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I need to request something of you all here today. We know that the stuff that is on FB meaning the groups and some of the horrible stuff we see is not right. I am just here trying to do something good. There is so many other things that I could dedicate my time to however I choose this. In my heart I know that this is the right thing to do. I am a person to stand up for what I know is right and I think many of you are out there also. If you were not you would not be on this page day after day. Please show your support for Causes. It is one way that we can come together for Michael and take a stand to show that we are not at all happy with this mistreatment of him. This is just the beginning as this will be an ongoing effort.

Please realize that doing this path that I've chosen has not be easy for me as I have had many sleepless nights doing all of this. * I do it because it is right. I am not here for what people think about me or what they would say behind my back because my actions speak louder than any gossip on the internet. I truly believe that Michael was right when he said know someone before you judge them. Walk a mile in their shoes and then determine how you view that person.
You know I see things in our own community that are very sad. It deeply saddens me to see people that attack each other because of differences or disagreements that are sometimes - or most often - pretty minor. I choose to go beyond the gossip and the hype and focus on doing just what you see me doing now If there is ever a need for me to address something I do this right away with no delay.

It is very important that we stand up against things that are not right. Often times I see people and they know that things are not right and they will not say anything. Day after day I literally beg people to stand up and say something against what we are seeing not just with Michael but in our WORLD!
*I am going to end on this note, please support this Cause as it is a way to show unity amongst us. Michael stood for these things and I don't think I know he spoke the truth.





X1 on Deck:

Stop the Press wait a minute I know that they are not suggesting that Mrs. Jackson is responsible for the business ventures of another individual!  SHE IS NOT! Did it ever occur to them that Mrs. Jackson had no idea of the other parties business ventures?  Even if she did know how is she at fault?  Does a book about Michael seem like hard core porn to you? To me if this is the case the deal was strictly above the board. Also, why are they releasing this information now?  It seems that whensoever there is an event regarding Michael or an important day that they exploit people to gain interest and cause controversy. Perhaps they are quite a bit rabid and in a frenzy over the actions of another!

Mrs. Katherine Jackson Mother of Michael Jackson Under Attack by the Media
*Please leave Mrs. Jackson alone during this time and allow her to mourn her son properly.  I think what you are doing is disgusting and you are acting like low lives-have some class.  For you to even have the thought to run a story like this as we are coming up on the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing is cruel and despicable!
Michael Jackson with Mother Katherine & Brother Jermaine Jackson 2005 Trial
Have you not put Mrs. Jackson through enough trials and tribulations?  Have mercy on Mrs. Jackson please I am requesting this because it is morally the right thing to do here. I am in a desperate attempt not to loose my composure here and call you all sorts of things.  Out of respect for Michael I will refrain from doing this.  Respect is something you evidently do NOT know ANYTHING about.  *This is distasteful!

Some say that the PEN can be a mighty WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!  I am aware of what you can do to defame a person and character assassinate them before the public eye-lest they fall from grace.  *When I am done with you-you will comprehend how this cuts both ways.*  Before I drop this pen you will comprehend what it is like to have this done to you as well.  The only difference between what I do and what you do is that I tell the truth.  You twist the truth.  Your publication has been put in some very embarrassing situations and I have seen it.  You have no journalism ethics this is clear.  You and your cronies will do anything to publish a story!

*I hope you enjoy my little publication.  I may not have the access to reach as many people as you do; however as long as their are social networks my word has the power to travel.  Someone else will see what you have done here.  For those that have not I will awaken them.... Yes, I think you should see how this works the other way around.  Just as well as you can publish things so can we:)

You have also brought up a very important detail here in this quagmire.  You have actually made me explore how the family is not able to use the image of their sibling.  Who is any business or entity to tell a family how it can choose to promote or remember them?  Mrs. Jackson gave Michael LIFE as such she is to be respected as a mother and a caregiver!  Should she choose to write a book to set the record straight regarding the actions of the media or Michael's life in general*THIS IS HER RIGHT!*

It is evident that you have distorted everything that has been done by this family.  Why are you so against them?  What is your agenda?  The tabloids have the right to exploit Michael's image under freedom of press all day long and Mrs. Jackson cannot pen or author a book regarding her son?

*Don't worry Mrs. Jackson keep on doing what you do we support you.  We see what these creeps are trying to do here. ** X1 got your back-don't worry about a thing!






I have been watching all of this from day one.  Yes, you heard me right June 25th, 2009 was the day that the world saw the most outrageous reckless disregard for human life in the medical profession with respect to Hollywood!  Now, that I am looking back on everything concerning Conrad Murry the more I am secure in stating here that he is just a pawn in the deeper scheme of things. 

We have had to endure video footage of Conrad Murray speaking of justice prevailing after he totally disavowed all knowledge of the Hippocratic Oath!  He tried to convince us of his innocence holding social networks  like Google's YouTube and Facebook hostage while delivering  his so called message of innocence.  The particular video above had a profound affect on me.  I was in shock to see that a medical doctor would do such a thing and then proclaim no responsibility for his actions.  As far as Conrad Murray is concerned he has implicated himself in no wrong doing!  If this is the truth prevailing I would HATE to see a lie!
Which brings me to the woman on the airplane-talk about strategy!  The people involved in this PR STUNT you gotta give to them they are very good at what they do!  Not only can he take a life he can save one.  Yes OK, very well tell me anything and I will buy it.  This PR STUNT was for the Anti-Michael Campaign folks.  What I mean by saying this is the folks that really dislike Michael.  The people that think it was a good thing for all of this to happen-YES THE HATERS.  There I said it!  Yes this was a staged event I cannot fathom anything else or otherwise based on the timing of this incident (or) should I say PR STUNT.  On this particular day the skies were NOT that friendly!


Miranda Sevcik is the founder of Media Masters and she is the publicist working with Stradley, Chernoff & Alford, Conrad Murray's lawyers. Media Masters provides services for law firms only. This is from their website,

"Media Masters is a Houston based firm that creates strategic communication plans for attorneys and law firms. At Media Masters we specialize in legal public relations, reputation branding, law firm marketing, litigation communications and on-camera media and deposition training."

The video from last August with Conrad Murray's statement was produced by a Houston based company, Sirius Video ( Who financed it? This is what a former prosecutor had to say about the video:

“This was a total PR stunt,” said former Broward County prosecutor Kenneth Padowitz. “I think what they’re trying to do is humanize him, trying to make him seem like this is somebody that maybe you could know and this is not a bad guy—that’s what they’re trying to do,” Padowitz said. “And for that limited purpose, it probably was effective... “Is it a transparent attempt to get feelings in his favor? Yeah. It’s a gimmick.” Padowitz said the video was certainly intended for widespread viewing, despite what Murray’s legal team says. And having his only statement come in a video format allowed for total control over what he said."

(August 19, 2009:

We had Janet, Michael's sister speak out about Conrad Murray being responsible for what has happened here.  One would think that as many people that have stood up and said something about this-we would now have results!  Yet here we are almost one year ago to date and the majority of us feel that the charges do NOT fit the crime.  There have been campaigns waged to get the charges increased to 2nd Degree Murder.  I HATE to say this however, I hope that there is some revelation regarding someone which knows-telling just what they know.  In this revelation would be evidence strong enough which is required to convict Conrad Murray of 2nd Degree Murder.  We need to be realists here and know that if the evidence does not support the charges he will walk-point blank.

Just as well Latoya Jackson another of Michael's sisters has spoken out about what she thinks is transpiring here.  I am clear based on the flip flop media reporting and the consistency of the stories changing that there is a CONSPIRACY HERE.  Something for sure is not correct; from one day to the next as the court dates draw near there is increasingly an influx of media activity.  You cannot tell me that they are NOT running stories for publicity stunts and campaigns here.  There is an agenda going on here! It is being played out by the card dealer with the poker face-in the media. 

Having stated the aforementioned it is profoundly evident just what is transpiring here.  Case and point please look to all of the tabloid articles beginning in the early part of the year with regard to stories that were strategically paced in the media to make the fans and supporters go into a frenzy!  Now they were stating that there would be a mass of Conrad Murray cheerleaders in front of the LA County Court House equipped with pom poms and Free Conrad Murray signs and banners.  If I recall correctly there was actually some chatter regarding them taking to the friendly skies and staging  their very own Justice 4 Murray protest! 
This was one media event that I did enjoy.  It was very touching to see the many fans and supporters come together with the original Michael Jackson Justice Banner Fund Group   It is amazing to see what we can do as a people by coming together by putting our differences aside for a common cause or goal.  The ladies from this project put their hearts, souls, and even their own cash up to make the banner of Justice 4 Michael Fly High In The Sky.   

Yes, the  ladies of  The Michael Jackson Banner Fund as follows:

Theronda FortheloveofMichael 
Maria InLuv WitaKing 
Ida IsMaking A Change
Hulya ForLove Tipi 

They have taught us that the Sky is NOT the LIMIT! The sky is just the means to the infinite. These ladies got wings and took to the sky's in defense of Michael at the court house!

Rumor has it that the banner flown over the LA County Court House by The Michael Jackson Justice Banner Group had Conrad Murray supporters livid and vexed at us MJ Supporters & Fans!  Now what person in their logical mind would stand there and try to state that this man did nothing unethical!  What is more illogical is how they actually act as if we are the ones to blame for the demise of Conrad Murray.

From Murray's lavish lifestyle depicted in the media-the trips to the west indies to his 1.1 Mil sprawling LasVegas Estate-something tells me that this was all a direct result of frivolous money management-GREED.  He then landed in court for lack there of child support payments. Meanwhile, driving around in a very nice car was it an S Class Mercedes-I forget how can he can afford fuel? A part of me ponders why this vehicle was not repossessed, auctioned off-TOWED OFF?  Furthermore, the money which was generated from the liquidation of his vehicle asset then disbursed by a judge to his children in equal amounts!

The question I have been asking for some-time now (*special emphasis on some-time) is how this guy is able to continue to live in this manner and he is-so called -let the media tell it -financially insolvent/bankrupt!  Yes, just how is Conrad Murray able to support his lifestyle, legal defense fund, and the fuel which it takes to run his vehicle?  Please do not tell me malpractice insurance either.  

If Conrad Murry was able to afford his lifestyle he would not have requested any funds from the company of which patient was engaged in a contractual agreement with after a fatal result. As a medical doctor he engaged in unethical practices. What was more bazaar was that he had the gall to request payment for this and his patient was robbed of his life behind his inability to follow medical standards by the administration drugs for which he had not been trained to administer in the first place.  There are no buts about it yet he still has fans!
Yes then we had the visit to Forest Lawn Cemetery where he was in tears over his dear friend.  Then Conrad Murray wishes to pray for redemption with none other than Joel Osteen??  Then one of the reps for Osteen stated to TMZ that it seemed more of a PR Stunt than an actual redemption request!  The rep also added that Conrad Murray attended services of his own free will.  These are some of the biggest PR Stunts I have ever seen in my life!  Anyone that cannot decipher the encryption regarding message here I cannot fathom what to say to you.  

Yes someone is pulling the strings here and I ponder just who is the puppet and who is the puppet master!  Yes, if I were Conrad Murray I would be praying right now also.  He is known to the world as the man who murdered THE KING OF POP. I would be praying for the money to afford the best plastic surgeon that some big money hungry corporation could buy.  The court of public opinion has already decided what Conrad Murray is guilty of have you?



Michael's Day of Mass Action June 25th, 2010


This event has moved to a NEW URL below; the old one will be removed because of technical issues with Facebook Events. Please follow the NEW URL below:

This event is for all of the people that cannot be at events for Michael on these days and wish to do something really good for him. This event will be many different small little events to show the world how much we were touched by Michael's efforts and his message. Although many of us cannot be physically at events in the states (or) other places around the world-WE ARE THE WORLD-WE ARE THERE IN SPIRIT!
It is this that drives us as it is an undeniable force-a bond-the fabric which glues us together and compels us to form from AN ARMY OF MANY TO ARMY OF ONE! We will no longer sit by and take no actions. We have watched for many years as Michael was and still is character assassinated by the media and groups from everywhere. We will not accept this and if we stand for nothing we will fall for anything.

*On this day we will rise-we will show them all the true definition of power in numbers.


This event has moved to a NEW URL below; the old one will be removed because of technical issues with Facebook Events. Please follow the NEW URL below:

-X1 Sends a Shout 2 DJ_OXyGeNe_8



In a few days, on June 14, Conrad Murray will face a judge the third time - following the court dates in February and April. We, Michael's supporters and fans, pursue the same objectives - we want the truth to be acknowledged. We want everyone who had a hand in the tragic events of June 25 - in the open, in the light of day - to face the consequences for this. 

Michael Jackson Scream
We are all aware what we are up against. I do not need to remind you - all of this we all know! Anyone who followed Michael and the events in his life has an idea of the extent and the magnitude of the powers which may be and are involved. *I personally think it is a combination of various powers coming together here.

There is another layer on top of it, covering it and manipulating public perception and opinion - the media. When I think back of the days, weeks, and months following June 25, there were two main issues supporters and fans were facing - the shock and the pain, and the massive intake of often contradicting and incomplete pieces of information. Contradictions and gaps - this is what was prevalent in what we got to see and read.

If you make a step back now and look at what I just presented to you - the extent of what we are facing - one thing becomes clear. We may come from different backgrounds and angles, we may have different opinions, we may see the events of June 25 from different perspectives, but above all - we, all of the supporters and fans of Michael, must not allow anyone or anything to divide us. We need to be united - and stay united, having one voice. Or we will fail. By unity, we will achieve what our hearts desire - let the truth be known.

- Blanaid X Lives




We the Michael Jackson fans of Argentina require a moment your time and support. Please help us to stop the Infinity Channel-one of our cable channel providers! The Infinity Channel refuses to respond favorably to our many requests NOT to broadcast the Living With Michael Jackson documentary on June 25th, 2010 at 10pm and on June 27th at 12.00 pm.

In continuing with the defamation of Michael Jackson's character even after his legacy to the world it seems that they still wish to proceed with broadcasting this type of biased programming. Respectively, should this be the case- the Infinity Channel should collectively give a thought regarding the option of broadcasting the other side of this. Take Two should be run directly after this biased account to show the masses how this is public slander concerning Michael. Major networks such as the Infinity Channel have the task of maintaining objectivity and a moral standard of media which includes broadcast ethics.
We have sent numerous emails of protest requesting that the Infinity Channel NOT broadcast this biased account of Michael which was manipulated and altered from its true form with respect to content and tone. This documentary was manipulated and used as a weapon to distort the truth and evoke mean-spirited responses.

We have received an answer from the Infinite Cable Channel-it states as follows:

The Infinity Channel has claimed they have no intention  of tarnishing the legacy of Michael Jackson and plans to broadcast a documentary about Michael before his death.

Thus we as Michael's supporters and fans are once again being taken for fools. This is the reason why I am requesting the union of all fans in Michael's name all over the world to prevent further damage to his image for the sake of his children! The URL to the channel to send your complaints to is listed below:

*Thanking You Very Much For Your Support In Advance!

-Ms. Mabel Padder

*Blog entries written by contributers do not necessarily suggest the feelings of the blog administrators.
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