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X1 Tabloid Killer Addresses The Sun
(Rogue Publication):

How is it these tabloids keep getting their hands on tapes that should be going to the DA as evidence is beyond my comprehension! How is it that a man can state that his life is in jeopardy and it's NOT entered into "Exhibit A" as Michael Jackson Feared For His ...LIFE!??? Furthermore, they go on to be professionals regarding addictions to prescription medications to suggest that Michael's state of mind based upon these tapes is "anxious and paranoid" while he is stating that his life is "under threat". They are not making the sound byte accessible which we cannot hear for ourselves-so this to me represents propaganda to the fullest extent.

*Allow us-if the Sun will -an opportunity to listen to the audio for ourselves inspect it, and to formulate our own conclusions. This second hand information that has not been given to the proper authorities is now under scrutiny by the Sun (rag). What?? Are incapable of processing and analyzing information of our own accord?

What is worse is that the article in question is about these tapes and they feel the need to include the Martin Bashir incident and the trial. The Sun claims it did not pay for the tapes which were provided by US journalist Daphne Barak (I ponder what would happen if you added another R and a C to that last name). Now why on earth would Ms. Barak hold on to tapes as explosive as the Sun is claiming them to be? Just what is her motive here??? On the fateful day of June 25th, 2009 it was announced to the WORLD that Michael was from that day in the afterlife. Why did she not turn this tape (*any other additional materials) in her possession-over to the proper authorities???

What really gets me is the disrespect of this rag (not fit to pick up behind your dog with)! Yes, even fido deserves better than this! The particular article that I am referencing is trash calling Michael out of his name. It also lists him as being delusional that he was seeking that money be transferred into accounts...You know this is really none of anybody's business as what money he requested or where it went!

*This was his personal portfolio!

*Please publishers and editors of the SUN save trees and stop printing this junk! It is not worth the tree it is printed on! The only ones virtually incoherent here are you!