The Katherine Jackson Story," some sort of MJ documentary set to music. Katherine also agreed to pen the book that was just released, "Never Can Say Goodbye." In return for her work, VPM -- owned by her controversial business partner Howard Mann -- agreed to pay Katherine 25% of the net profits with a minimum monthly guarantee of $10,000-a-month. But here's what's really interesting ... there's no end date for the $10-grand-a-month, so if you read the contract literally, VPM agrees to pay Katherine at least $10k-a-month for the rest of her life. And get this. The contract also says Katherine has the legal right to "forever bind" Michael's kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket. According to sources familiar with the MJ Estate, Katherine does not have the power to contractually bind Michael's kids. Katherine is already raking in $26,000-a-month from the MJ Estate, but she's complaining she wants more."


Not to mention that the estate is also working for charities - what does all this talk about what Michael wanted mean? What Michael wanted is stated in his will and trust document. All assets are to be transferred to his trust, and 20% of the value of this trust (before taxes) are to go towards children's charities, selected by a process described in detail in the trust document. 

  • Randy Jackson: Oprah 'Last Person' Michael Jackson Would Have Wanted Near Children: He vented in a series of posts on Twitter on Wednesday. He said: "I know how Oprah feels about my brother and family." He noted that when the jury was deliberating Michael Jackson's fate on child molestation charges in 2005, Winfrey did a show on pedophilia. Randy Jackson said it wasn't a coincidence. Randy Jackson added he disagrees with his parents allowing the interview but still loves them. ______________________________
The Estate Of Michael Jackson Challenges Howard Mann/CEASE & DESIST:


Can this guy be trusted to do the right thing? We pose the same question again!

My belief is as follows with the release of "Opis None" Mr. Mann has done more things to damage the legacy of Michael Jackson than anything. First of all with his past associations I don't think he should touch anything related to Michael period. "Heal The World" and NWWL just don't go together. Michael avoided dealings with anyone that had ties to the porn industry as he did not wish to have his public persona associated or attached with these things.

Howard Mann Opis None Apology


If you are indeed so interested and consumed with the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy as you claim then why would you release things of this kind to the media & the masses??? Beyond that Howard according to various news reports you stated that Mrs. Jackson released this recording to the public as if it was done with her blessing. In all actuality you did not even discuss releasing this material with Mrs. Jackson! By doing this you are damaging a legacy which was years of hard work and dedication. (If I am not allowed to market Michael Jackson then I will release incomplete masters to the public which were located in the storage container and NOT ever meant for public consumption!)


  • "The song -- "Opis None" -- was pulled from the archives of ... a company in which Katherine Jackson is a partner. The company owns nearly 300 unreleased MJ tracks ... along with never-before-seen video and memorabilia. Howard Mann, Katherine's partner in the company, tells TMZ, "In an effort to overcome the confusion as to the authenticity of the track the estate has recently released we want to give an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world ... for free."

  • "Mann published a Jackson song on his website that was touted as an "unreleased MJ track" that came with the blessing of Katherine. As we previously reported ... it was neither of those things. Mann knows that now, and in a letter to TMZ, apologizes for his "act of stupidity and random ignorance." Mann says he had no idea the track he thought was called "Opis None" was really just a version of an old track called "Destiny." Near the end, Mann writes, "Our goal at is to pay tribute to the legendary artist and artistic visionary that was and is Michael Jackson. The fans are entitled to a higher level of integrity then I demonstrated this past weekend and for that I am sorry."  


Michael Expresses Shock At An Inappropriate Vision:  

Michael Jackson Deposition, 1996

I don't think there is any individual that can attempt to rightfully deny the ties NWWL has with soft pornography--respectfully! Beyond that this just does not seemingly compliment what Michael promotes--NOT Michael's agenda. I agree with Michael the association with this industry is not at all conducive to his image in light of the value of his message to world. Based upon the business decisions/directives which were given above there is no ambiguity regarding Howard Mann's ties.

I don't think he is really the best choice to operate at the helm of Michael's legacy in a more sophisticated fashion than the estate! I cannot state for the record if anyone else has realized this revelation or not. However, Mr. Mann is in my opinion a damaging force to the legacy of Michael Jackson. Here below defines of what NWWL was; therefore, to the people that question and wish to dispute whether it was porn or not--NWWL categorically falls under the auspices and jurisdiction of what constitutes soft porn:  


  • "The Naked Women's Wrestling League, also known as NWWL, is an erotic professional wrestling promotion which features naked females battling in the ring. Carmen Electra acted as hostess for the organization until 2007, when she sued the company for breach of contract. The NWWL has broadcast shows around the world, and its wrestlers have been featured in magazines such as Penthouse, Playboy, and Maxim."
  • "Softcore pornography is a form of filmic or photographic pornography or erotica that is less sexually explicit than hardcore pornography. Softcore pornography depicts nude and semi-nude performers engaging in casual social nudity or non-graphic representations of sexual intercourse or masturbation. Softcore porn precludes explicit depictions of vaginal or anal penetration, cunnilingus, fellatio and ejaculation. Visual representations of genitalia (full nudity) are typically permissible in a softcore context in printed media, and increasingly so in film and television. Erections of the penis may not be allowed (see Mull of Kintyre Test), although attitudes towards this are changing." 


Moreover, It was also an unethical business practice for Mr. Mann to state that Mrs. Jackson endorsed that track without her approval. If the only reason Mr. Mann is around is to generate revenue please loose him. He does not have the best business savvy around again based upon his prior business history.

Therefore, if he did this much damage with the release of "Opis None" imagine what other havoc he may be capable of rendering! The business of Michael Jackson is a billion dollar industry and it needs to be protected and respected as such. It should not be run by two bit hustlers, fly by night shysters or, charlatan business men.

Here's what else I think:
  • #1. Someone sold those documents to TMZ. There is a controlled leak of information coming from somewhere.
  • #2. Either it was Howard Mann or someone else very close to this deal. You figure out who it was. This is the same thing as all the leaked pictures and secret family sources we have seen in the past.
  • #3. Based upon the title "Estate Challenges Michael's Mom" it seems that they are saying that Mr. Mann is acting as an agent on Mrs. Jacksons behalf. In other words Mr. Mann is speaking on behalf of Mrs. Jackson via that little exploitation contract. Thanks to this we got "Opis None".
  • #4. The Estate of the Late Michael Jackson has requested that Mr. Mann along with the vault people cease and desist. We shall indeed see if Mr. Mann's theory of legalities stands up in court. An attorney has stated in theory that Mr. Mann has good standing with his claims. This legal theory has not ever been practiced in a court of law. However, the good standing Mr. Mann might have had could've just been jeopardized and compromised--by once again some very amateur business decisions. I am willing to bank that Mr. Mann has flawed and done some serious damage to his own golden egg--this insinuated/simulated web of protection he assumes has.
Jackson Secret Vault Cease and Desist Jackson Estate

  • #5. Keep in mind that the Executors of Michael's Estate have the rights to sell and market the image of Michael Jackson via Michael Jackson (See Will) . As far as we know Bravado was the sole marketer of Michael Jackson merchandise. So to some extent I wonder if Bravado has a claim against Mr. Mann??? Hmmm
  • #6. I also wonder what would have occurred if Mr. Mann offered to sell the "Opis None" track to consumers which visit the vault place. What I find interesting here is that Mr. Mann has been doing things to directly sabotage the estate ex:
  • A. The Release Of "Opis None" right before the Michael album for FREE. I notice Mr. Mann did not attempt to sell anything from Michael's unreleased demos.
  • B. The supporting of the "Heal The World Foundation" which is in vehement opposition to The Estate of The Late Michael Jackson.
  • #7. **It's a dirty game people I did not ever expect the Porn King to play fair...Look at how he obtained the items in the vault in the first place!!! Why team up with this guy??? Ahhh alas, behold! It appears as this is the only way to make a go at the estate (X1 Smiles) Got Ya!

Mrs. Jackson Questions The Estate's Agenda:


Mrs. Jackson Speaks About The Michael Jackson Estate "Now she's speaking out about dealing with court cases related to her son's death, lawsuits and how the family is trying to move on."

I would like to take this time to express that I very much respect Mrs. Katherine Jackson. This is not meant in anyway to be offensive to her or to be misconstrued as an attack on her decisions. Mrs. Jackson is the matriarch to a family dynasty that will go down in history as a legacy for many generations to come. Nor is this to be misconstrued as an attack on the Jackson family either. 

I think Mrs. Jackson is being a mother--her intentions being in the interest of the preservation of her family. Mothers do things like this to secure their children so that they can rest assured that everyone is taken care of. I think Mr. Mann preyed on Mrs. Jackson's motherly intent and instinct. I would like to thank her for giving us Michael without her he would not have been brought forth into the world.
I for one think Mrs. Jackson could have gotten a much better deal had she have attempted to market her book via The Estate Of Michael Jackson which she is a beneficiary of along with Michael's children. To add to this I also like the book and it would have done much better had it have been marketed by a respectable business entity. Even Oprah with her book club could not move the units of this book into the millions because of Howard Mann's association. The general public knows who Mr. Mann is so if you are marketing to the masses they are going to remember these things they are not forgetful.

Mrs. Jackson has the right to publish a book about her son for me because she does. Michael is her son:
  • ‎"In defense of the Jackson Family there needs to be a limitation with respect to the IP Rights regarding someone's likeness! What if I have a family member which is A MEGA STAR--now in the afterlife--and I wish to throw a huge fundraising event surrounding them."-X1  

If Mrs. Jackson went to the estate to market this book--it would have been handled much more tastefully than what Mr. Mann has done to Michael's Image! Respectfully, if Howard Mann is marketing Michael then we as supporters & fans have a duty to speak up when Michael is being marketed wrong.
  • "Katherine Jackson is unloading on the lawyers overlooking Michael Jackson's Estate--calling them "greedy" ... and claiming they're filing lawsuits left, right and center just to make a quick buck. In a recent interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine says, "All these lawyers that are involved in Michael's business since he passed--there's a lot of them--I think they're trying to create different lawsuits and things because they're greedy and they want to get paid."

  • "Finances were on her mind a few months after her son's death when she was approached by Mann. The business partners seem an odd pair: Katherine Jackson is a devout Jehovah's Witness while much of Mann's résumé is X-rated. Mann was the former chief executive of an online gambling site that featured topless porn stars as dealers and also headed up the Naked Women's Wrestling League, an outfit that made its biggest headlines when it was sued by its hostess, Carmen Electra. But when Mann introduced himself to Katherine Jackson a few months after her son's June 2009 death, he offered her two things she wanted: money and the opportunity to protect her son's reputation from yet another damaging press report."
  • "As Mann saw it, whoever owned the company Jackson had sued, Vintage Pop, was forever immunized against intellectual property suits from Jackson or his heirs and had free rein to make money from Jackson's name." "This is effectively a satellite estate. Its value is unfathomable," Mann said." "Vaccaro and his family were stunned by his assessment of the judge's declaration."

  • "In a telephone interview, Katherine Jackson praised administrators John Branca and John McClain for doing "a very good job" managing the estate but criticized her monthly cash allowance of $7,000 to $8,000 as inadequate and said it left her dependent on Mann to cover her expenses."

  • "The judge just approved the fee request, stating that the arrangement actually could save the estate money -- because the traditional way of making deals with managers, lawyers, etc. costs a bloody fortune. One item excluded from the 10% -- a portion of the profits from the movie, "This Is It." The judge also gave McClain and Branca the right to green light deals without going back to court every time for permission. The judge gave McClain and Branca props for raking in the dough for the estate .... calling their performance "extraordinarily impressive."

  • "Michael Jackson's mother and his three children receive an allowance totaling more than $86,000 a month, according to court documents released Thursday. The money given them by the Michael Jackson estate is in addition to the maintenance of the home -- which is owned by the estate -- in Encino, California, where Katherine Jackson lives with her grandchildren, the papers said."

  • "Control of the estate's assets, however, was given to lawyer John Branca and John McClain, a former music industry executive. Jackson named them as trustees in his will. The petitions filed by Branca and McClain in July, and later approved by Judge Mitchell Beckloff, outlined $26,804 in monthly expenses for Katherine Jackson."

  • "We're told Katherine Jackson is happy with the job the executors have done-- namely filling the coffers with hundreds of millions of dollars--but sources say family members are in her ear, getting her to sign off on ventures that end up hurting the estate, MJ's kids, and Katherine herself."

  • "Last night Howard Mann slammed the Estate for the suggestion it's more invested in helping MJ's children than he and Katherine -- saying, "I would ask if the Estate has ever met those children, ever spoken to those children. To me it's a farce that they care about what happens to those children."

  • "The largest amount from that, $4,722, pays for an assistant for her. Another $3,500 each month is budgeted for clothing for Katherine Jackson, who is 79 years old. She's also given $2,000 each for a housekeeper and driver. She has a $1,500 entertainment allowance each month, the documents said. The details of the children's budget are mostly blacked out at their lawyer's request."

  • "The documents did reveal the three children get a combined $60,000 a month from their father's estate. They pay $14,600 a month for salaries and payroll taxes for people who take care of them, according to the petition. Michael Jackson's children get $13,260 each month for entertainment and related expenses, the papers said. The petition estimated Michael Jackson's estate is worth at least $500 million and is growing."

  • "The estate disputes the suggestion that administrators are not meeting her living expenses. Weitzman, the lawyer, noted that the allowance was approved by a probate judge and said the cash payments were only one aspect of the financial support that administrators provided. The estate also paid off the mortgage on the family home in Encino and foots the bill for household staff, security, vehicles, food, tuition and vacations."

  • "The estate has spent millions of dollars for Mrs. Jackson's benefit and on the direct living expenses of both Mrs. Jackson and the children," Weitzman said. But for Katherine Jackson, it is not enough. "I think I should be getting more," she said. She declined to specify why she needed the money. Her husband, Joe, sought an allowance from the court but was denied. Several other grandchildren also reside at the family home."


Show Us The Money!


The estate is burdened with loans and claims that are still pending in court-in this Howard Mann is right. For the purposes of this blog I will not be considering all the lesser claims and loans and burdens focusing on the single largest loan which is secured by the Sony/ATV catalog. Moreover, since this was not sufficient at the time this specific loan was negotiated (2006) Michael had called Sony in for additional backing which Sony provided. Michael is a long time business partner of Sony. They had a natural interest not to destabilize the Sony/ATV business by maybe having to face another business partner, like e.g. a hedge fond! Thus, Sony backed the loan, however, as is normal with business dealings of this importance and value, Sony had to get something in return. Do not forget, Sony is subject to certain rules of conduct, it is a publicly listed company, they have responsibilities towards their shareholders. Thus, they secured specific rights to Michael's 50% of the Sony/ATV business in case he defaults on the loan Sony was backing which would have meant Sony would have had to carry the financial burden, after all.

And now - that loan was up towards the end of 2010. Thus, the estate either paid it in full or negotiated a new loan with the lending bank covering what was left from the original loan. What they needed was either a large amount of available unburdened money which would not have made a lot of sense as they need money to invest in other projects so that the estate can diversify and base the estate on more than just one pillar, or two. One such project are the Cirque tours. The estate shares with the Cirque company-they get 50% of the profits, but also have to cover 50% of costs and investments way before any revenues start streaming. The cirque projects' investments are at least at 100 Mio USD so the estate needs to come up with at least 50 Mio USD. This just serves to show that the estate needs to keep money available. Thus, as for an alternative option, it was a wise approach to negotiate another loan to cover what remains of the first loan, even if they had that amount of money availabe, and preferably at better conditions, i.e. lower interest rates and if possible, special amortization rights which means the estate can pay back an extra amount per year, let us be quite conservative and say they secured the right to pay back an extra 10 Mio USD on top of the rates each year. This can serve two purposes: it brings the interest rates down (if they are not averaged) and it will help to pay off the loan earlier, i.e. shorten the duration of the loan.  

So far Mr. Mann's comment he could come up with some real cash much easier than the estate which has to address the debt situation corresponds to the actual situation, to a certain degree. The estate would probably not have that much of a problem to add those $10,000 on top of what Katherine is already getting. Much of her allowance is for a certain purpose, the estate is probably paying salaries directly so in fact the actual cash she has access to is limited and not the $26,000 granted to her by the judge. Indeed, she had filed papers that detailed her financial needs, the judge looked at them and granted her a specific monthly allowance, as this is what the trust document stipulates if you read it.  

Now let us look at what Mr Mann has to say about the estate not looking after the beneficiaries and acting in their best interest.
Again, I will focus on the most prominent contract the estate closed, the Sony contract. It does various things for the estate. It guarantees a certain amount of money which means the estate can budget properly, and it provides financial stability which means the estate was put in a good position for the upcoming renegotiation of the loan - this is how you bring interest rates down. The higher the risk you pose for the lender, the higher your interest rates. The lower the risk the lower your interest rates. The estate, based on the Sony contract (also other contracts) turned into a low risk borrower. Other contracts the estate closed during the first year served the same purpose - the more contracts and revenue streams, the lower the risk a lender is taking by extending a loan to the estate. It was of utmost importance to demonstrate the ability of the estate to generate sufficient and sustainable revenue streams as early as possible, and by demonstrate I mean to have contracts in place.  

The Sony contract covers 7 years, starting in 2010, ending in 2017. By this time, something else will most certainly have happened - the large loan for which the Sony/ATV catalog served as a collateral and which was additionally backed by Sony, in return for which they gained specific rights to Michael's 50% of the catalog, will have been paid back in full. This does not just mean the estate got rid of its single largest financial burden, it also means Sony's specific rights to Michael's 50% of the catalog will have expired. Their purpose is non existent any more. It means - the most valuable asset of the estate will be burden free and no external party has any rights to it anymore.

It seems Sony closed this enormous deal that many were surprised about to stabilize its business partner who is Michael Jackson, now represented by his estate. In 2017 their business partner will be burden free and independent from them (in that their rights expire). You could also say that with those specific rights Sony actually protected the Sony/ATV in the past. Michael Jackson and Sony have been business partners for many years. Both parties' interest is in a stable business relationship to create maximum revenues from their asset.  

But yet something else will happen in 2017. Prince will be 19, and Paris 18. At that time, the Sony contract will expire. They can then be part of the decision what is going to happen next. They can also be part of a decision with regard to the Sony/ATV catalog. Their father fought hard to secure the future for his children. This is why he entered into the AEG contract-to generate revenue streams to be able to address his financial burdens. He could not accomplish his goal while he was alive, being surrounded by people who definitely did not act in his best interest, but I see this being accomplished now. Right now, efforts are under way to have the estate burden free and in full control of its assets by the time Prince and Paris, who can speak for their brother Blanket, are no children any more, with claims and burdens erased. In 2017, all this will have been accomplished.  

This all takes some more business skills and knowledge of the industry than a vault (formerly known as warehouse) full of auction rejects, some 273 pretty old mastertapes and a few other items Mr. Mann, the gentleman he is, would not ever mention the existence of (no, not ever, he just goes and destroys them and keeps discrete).
  • "Jackson has sold 9 million albums in the U.S. and 24 million around the globe since his death, along with around 800,000 copies of albums by the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons. Assuming a worldwide retail sales price of $11.62 per unit, the magazine estimated that the Jackson catalog brought in about $383 million in sales. Add in 12.9 million track downloads in the U.S. over the past year, along with 26.5 million in international downloads, and you have another $34 million. Then there's about 1.5 million in ringtone sales in America, another 3 million globally for another $5 million, as well as $2 million from digital performance royalties from music subscription services and $4.5 million from global digital performances for a music total of $429 million."
  • "The second biggest source of revenue was TV and movie projects, led by the "Michael Jackson: This Is It" documentary about the singer's final rehearsals for his planned London shows. Sony Pictures paid $60 million for the rights to the film, which earned $72 million at the box office to become the highest-grossing concert film ever. It earned an additional $188 million overseas, while the DVD of the film raked in $43 million in the U.S., as well as $24 million in rental income. It earned $18 million just in Japan on the first day of release and another $7 million in Blu-Ray sales. Billboard also speculated that the sales of the TV rights to "This Is It" to Viacom (the parent company of MTV) may have generated an additional $15 million, and licensing fees for nontheatrical performances (airplanes, cruise ships, hotels) could bring in around $24 million. One of Jackson's traditional cash cows, his music publishing rights, was another lucrative source of income, taking in nearly $130 million. The singer's Mijac publishing company — with an estimated value of $75 million in 2005 — has a current value of around $150 million, generating around $25 million a year in revenue, with that number possibly doubling to $50 million in the past year. Jackson's half ownership of the lucrative Sony/ATV catalog could be worth as much as an additional $80 million a year."
  • "These joint endeavors are becoming a headache for estate administrators, who seem reticent to offend Katherine Jackson, the guardian of the singer's three children and a much admired figure to fans. A lawyer for the estate dismissed Mann's novel legal theory as flawed, but the administrators have not moved to stop sales of his unauthorized Jackson products as they have others who tried to cash in on Jackson's name or likeness. For the past five months, the estate has sat silent as Mann's company, Vintage Pop Media, has touted its ownership of a trove of Jackson memorabilia — photos, personal papers, costumes and music — and hawked the book, calendars and other items on its website."

The Estate Of Michael Jackson vs. Vintage Pop Media (VPM): 

dra·co·ni·an 1: of, relating to, or characteristic of Draco or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him 2: cruel; also : severe


Now Foolish Mann, how could it be that you got so cocky and full of greed--you forgot that you loaded Sony's material to your website. How could you forget that Michael has a stake in Sony Music??? How foolish could you be? It is different for supporters and fans that create dedication videos because they support Michael. They are doing this because they have a stake in Michael and a vested interest in keeping Michael's Legacy alive.

You on the other hand are a business man and what you do is for profit and financial gain Mr. Mann. This just goes to show how you demonstrated poor judgment and an inability to conduct business properly. Imagine if you were just allowed to do as you very well please regarding marketing Michael. You would make a far more worse mistake! 

You are not worthy to be the one to head any assets regarding Michael Jackson--the best entertainer in the world.The fact remains anyone with any business savvy would not have done the foolish things that you have. You had your opportunity to make good the cease and desist letter was sent this was your olive branch. You chose to disregard this gesture. The Estate of Michael Jackson gave you every opportunity to do the right thing here and stop damaging Michael's Legacy. What you have attempted here was a hostile takeover and I honestly don't think that you will get away with your actions! Didn't you ever watch the movie Jaws? [here

You don't go for a dip at the beach until you see the shark warning.

Nothing personal Howard this is business.
The content in that storage container and your legal theory may apply to Michael Jackson what's Sony Music Entertainment got to do with it??? By right Sony Music Entertainment is a corporation and as such it is its own business entity!
  • A corporation is a legal entity that is created under the laws of a State designed to establish the entity as a separate legal entity having its own privileges and liabilities distinct from those of its members.There are many different forms of corporations, most of which are used to conduct business. Early corporations were established by charter and many of these chartered companies still exist. Most jurisdictions now allow the creation of a new corporation through registration.
  • "Historically, because companies are artificial persons created by operation of law, the law prescribed what the company could and could not do. Usually this was an expression of the commercial purpose which the company was formed for, and came to be referred to as the company's objects, and the extent of the objects are referred to as the company's capacity. If an activity fell outside of the company's capacity it was said to be ultra vires and void."
  • "As artificial persons, companies can only act through human agents. The main agent who deals with the company's management and business is the board of directors, but in many jurisdictions other officers can be appointed too. The board of directors is normally elected by the members, and the other officers are normally appointed by the board. These agents enter into contracts on behalf of the company with third partiess."
  • "Legal personality (also artificial personality, juridical personalty, and juristic personality) is the characteristic of a non-human entity regarded by law to have the status of a person. A legal person (Latin: persona ficta), (also artificial person, juridical person, juristic person, and body corporate, also commonly called a vehicle) has a legal name and has rights, protections, privileges, responsibilities, and liabilities under law, just as natural persons (humans) do. The concept of a legal person is a fundamental legal fiction. It is pertinent to the philosophy of law, as is essential to laws affecting a corporation (corporations law) (the law of business associations). Legal personality allows one or more natural persons to act as a single entity (a composite person) for legal purposes. In many jurisdictions, legal personality allows such composite to be considered under law separately from its individual members or shareholders. They may sue and be sued, enter into contracts, incur debt, and have ownership over property. Entities with legal personality may also be subject to certain legal obligations, such as the payment of tax. An entity with legal personality may shield its shareholders from personal liability." 

Also I would like to add that the webmaster which was controlling that site had a responsibility not to allow the users to infringe on copyrights by uploading digital content with with the footprint of Sony Music.
  • "In 2004, Michael Jackson sued Mr. Vaccaro and his company, “Vintage Pop,” for copyright infringement, cybersquatting and violation of his privacy rights. However, after the pop singer’s acquittal on child molestation charges Jackson refused a deposition and stopped paying his attorneys. This apparent abandonment of the lawsuit against Vintage Pop led the district court judge overseeing the case to dismiss the claim “with prejudice.” This ruling may mean that no one in the Jackson estate can ever sue “Vintage Pop” for copyright infringement or any of the other causes of action set forth in that 2004 complaint initiated by Michael. It turns out that this ruling became very profitable to one Howard Mann."

  • "A dismissal with prejudice is dismissal of a case on merits after adjudication.The plaintiff is barred from bringing an action on the same claim. Dismissal with prejudice is a final judgment and the case becomes res judicata on the claims that were or could have been brought in it. A court has inherent power to dismiss an action with prejudice if it is vexatious, brought in bad faith, or when there has been a failure to prosecute it within a reasonable time. When a plaintiff who has commenced an action fails to comply with discovery devices, a court, which has issued the order of compliance, may sua sponte dismiss the case with prejudice. In criminal prosecutions, dismissal with prejudice bars the government from prosecuting the accused later on the same charge. A dismissal with prejudice is made in response to a motion to the court by the defendant or by the court sua sponte, if the accused is deprived of the constitutional right to a speedy trial".
  • "Adjudication is the legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved. Three types of disputes are resolved through adjudication:
  • 1. Disputes between private parties, such as individuals or corporations.
  • 2. Disputes between private parties and public officials.
  • 3. Disputes between public officials or public bodies."  

Claim Law Definition:
  • v. A demand for money or property.
  • n. An assertion that one is entitled to, or the perceived or actual right to receive, money or property.
  • n.The totality of facts that gives rise to a right to receive money or property that is enforceable in court.
  • n. In some states and in the federal courts, the same as claim for relief. 


I believe that you were operating under the presumption, and the notion--with the intention of exploiting that judge's ruling regarding the Vaccaro judgment. You must feel that this judgment was rendered in ambiguity! Perhaps, Michael Jackson may not be able to sue you via his estate in certain contexts related to items in that storage container. However, Sony can and any other corporation(s) you infringe upon can! Not just that a false association has some merit here!
It is not feasible or moral--via some legal wrangling to exploit Michael as you are now doing to his children and mother! Thus it is clear that if you would you would step on Sony as well because you seem to think you have the rights to anything Michael Jackson. You have loaded their content to your website already why change it now? Furthermore, the contents of that storage container did not have certain articles in it. What would make you think that you have the absolute power to MIJAC a man's life work--having acquired a few items via a lawsuit??? Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

If this were not the case you would be allowed to roam freely from your cage and unjustly pilfer material ANY MATERIAL which has Michael Jackson displayed upon it. You would do all of the above while not having to pay the price for any of it. Out of stupidity and greed, you feel you are protected by an ambiguous ruling taken out of context. Again, this ruling does not entitle you to these broad and sweeping rights! And thus, it is not the prelude to a gemstone heist!
Copyright infringement is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works.

In addition it is the responsibility of the person which maintained your website to purge all infringing activity. This means and is not limited to repeat offenders, termination of user accounts and, deletion of infringing material. Just as sites such as Google's Youtube take action on infringers so did you have the duty to do so by law. You were required to properly police your own website.
Nothing personal Howard Mann up and handle your business.
Meet Howard The Reptilian!
So now what is this below??? Why the sudden change of heart regarding the estate now??? After all, the estate was thanked in Mrs. Jackson's book. Now the estate is a"Fraudulently Obtained Dictatorship" & "A Collusive And Corrupt Status Quo" and accused of using "Draconian Tactics". The fact remains that this is the law and you have violated it--"Arrogant Disregard". Now you are responsible.

Have you forgotten these statements you & your camp made on your behalf:
  • "The comments by the lawyers for the Estate of Michael Jackson are designed to create fear and ambiguity and may impede our ability to maximize the profits that Vintage Pop (the publisher) and the beneficiaries of the Estate are entitled to enjoy. These actions are torturous interference and will NOT be accepted and will result [in] litigation to recover the damages against our company."

  • "These lawyers have absolutely NO interest in the preservation of Michael Jackson's legacy and less interest in generating revenues for his beneficiaries--the Estate will fall as a result of these draconian tactics and it is my hope that Miss Jackson regains control of that which was stolen from her."-Howard Mann 

  • "The estate will continue to protect its assets when appropriate," adding, "If Mr. Mann or his attorney want to communicate with me, they can contact me directly."-Howard Weitzman 
  • Draco (pronounced /ˈdreɪkoʊ/; Greek: Δράκων, Drakōn) was the first legislator of ancient Athens, Greece, 7th century BC. He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court. Because of its harshness, this code also gave rise to the term "draconian". 

Mann Up & Handle Your Business:


Pardon me, help me here Howard as I do not comprehend how a minute ago you were seemly talking sideways! We have a saying where I come from this is called hustling backward! The above means take it to court--handle your business and stay out of the tabloids.
Estate of Michael Jackson vs. Vintage Pop Media

We shall see the evidence while the judge is seeing it--if there is no gag order on this case. This case is not about John Branca this case is about copyright infringement. Bottom line they have been made administrators of that estate and until they do something wrong they will remain there. If all of the proof that Joe had which stated that Branca was fired did not make a difference--what is this so called proof circulating around on the internet going to do???  

If the parents of Michael Jackson were not able to remove the administrators of the estate then who the heck else can if they have no concrete proof of any wrong doing. If you check the California Bar you will see that John Branca has not one shred of misconduct on John Branca's record. However, it seems that people have a way of disregarding proof of this when they wish to hear what they want to hear.

I cannot state for the record that this is same for Brian Rickey Oxman... When Mr. Oxman files cases they get tossed out of court or either Joe makes a decision not to follow through on them. If I recall correctly [in my distant memory] someone, somewhere, somehow stated they have proof of Branca's alleged wrong-doing. If this is NOT proof coming directly from the legal documents that will be or have been filed--I will not consider it as it is just fanfare. I reject your deposit.

That portion has already been decided until a judge in a court of law should so deem the present decision revocable!

See for yourself below:

-X1 Smiles