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Michael Alive vs. Afterlife Does NOT = Alienation!

There has been a bit of a rift in the community regarding supporters and fans which are divided on the topic of Michael being with us or in the afterlife.  I myself for the record think Michael is in the afterlife.  

*Not once have I ever hidden what I BeLIEve to be factual.

For me all the evidence presented thus far points to Michael having been murdered.  However, there are some fans which choose to think that it is OK to alienate others for what they BeLIEve for the sake of Michael's children-this is an excuse to separate people once again.  I do not subscribe to this ideology-I will NOT publicly endorse this! I am not one to dictate to people and tell them what they should think as I myself am an independent thinker. There will also not be anyone stating to me what to think at anytime as I have my own mind and independent thought processes.  *I am well equipped to do the thinking for myself here.

Allow me to address directly what I am speaking of.  There was a USTREAM presentation where Majestic informed fans to please refrain from entertaining the notion of Michael being alive.  This statement is being taken out of context and twisted-by the convolution of many to be misconstrued-and therefore,  to insinuate that we should choose sides and attack one another.  I am clear that this was not the intended purpose of this statement-it did NOT mean this.  I do not comprehend how someone could gather that this statement meant an all out and open war against people which choose to think that Michael is alive.

Majestic was trying to clarify something.  His statement was not meant to be twisted and taken out of context.  He did not ever state that we need to choose any sides or make any decisions for other people. Nor was it a call of attack for the community within our community which believes Michael is alive.  Michael was about LOVE above all and Majestic would NOT twist that message.  His message was directed toward a base of fans which operate under the presumption that Michael is alive as they were the intended recipients of this  message.

**Who are we to judge people, ostracize, or ridicule them because of what they should choose to think?


I feel that what is being done is wrong which leads me to address this.  Some fans have taken seemingly to think that they are the Jacksons or authorized by the Jacksons to be Jackson Family Spokespersons.  And as such that they should dictate and have the power to make unilateral and sweeping decisions which may or may not affect others concerning all things Michael.

Such things are for the family to comment on as Michael was their relative and family member. I do see where it would be very UN-MICHAEL to start to attack people based upon  Majestic's commentary which was taken out of context. Do not stir up controversial language within a community which requires togetherness all for the sake of causing a disruption because you believe this to be the right thing to do.  
I stand behind Michael's children and his family through these tough times being depicted in the media and otherwise.  I have gone against the media exploitation of his children as I will always continue to do so.  They need to be left out of this quagmire and allowed to be children.  Michael's children need to be allowed to develop and grow just like any other children in the most nurturing , loving, and productive environment that they are in with Mrs. Katherine Jackson-just as all children do. *Please do not place such weight  upon his children. ***Let's hear from Michael:

We must learn to live and love each other before it’s too late. We have to stop! We have to stop the prejudice, we have to stop the hating, we have to stop living in fear of our own neighbors.

I would like all of you now to take the hand of the person to the left and to the right. Go ahead! Right now! I mean it! Don’t be shy! Do it! It starts now! To the person next to you. To the left and the right. I mean it. Right now! Go ahead! Don’t be shy. Do it! Do it! Now, tell the person ... tell the person next to you that you care for them. Tell them that you care for them. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that you love them. This is what makes the difference.

-Michael Jackson

Exeter Football Club, June 14, 2002


Nor will I ever shun, attack, or be indifferent toward any individual that thinks Michael is alive.   Should I ever do this I would be no better than the media which attacked Michael relentlessly for many years. This is simple Michael did not judge people and I am clear about this in my heart!   I sleep well at night knowing that I value this principle.  What Michael did was LOVE people-not separate us!  I WILL NOT for the record shun, down, degrade, dehumanize, or attack anyone. I will not attack ANY BELIEVERS EVER for what they choose to think!  

The aforementioned is criminal to me when dealing in a high court of LOVE for one another!  For me and for the record this would be very UN-MICHAEL as Michael was about togetherness. We have people that did not hear Michael's message regarding humanitarianism and universal LOVE amongst us.  

*Universal L.O.V.E. is the message and the answer to all of this!  To treat each other with respect and non-judgmentalism are the fundamentals and foundation of infrastructure which Michael has  taught us.  I end this blog with love.  I wish you all LOVE, PEACE AND UNIVERSAL HAPPINESS!




Good day to all of you. In about two weeks, on June 14, Conrad Murray will face a judge the third time - following the court dates in February and April. We, Michael's supporters and fans, pursue the same objectives - we want the truth to be acknowledged. We want everyone who had a hand in the tragic events of June 25 - in the open  in the light of day - to face the consequences for this. 

*We are all aware what we are up against.  I do not need to remind you all of this we all know!

Anyone who followed Michael and the events in his life has an idea of the extent and the magnitude of the powers which are involved here . *I personally think it is a combination of various powers working together here.  You all know the players indeed - Colony Capital (Tom Barrack), AEG (Philipp Anschutz), Sony Music Entertainment/Sony Corporation (Rolf Schmidt-Holtz/Sir Howard Stringer) - this list may not be comprehensive.

There is another layer which is on top of it, covering it and manipulating public perception and opinion - the media. When I think back of the days, weeks, and months following June 25, there were two main issues supporters and fans were facing - the shock and the pain, and the massive intake of often contradicting and incomplete pieces of information. Contradictions and gaps - this is what was prevalent in what we got to see and read.

If you make a step back now and look at what I just presented to you - the extent of what we are facing - one thing becomes clear. We may come from different backgrounds and angles, we may have different opinions, but above all - we, the supporters and fans of Michael, must not allow anyone or anything to divide us. We need to be united - and stay united, having one voice. Or we will fail. By unity, we will achieve what our hearts desire - let the truth be known. 
*All of us as one-UNITE

- Blanaid X Lives

X1 & BX Thank MJSAHR For Their Continued Dedication & Support

I would like to request a moment of your time to thank everyone here and in other groups that report these very troubling things. Remember, changes starts with us first! We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we are doing the right thing here.

There are children surfing these channels. Moreover Michael's children are surfing youtube the should not have to see content like this! Therefore, MJSAHR you ARE making it happen for them by doing just what it is that each and everyone of you do! We need to show people that we are not going tolerate this sort of behavior.

Now this is going to be hard I am not going to lie to you all-it will also be an ongoing effort. You are doing this for Michael and NOT for me as I have stated this from day one. I do what I do because it is just the right thing to do. I also report other content which is objectionable which just happens to span across many social networks.

We are responsible for what the children of tomorrow process today. We will be at the mercy of the children which absorb this content and are influenced by it today and tomorrow. 

So having said that this is a serious thing we are doing here as we do not want these sorts of influences to harm the children of today/adults tomorrow/leaders of the free world making decisions the day after the next...

*MJSAHR We Will Make It Happen For You!

L.O.V.E. ,


We are the Web - part of which is Youtube - and we, all the users, all of us, we keep the Web going. It is nothing without us. It is *us* then who can stop the abuse of it! It is in our hands - as there is very little control of the Web. If we want to keep it open and if we want to ...keep it as our platform to find out about things and learn from each other without being confined to fixed channels (TV, papers, magazines..) with their known or unknown backgrounds - we, the Web, we must act. We created it, we need to protect it. This fight against video jacking is about standing in for all the good things that the Web has provided to us and has the potential to provide to us in future. We need to protect its integrity on all accounts.

-Blanaid X Lives



Where do I start let's see...Oh yes, the definition of the word BEAST:

MAIN ENTRY:  beast

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English beste, from Anglo-French, from Latin bestia
Date: 13th century

1 a : a four-footed mammal as distinguished from a human being, a lower vertebrate, and an invertebrate b : a lower animal as distinguished from a human being c : an animal as distinguished from a plant d : an animal under human control 
2 : a contemptible person 
3 : something formidably difficult to control or deal with

Now why on earth would a publication pick a name like "The Daily Beast"?  We could go on for days regarding the symbolism of the beast in mythological terminology or otherwise.  I truly agree that you have a clear picture of what I am speaking of here.  Moving forward, I will refrain from addressing the symbolism of the name chosen for this publication-for now.  I will however venture into this at later date.  This will be once you've all gotten comfortable with my mind and what I am trying to relay to you here.

What is terrifying me most about this article is that the publication which I am speaking of seems to live up to its name in essence!  Now, I am not at all  comfortable in the least with a publication which utilizes this sort of a moniker!  It alludes to deceptive practices and does not seemingly register  its true intent with the readers.  It appears that the meaning and origin of what is just the intended purpose for the content of this publication is a hidden agenda.  This is for another blog so let's venture into the realm of the actual news article that I am referencing.

This particular article appears to support Conrad Murray.  This made my mind recollect to a prior statement made sometime ago that there would be supporters of Conrad Murray at the court house for the next hearing date.  Did anyone see the Conrad Murray interview on the Daily Beast? If I did not know any better I would say that they are the people you will see present at the hearing which we have been warned about!

Actually, if I did not know any better, the staff of the Daily Beast will be at the hearing fully equipped with picket signs, soap boxes, and banners which state Justice 4 Conrad Murray! It is amazing to see what the strategic agenda is here.  Is the purpose of intent here to brainwash the masses into believing that this Mr. Murray is very honest and upright?  I think I forgot to mention that they will have bull horns and be calling for the immediate release of Conrad Murray!  Can you hear them in the distance?  

FREE CONRAD MURRAY-and here we thought that this was only applicable to the movie Amistad!  Now above all of the aforementioned, they have insinuated based upon the article written by Gerald Posner that Mr. Murray is a scape goat!  I can somewhat follow this theory by stating what most people think is the case here-that Mr. Murray was not working alone. 

I will also state to you that I trust in the phrase:

Innocent  Until Proven Guilty:

Now, before you tar and feather me please allow me an opportunity to expand on the prior statement.  They have not convicted Mr. Murray in a court of law by a jury of his peers.  However, Mr. Murray has already incriminated himself by stating for the record to the police that he willingly gave a patient drug which was not to be dispensed outside of a proper and well monitored environment.  To add insult to injury Mr. Murry was not trained (*according to various news reports) to administer this drug.

Not only do I pose to you that Mr. Murray stated for the record that he did this-he also seems to presume that this was ethical behavior.  Mr. Murray has also stated that he did nothing wrong as depicted in past news/tabloid reports!  Therefore, Mr. Murray has admittedly confirmed that he has broken several laws and violated the doctor patient relationship.  Wait there's more!


We are going to revisit a blog that was composed sometime ago by me called:


An excerpt is below taken from that blog:
There are serious implications to what you are fueling. Suppose that your family member is a victim of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE??? (*GOD FORBID!*)

*Would you then support the ideal that it is justified for a doctor to abuse his power and prescribe and addict people to serous medications with or without the proper trainings?? Do you also subscribe to the notion that it is acceptable to cause harm or cause the death of another human being in this way??? Fact of the matter is every doctor takes a Hippocratic Oath in the medical profession in the U.S. This means that:

 *The Hippocratic Oath is an old oath historically taken by doctors swearing to ethically practice medicine.

*Therefore we strongly urge you to please be mindful of what you support-lest you find yourself in a situation which the KARMA of this paragraph will remind you of one day...

Having stated that for round two it is imperative that I request you to focus your attention to the actual story where the reporter insinuates that Mr. Murray was very honest and forthcoming with information.  Now if you recall how forthright was Mr. Murray in the days proceeding June 25th, 2009? The LAPD put out an all points bulletin to locate him.  Mr. Murray did eventually comply with the authorities regarding questioning; however, he was not able to be located and questioned on the spot by law enforcement.  Does this sound honest to you?

Furthermore, if I did not know any better it would appear that the writer was really attracted to Mr. Murray as he went on to describe his appearance and demeanor.  It  appears as if he was infatuated and taken with Mr. Murray!  I ponder if they knew of one another from a different time-other than the interview for this report.  Are they prior acquaintances? I am very clear that the writer was impressed with what he saw regarding Mr. Murray's character.  The writer of the article appeared to be very concerned with the personal safety of Mr. Murray.  There was further elaboration regarding eyes locking coupled with a few other details.

 During this interview the writer alluded to the LAPD by reflecting that  the defense for Mr. Murray stated information was being leaked by the police department.  Moreover, it appears that every attempt was made to paint a favorable image of Conrad Murray in this article!  Forget the fact that he just disavowed knowledge of the Hippocratic Oath which every doctor here in the United States must take!

This article was simply stellar regarding the attempt to find a pool of jurors that will agree with Mr. Murray-special emphasis placed upon the exoneration and clearing of his name.  I have seen a unwillingness to take responsibility for one's actions-simply put this is by far the worst ever!  I have not ever seen anyone in denial to the degree that Mr. Murray and the writer is.  I am starting to think that the actual analogy of the Conrad Murray Supporters was just a metaphor for the media portrayal of someone that they are trying to pass off as honest and upright.  Bottom line this was a pro Conrad Murray article if I have ever seen it in my opinion!  The writer does his very best to paint a picture of decency and it is not working at all.  This was a lame attempt to cover up the facts which Mr. Murray has already admitted to.  Nice try, however it is not good enough! 





It seems that if you say anything against certain individuals that hold high office in Facebook that they will sabotage your page. For the past three days I have watched them sabotage and manipulate Facebook HTML/FBML coding on my pages.

If you don't know what this is really simply it is an an application within Facebook which allows you to embed coding of your choice to display pictures, videos, and .gif images. This operation is very sneaky they have also taken to forcing me to enter a NON-SPAM code when I post my own blog to my pages! *Now I am one for quality and control however, this is too much control for me.

What they think is that I am not watching that page. Well Facebook, guess what I am and so are lots of other people. My coding is correct and it has not been altered in anyway so therefore there should be no malfunctions. *Actually the only malfunctions here are the ones you are making deliberately occur.  The objects and coding in my tabs and boxes have been rearranged.  All of my .gif images in my tabs have been disabled so that they appear to be still jpegs!

It seems that you can give HATE Groups Freedom of Speech and free reign on Facebook; however, when something is published regarding your tactics you do not like that. In engineering they have a phrase for this sort of attack-it is called a Social Engineering Attack! I am not that stupid to miss the little efforts that you have been putting into making me change my password over twelve times the night the story was published on Insanity X Lives Light (IXL) regarding Facebook Co-Founder Mark Z.

*So this is just to let you know that I am aware of what you are doing and now everyone else knows also enjoy your day:)



Wanna Be Startin Somethin' Heckler Spews Trash

The nerve of you tabloid smut publications. Who are you to submit a comment in the form of a news publication regarding what one should spend their hard earned money on for enjoyment? This commentary is highly opinionated-and biased! This is NOT a news report! However, you tired to pass it off as one didn't you? Yes, the tabloid reporter always -you humor me with your attempts. You sicken me, as well. Why are you trying to paint millions of Michael's supporters & fans in a unfavorable light? Yes, I see what it is you do. You wait until you find something which you can distort while achieving financial gain by using Michael's image to promote it!

Michael Jackson MTV Awards 1993
This is something that I cannot comprehend! Then what you proceed to do is push it on the mainstream masses to make us look distorted...You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' all of the time. This picture that you are attempting to paint and sell to the public regarding us is not a favorable one. Why is it that you cannot just allow people a moment to pay homage to the entertainer and his contributions to society? In life you ostracized Michael in the public eye! Now in death you continue to attempt to destroy his legacy?

*Enough of this already seriously!

What's it to you if people gather together in harmony for a show of support? This is much better than what you are doing by making an extreme effort to tarnish a legacy! What you are trying to do is keep people from coming together by depicting them as strange, weird and abnormal! What is devious here is that you are still attempting to defame Michael. Why do you need to keep at these fruitless attempts? This is not going to change and we are not going anywhere! Can't you comprehend that your efforts to date have failed!

Your agenda here is not working. Your sick and pitiful attempts at attacking Michael's character really show what your agenda has been all along. Your meaningless character assassination attempts are frivolous at best!

What are you oblivious to the fact that Michael has awakened a new generation of people? And guess what??? They are not listening to you! Everything that you have done to date has been exposed. Your diabolical plots do not work anymore. Stop trying to mold a jaded view of Michael's supporters and fans to the world. All of the ranting and tirades in the world cannot hide this from the general public!

Your feeble attempts are not working people are coming together. They see through your lies and envy. What you do is use your pen as a weapon! You write poison and it infects society as they believe whatsoever you put in print. 

Well I am here to say that you tabloids misconstrue and twist perfectly innocent things while making them appear to look wicked and abnormal. Is this the best you've got??

If you only knew-you have no idea! The majority of his supporters and fans are involved in humanitarianism and social issues. The outpouring of LOVE which came from Michael's base has been well documented! From HAITI to CHILE we have been involved in efforts to assist people world wide!

**It seems that you have a serious issue with printing propaganda which is a gross distortion of the truth! This is it we are not buying what you are selling. Heckler Spews Trash!




AND NOW IT SEEMS THE LAW- Sharon Wilson Guest Blogger

X1 on Behalf of Sharon Wilson X-Press Yourself 4 Michael Senior Administrator:

The media crucified Michael for many many years and now it seems the law, the same law that is there to protect the innocent, is now doing the same thing by letting Conrad Murray get away with murder. How can someone who knowingly administered a drug he was NOT licensed to give, hid evidence that he later retrieved, failed to inform medical authorities of the administering of such a drug and more, be allowed to get away with it with what tantamounts to a slap on the wrist.

This man should be put away for life, if he had done the same thing to anyone else he would have been handcuffed when first appearing in court, not ushered in like someone who had done nothing wrong. Michael on the other hand has handcuffed, treated like a criminal and was completely innocent. Can't see the logic in all this, can you?

Try thinking about what if Michael was your brother or your father or even a friend, would you like to see this man walk? Would you like to see this man continue pretending to be a doctor because in my eyes, someone who tries to do cpr on a bed, does not have the proper equipment to protect his patient, calls a child into the room of his dying father, tries to cover up his crime and does not have one bit of remorse about it, is not a doctor, I doubt if he is even human. Calling Prince into the room should be enough to send him to prison for life, what kind of scars will that leave on Princes' mind. It's about time someone in authority did right by Michael Jackson and that is to put his murderer behind bars for the rest of his life. Give him a life sentence like he has given to Michael's family, to his friends and to his fans.

It will be eleven since months Michael passed but the grief is still there like it was yesterday. Help those who loved and still do love Michael to heal by doing the right thing. We leave this in your hands and pray that justice will be done finally.

-X1 On Behalf Of SW

The BeLIEvers Question Mr. Shaw's Authenticity


Oyq Mjj Jacky-Jean Jackson Andromeda Greece Lucy Pruem Claudia Wulfsen Leticia M. J. Love

I just received these vids from a friend of mine yesterday. She is a BeLIEver and she is stating that Mr. Shaw is not authentic. Now I have my own doubts as from what I can see here this is Michael! All of these vids that I see below the pictures seem to be Michael to me personally. I am coming to the BeLIEvers community to ask them to weigh in on this issue because this is getting to be quite a serious matter. So far I have had Ms. Jacky-Jean Jackson and Ms. Leticia M.J. Love who are both BeLIEvers say this guy is not authentic. If this is the case and it is determined by the BeLIEvers community that Mr. Shaw is misrepresenting himself as BeLIEvers it is the responsibility of you all to weigh in and report this guy. If you have been presented with the research and it does not add up then you know what the right thing to do is here.

**Me personally I do not think Mr. Shaw based upon what have I seen nice human being or not was an authorized double for Michael. Michael was very open about his relationships with the tribute artists and impersonators that we know of. He has pictures with people like ECasanova, and many others. So why would he have not one picture with Mr. Shaw this just sounds weird to me. Also, what I find more strange is that Mr. Shaw has not provided one picture of himself in a normal public place where he can show his resemblance to Michael in anyway. I mean it is one thing to have faith in a person and I mean blind faith. However it is another when this person is unwilling for the record to be open regarding information for which he states to be the case.

To the people that think otherwise here so be it however if this man as nice as he may very well be is misleading people this is not right and it needs to be addressed. I will let you guys review the email and the material that was sent to me by my friend again she is a Believer. Here are the videos below in question and some youtube BeLIEvers has taken to thinking that Mr. Shaw is authentic also:(

**I am not the bad guy in this I just do not want to see anyone hurt read below:


Dear X1:

Someone needs to report this to the family or whoever else will be able to get him banned from YouTube, MySpace, facebook or ANY other social networks! I can't believe people are actually falling for this IDIOT!! He is crossing the line now, really. He needs to be stopped!!

I am sorry to bother you with this, but you were the first person that came to mind able to spread the word and calling people to take action and REPORT this low life!

*I am outraged... I am going to inform Randy. Enough is enough!


An Open Letter to UGCTSC From X1 UNITE

This group is now headed in the right direction it is important for us to reflect this. The new direction is clear. What I propose is we change the way we view each other and change the way we support each other. We all want the same thing here and that thing is justice. It is important that this group reflect this. We must live it, walk it, talk it, see it, eat it, breathe it, be it, and believe in it! This is possible and I think we are off to a good start here. It is imperative that we continue this journey that we embarked upon. Our focus is bringing everyone together for once and for all-so we can stay that way. My focus is to make this group the best it can be as it is more than just a group to me. It is very important here that everyone feels free and comfortable enough to speak. This is what we want to achieve here!

This platform was established to truly reach an understanding among groups-to comprehend the diversity which we all have. We are coming together from many different angles and yet there is someone who unites us all-in exactly that, our diversity. The same way he united people across geographical, religious, racial, ethnic borders-Michael had no boundaries.

Michael possessed NO limitations whatsoever-he was not scared to take risks and think outside of the box in a very profound statement to reach millions-with the inclusion of each one of us!

Here will be our chance to give living testimony to the world regarding who Michael was and what his mission was about. We will be respectful here-we will listen to one another. We will walk in each other’s shoes for a mile, perhaps 5 miles-at times, when required. We will be open-minded while loving each other-and not becoming judgmental.


Each single one of you is an achiever already. Each and every one of you brought people together in Michael's name. Each single one of you will take the journey of ideas, initiatives and actions discussed and developed here to your group(s). The group which has been created here will last. We will all vow each other utmost mutual respect and support. We will aim to achieve goals none of us could dream of achieving on his or her own. We will work here, and what we learn we will take back to our groups and share with our members. We will find joy in what we are doing here. Our vision will become reality.

*Above everything which emanates from this group we will carry the message of Michael's love for the entire world.

L.o.v.e. Lives Forever



Hulya ForLove Tipi
Ida IsMaking A Change

Theronda FortheloveofMichael
Micol Mj
Blanaid Granahan
Shelia Roberts
Nicoletta Zancu
Michelle Edwards
Allure Allures

Claudia Wulfsen
Lucy Pruem


You know reporting groups are only for those that can stomach them। I for a long time would be on the various TABLOID boards and see how Michael was bashed on them। I am guilty of fighting fire with fire as I can give just as good as I get। However, today I am different instead of wasting my LIFE FORCE (**haters will suck you dry of this) I do productive things now. I think this is a very proactive and productive way to deal with some of the social issues that have caused all of this in general.

Now there is a new breed of people that call themselves of Michael when in fact they are actually very UNMICHAEL and they are among us now. This is scary if I cannot trust another within my own realm then whom am I to trust. It seems that people are playing cloak and dagger these days. This is some very UNMICHAEL behavior! I try to avoid it, I try not to let it get to me when I see these sorts of things however I must say that it is just so very UNMICHAEL that we fight amongst each other like so! Nothing is perfect; however, some of what I see amongst us is just down right out UNMICHAEL!

Who was Michael to me? Well, Michael was a leader and he did things that people could not fathom nor comprehend-he helped people. This is why people hated him-in contrast many more loved him. People that take on serious issues are often shunned as society has serious issues with dealing with reality-meaning what is. Many would rather turn a blind eye to what they see transpiring in the world. Now one day I thought to myself in serious reflection-the thought crossed my mind that one day that could very well be me.....I was once one to think this way. NOT anymore.



In the feature documentary "The Cove," a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It's critical that we get the word out in Japan. Once the Japanese people know we believe they will demand change. In the feature documentary "The Cove," a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat.

The Desired Outcome of this Petition:

We urge President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki to address this issue and urge the government of Japan to stop the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

"The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year, and how their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening as the Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. The focus of the Social Action Campaign for The Cove is to create worldwide awareness of this annual practice as well as the dangers of eating seafood contaminated with mercury and to pressure those in power to put an end to the slaughter." BX

Michael Jackson loved this planet. He saw what happened to people, and he saw what happened to this planet, to animals, to trees, to nature. And he realized it all belongs together. It is all one. What we do to the nature surrounding us - we do to ourselves. We cannot survive without all that exists on planet Earth - the rainforests, the clear water in the rivers, the abundance of fish in the seas, the clear skies when we see the Milky Way and realize the endlessness of the universe. If we do not stop to destroy the nature on this planet, if we keep polluting our rivers, our seas, our skies - hate and war will ensue as we lose our sense of being connected - to nature, to our planet, to our neighbors, to our communities. Resources will be limited more and more, which again will lead to hate and war. This is why Michael created Earth Song - he showed the connection between the destruction of our planet and the destruction of humankind - by our own hands. You cannot separate those two. That same message is in front of our eyes. *Let us stop the mindless destruction of our planet and all that lives on it - trees, men, animals, and plants. Let us stop hating and destroying our own kind. This is what the cause "Please Stop Public Michael Jackson Hate Groups" is about, and this is why IXL chose to support the cause and petition "The Cove - Save Japan Dolphins". All that is living on this planet shares the same resources, breathes the same air

-We share this WORLD!


-Blanaid X            -X1


His Privacy.

June 25 is approaching quickly now... We all want to honor Michael and his legacy on this day that changed so much for us. We have seen things unfolding during the past 11 months - soon it will be a year which has shown us the extent of issues Michael was forced to deal with. A few days ago I posted two videos on Insanity X Lives Light - featuring Michael, the song was "I am a big boy now". This is the first hit record of the Jackson 5. I listened to his voice, and I was looking at the pictures and video clips. He was there, performing at a very young age. You could see how Michael enjoyed it - yet on the other hand, we remember what he told us regarding how he felt about his childhood... Throughout his life, as the lead singer of the Jackson 5 and as a solo artist, he was in the spotlight, and not just on the stage. People wanted to know more about him, and the media covered his private life as well. And I wonder if you can talk about a private life in his case at all... I am not going to detail all this here. It is in front of our eyes. He was enormously successful, his Thriller album is the most sold album of all times, Michael revolutionized the music industry - he staged breathtaking tours... We can recall the crazy stories - the hyperbaric chamber, the elephant man, and I am sure I am not aware of all them... Anything Michael sold and still does. Paparazzi followed each and every step he made.
Michael was in search of his childhood. He bought Neverland and turned it into a fairy land, with everything a child's heart would enjoy - no obligations here, no duties, no appointments, just away from it all... He invited children of all backgrounds, children in need, socially disadvantaged children to enjoy this fairly land; he had finally found a place where he was not in the spotlight. Looking at the pictures from Neverland you can see the peace and tranquility that this landscape breathes.
Yet Neverland was to become the place where the greatest intrusion into his privacy transpired. The means were all of the accusations made by children who where cohersed into this by their parents. Michael so lovingly allowed all children into his home to be close to him. After the first set of accusations, and intrusion, he married, and divorced, married again and had children - Michael still chose to live in Neverland. Then here came Martin Bashir’s dreadfully biased film, the second set of accusations, followed by the search of Neverland - watch the footage of it! Then the ensuing trial came. Neverland, the place which Michael had created for himself, where he felt at home, where he was surrounded by things he loved, where he was himself, was desecrated and made to become the center stage of the greatest intrusion into his private life ever! The trial was broadcasted worldwide and made to be a media spectacle. It was complete with everything (with the exception of a horse and a pony) - although no cameras were allowed inside, the trial got recreated for televising purposes utilizing actors in a horrid recreation which chronicled the events.
An excessive amount of media outlets were there to cover of the trial of the century. What they portrayed to their viewers was far from the truth! The majority of them were aware; some of them just followed the trail of others. There was nothing you could do wrong here as there were no journalism ethics applied - this was very clear, was it not? Very few of them acknowledged what was going on and went public, like William Wagener; some of them had doubts, and some of them changed their mind after the verdict -like Aphrodite Jones. However, the fact remains - Michael was once again catapulted into the spotlight and dragged through the media which exposed him to a massive onslaught. And all this in the very place he had created for himself to have some privacy, to be able to be himself... Michael was not allowed to have this dream fulfilled. Michael left Neverland after the trial because of the desecration of his of his home - first for Bahrain (could you imagine any place farther away, and I am not just talking about the geographical distance?), then for Ireland. When he returned to his home country, he came to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles.
Michael never returned to Neverland - and he expressed his strong feelings of disdain regarding how he felt about the desecration of his home. The beauty of Neverland fell in disrepair. The zoo and the amusement park were all emptied and dismantled. Neverland became the focus of financial dealings, being in danger of foreclosure. While under Tohme Tohme's auspices, the remainder of Michael’s personal belongings were taken out of Neverland . This was done because the ranch now had new owners, which was a joint ownership including Michael and Colony Capital. In less than clear circumstances Michael’s belongings were supposed to be auctioned off by Julien's. These were his personal belongings! This happened as recently as in March, 2009. Michael had had to watch the closure of his home the Neverland Ranch and the dismantling of the zoo, the railway and the amusement rides. These were all of the things Michael cherished and had brought in to make his childhood dreams come true. And now his private belongings were being paraded around for public viewing, nicely presented in an auction catalog, and up for sales. This was yet another massive intrusion into his privacy. During the return to his home country the United States, concert promoters were trying to close deals with him, be it for Las Vegas shows or concert tours. AEG had a proposal on the table as early as first half of 2008 - more or less the same details as in 2009. Again, Michael would have been in the spotlight, performing. This was to be a major event headliner once again. First it was 10, and then 30, and then 50 concerts! Michael Jackson would again be heading to set yet another world record - while pushing it to the limits and beyond.
The footage from the rehearsals was made it into a movie; therefore we do not have the concerts, we got the movie, and the DVD, and the Blue-Ray. We can even acquire this movie the footage of which was filmed in the days just prior to June 25 - as an added bonus we now have technical gadgets like memory sticks! The techical gadgets are complete with his silhouette performing Billie Jean which is clearly depicted! This was the public Michael - the performing Michael, the Michael out there on the stage, in front of the cameras and the bright lights. The Michael that was there for the public since a very young age - again, listen to "I am a big boy now"... There was no place that Michael owned for himself, no place to retreat to - a place with no name... All Michael had were his children and he was attempting to protect their privacy by all means. By all means! Privacy was a big concern for him. Listen to "Privacy", and "Leave me alone". Think about what is stated when he is called a "reclusive" - he wanted times where he could be away from all of that. "Reclusive" to my ears has a negative connotation - he had a right to privacy! He had a right to be away from all this.
On June 25 again, even his death - the circumstances were broadcasted to the public. There was not ever any privacy - yet he was alone on that day. We have seen numerous statements, videos, opinions, interviews, search affidavits... We have even seen a photo of Michael in the ambulance, and be it a fluke or not, it does not take away from the fact that this photo is there because the public will purchase it! Regardless be it a fake or not, this is another intrusion into his privacy again! It is as if Michael is public domain - the property of and he owned by all of the masses, readily available – and packaged for retail sales on demand! 
The autopsy reports were published, all three of them (I know of three versions), and details made the headlines. There is now even a fear that the photos taken during the autopsy might be leaked. Every day I look at the web and I am very afraid when seeing headlines related to these photos... It seems that the events of June 25 will be the subject of a lawsuit and a criminal trial. Both the civil and the criminal legal ramifications which involve Conrad Murray (Involuntary Manslaughter/Wrongful Death) incidentally place him in the epicenter. The civil wrongful death action is being brought on behalf of Mr. Joe Jackson - Michael’s father. Again there will be much more publicity surrounding the day he died - yet again!
We remember the memorial at the Staples Center (owned by AEG) and the funeral in Forest Lawn, Glendale - broadcasted live, and footage recorded. Once again on these days he was in the spotlight – the huge media coverage, the motorcar cavalcade - some say there were even thoughts of having a funeral parade for him in Los Angeles like the one Lady Diana had - helicopters circling in the air, and more. In the days just after June 25, there were rumors about a burial in Neverland - you recall, right? Can you see what this would have implicated? The place he had created for himself to get away from all of that and which became the focus of the greatest intrusion into his life ever - the place he left behind in 2005 with a vow to never return - this place would have become the final, and the ultimate place for him to perform in public again forever! A burial in Neverland would have created a second Graceland! Have you ever looked at the revenues Graceland yields? According to what I have read it is the most visited private home in the United States second only to the White House.
Neverland would have easily rivaled that hands down! There would be shops with plenty of merchandising along with thousands of people. His grave would have been in the center of it. A shrine possibly, decorated with all sorts of things. Michael, or rather the image the public has of him, would be performing again for his audience. Over and over again Michael is on that stage, in the spotlight with no privacy. NO, not even now, and all of this would have been in Neverland!
Mrs. Jackson, Michael’s mother had him buried in Forest Lawn Glendale, in a place secluded from the public. The gates were firmly closed and Michael had his privacy - finally! No more performances. No more spotlight - Lights out with Peace and serenity. You think so?
The first breach of privacy occurred last year already when photos were taken and published on TMZ. As a result, security was tightened, and all non members of the family who were on the visitors' list got removed from it. Moreover, this incident caused a lot of tension among fans and created a lot of rifts, if not to say hatred all with his grave being the center of it. Then, Debbie Rowe visited Forest Lawn, and afterward Conrad Murray, both events were filmed. This sparked discussions, controversies, media coverage and outrage. A few days ago, Lisa Marie Presley told the world on her Myspace profile what his grave looks like, behind those gates. During this public address she requested that the fans send sunflowers to Forest Lawn - for them to be placed inside the mausoleum since she felt the place looked lonesome. Here we go again, with this putting his grave into the spotlight. Some say that Lisa Marie Presley got it wrong and some looking for sources for sunflowers to send there, and TMZ picking up on it was this at all a coincidence?
Jason Levin was able to deliver anything between 1,500 and 3,000 sunflowers (the figures vary depending on the source) to his grave, practically overnight; there was mass delivery of sunflowers? Was this yet another Michael Jackson record to be reported about? TMZ even published a story regarding Lisa Marie Presley sending a thank you flower bouquet to the sunflower guy (sending a thank you flower bouquet to a flower seller?). Now how many stories did we get out of the sunflower appeal already? Is this no intrusion into his privacy? Is this not exploitation? Meanwhile yesterday, TMZ again had photos from inside the mausoleum on their website - showing the sunflowers surrounding his grave! Still, no privacy for Michael - more or less at the same time, we are seeing tweets about making his grave, the place his mother Mrs. Jackson chose for him to get his privacy after all those years publicly available-via the media? As a family they also have the right to privacy while they deal with personal affairs. Michael would be in the spotlight then again, performing for the public! On a day which had Michael exposed to the public like hardly any other day in his life - the day he died, a year ago! Once again, this sparks controversy and puts him in the spotlight. I have seen the first article now pondering if his grave may be moved to a more public site. Will it never end for him?
Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale is Michael's resting place. Here, he should find peace and rest and finally be out of the spotlight. Look at the videos of "I am a big boy now" that I mentioned at the beginning of my blog... No more performing, no more entertaining, just Michael! No more intrusions into his privacy! No more camping outside the gates of wherever he is, and no more peeping through the gates! He has been there for his audience for most, if not all of his life. Michael has performed for his audience many times over - he entertained us. Michael tried to open our eyes to the reality of this world. He tried to make this world a better place. What more could he give.
*Michael J. Jackson owes us nothing. Leave him alone let him rest in Forest Lawn now. After all of it is said and done, it is simple - let our hearts be with him, for all time. 

Blanaid X Lives. 

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Pre-Trial, Discovery Delays, Oh My! An Insight Into The Criminal Proceedings Against Conrad Murray Regarding The Death Of Michael Jackson

Blogger Correspondent: Samantha Jelly

In writing this blog, I had researched how crimes were tried in the days of old. The top result was this:

People v. Jackson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

*Followed Instantly by This:
Hanged, drawn and quartered - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Ironic? No-they ALL tried to condemn Michael. It was a modern day lynching. Hanged drawn and quartered could accurately describe what the media and these other vultures did to Michael.
Incidentally, being hanged, drawn and quartered was also the punishment for high treason. Treason is defined as "a crime against the Crown" Are you following me here?

Now, many would love the chance to try Conrad Murray for the crime of high treason, however, the times and the laws have changed. What we have to work with is an Involuntary Manslaughter charge, which, at first glance, caused all of us to feel like we were kicked in the stomach. But I assure, you, this charge was carefully selected. It was the most likely charge to get a conviction, which, in reality is what we really want. I have covered these topics, previously, in part, but this blog is an attempt to organize everything together, in one place, so that it can easily be understood by those that are not in the legal field. Each criminal case that comes before the court follows basic legal protocol. There are slight variances based on severity of the crimes, as well as some variance from state to state. But the basic process stays the same. This protocol is why we can't just "send him to jail for the rest of his life”, as many would like to see. It's a process. So, with that in mind, let us explore what we can expect next.

The next date we are currently looking at is June 14, 2010. This is the date that the Preliminary Hearing is scheduled. A Preliminary Hearing is the defense's last stand before trial. This hearing will determine whether probable cause can be shown that a defendant committed the crime. Prosecutors will present their evidence, including expert testimony and witness testimony which will give the judge the information he needs to decide if the defendant should stand trial. The defense is allowed to cross examine any witnesses and present their own arguments as well. Based on all this a judge can decide whether to dismiss charges, reduce charges or order the defendant to stand trial for the original charges. (Let me stop for a moment to tell you, this case will NOT be dismissed, OR reduced.) Once the judge decides that the defendant will be "bound over" for trial. A trial date is set. Now, at any time, either side can file what is called a "motion". A motion is simply something that the attorney is requesting of the court. There are many things the attorneys on either side can ask of the court. Each motion must go before the judge to be ruled on; this sometimes causes additional court dates, which thus can delay that actual trial date. Once a trial begins, however, motions can be decided during the trial dates.  So why is the defense attempting to delay the Preliminary Hearing? Well, for two reasons, actually. Primarily, it is because they are stating they are not in receipt of the entire discovery" from this case. And second, because the longer the delay, the better chance that potential jurors will have forgotten many of the sordid details of this case.

However, back to this "discovery" What is it, you ask? The most basic definition lists discovery as "the process by which both sides are allowed to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses in the case" This gives each side the chance to prepare their case. This includes, but is not limited to, names of witnesses, physical evidence, interviews with witnesses, interviews with experts providing testimony and any other pertinent information. In a case such as this, the pages of discovery can number into the thousands. At the time of the writing of this blog, it is the contention of Murray's defense attorney, that the defense has not yet received the ENTIRE discovery and therefore needs to request a continuance until such time as they receive it all. This has angered some, and been looked at as a stalling technique. As I explained above, the delay can serve two purposes. But in this case, from a legal perspective, I would MUCH rather grant him the continuance and delay the hearing, than to proceed now, only to have a mistrial declared down the road because all of the discovery was not properly received.

**I would like to remind you all however, that Justice for Michael does NOT end with the conviction of Conrad Murray. Michael was betrayed by many, many people, and Justice will only be served when they are exposed as well.

**If you plan to attend any court dates, please keep in mind that our actions reflect directly on Michael. It is of the utmost importance that we conduct ourselves with respect to his memory, in a manner which would make him proud ;)

We are Michael's warriors. WE are his voice now. Whatever we do for him, must be done with his spirit. Together we stand strong.

Love Lives Forever

In Michael's Name-Always,