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Dear Judge Pastor Re: Decision Conrad Murray

Dear Judge Pastor:

At first I was going to make this blog strictly about Conrad Murray. Then it suddenly occurred to me that this case and your decision was much larger than that! The sad thing about this all is that there are no winners in any of this.  No this verdict cannot bring Michael back. What your decision today can do is stop this from occurring ever again, it will act as a deterrent.  

Looking to the future I am very hopeful for the millions of people which your verdict will affect directly--this includes me as an American.  I don't think many people honestly realize what this case was to the establishment of medical ethics concerning doctor/patient relationships. The gravity of this case made people in the U.S. which weren't even supporters and fans of Michael consider their own medical care and how it is rendered. It made the world take a look at how the very crux of modern medicine operates.

If we are to gain anything out of this it would be to save the lives of any other people which may be going through a situation with a doctor--I cannot say similar.  There should be no more acceptance of this. The case of The People v. Conrad Robert Murray just set a legal precedent concerning doctors and reckless behavior. When that behavior crosses the line into the realm of homicide it is no longer malpractice and the law should become the arbitrator.  It saddens me deeply that something like this could be allowed to transpire at all...  Now this case can be cited.  This case  can be cited in instances where a family has lost a loved one due to the negligence of a member of the medical community.

This is bitter-sweet. What saddens me even more is that Conrad Murray feels that he did nothing wrong here. He missed the message (I bet you the rest of the medical community did indeed get the message!) nor does he even realize that he sacrificed his integrity as a man and his family for $money$.  As a man now his family will be without him for this time frame--he chose to put them at risk for his greed.  Not just that after he gets out where will he be able to seek employment for his trade?  Does he plan to leave the country or change is name and other characteristics?  Conrad Murray will go down in history as infamous.  He will forever be known as the man which killed Michael Jackson.

What saddens me the most about this is Michael's children will grow up without their father.  Michael's mother lost her son forever and she had to bury him--it should not be this way. The mother of Conrad Murray will be without her son for a period  of four years at the age of 80 all because of senseless greed--or to put it in Judge Pastor's words, money for medicine madness ... Michael is survived by his children, family, and extensively rich artistic legacy.  My heart goes out to the family members.  No there are no winners here. 

In reflection I cannot fabricate regarding this, I am relieved for this to be over already . The media frenzy and their conduct was deplorable during this trial.   I mean to say that the sensationalism and the journalism was inept, defunct,  shameful, and down right out deplorable.   The  immense propagandizing and tabloid chronicle--the media displayed.  The blatant disregard for the devastating aspects of this case and the dehumanization and demonizing nature of it  all sickens me at my very core.  This dictates that the media be next on that list regarding legal intervention just as well.  This is not to disregard Freedom of the Press; it is for them to sell the news responsibly and objectively with journalistic integrity.  They chased Michael Jackson all of his life and now that he is gone they continue mercilessly with no provocation.

How can you right a wrong?  How do you begin to fix something that's broken. Mind you it took the life of Michael Jackson for the United States to admit the extensive flaws and loopholes the medical system.  Here we have a doctor which graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in pre-medicine and biological sciences and he was a top scholar!   Would anyone expect any logical minded thinker to believe for a moment that Conrad Murray was unaware with respect to the ramifications of his actions? 

Perhaps this will not register with the average individual. Basically this has bypassed the radar undetected!  Nevertheless, his education doesn't justify his  medical conduct.  Bottom line he deviated from his known discipline and exploited the flaws in the system.  These flaws were abused to the advantage of something or someone here.  

This is evident as it is logical to look to the sophistication of studies to determine what qualifications are required to become doctor is it not?  It is  preposterous and highly illogical to disregard what just transpired here.   Where are we as a country when we have allowed this to transpire?  What does this say about society, what dictates the norms and the standard by which we separate humans from savages?  Everything is not acceptable nor is it black or white.  What does this say of where we are headed for the future?