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Where do I start let's see...Oh yes, the definition of the word BEAST:

MAIN ENTRY:  beast

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English beste, from Anglo-French, from Latin bestia
Date: 13th century

1 a : a four-footed mammal as distinguished from a human being, a lower vertebrate, and an invertebrate b : a lower animal as distinguished from a human being c : an animal as distinguished from a plant d : an animal under human control 
2 : a contemptible person 
3 : something formidably difficult to control or deal with

Now why on earth would a publication pick a name like "The Daily Beast"?  We could go on for days regarding the symbolism of the beast in mythological terminology or otherwise.  I truly agree that you have a clear picture of what I am speaking of here.  Moving forward, I will refrain from addressing the symbolism of the name chosen for this publication-for now.  I will however venture into this at later date.  This will be once you've all gotten comfortable with my mind and what I am trying to relay to you here.

What is terrifying me most about this article is that the publication which I am speaking of seems to live up to its name in essence!  Now, I am not at all  comfortable in the least with a publication which utilizes this sort of a moniker!  It alludes to deceptive practices and does not seemingly register  its true intent with the readers.  It appears that the meaning and origin of what is just the intended purpose for the content of this publication is a hidden agenda.  This is for another blog so let's venture into the realm of the actual news article that I am referencing.

This particular article appears to support Conrad Murray.  This made my mind recollect to a prior statement made sometime ago that there would be supporters of Conrad Murray at the court house for the next hearing date.  Did anyone see the Conrad Murray interview on the Daily Beast? If I did not know any better I would say that they are the people you will see present at the hearing which we have been warned about!

Actually, if I did not know any better, the staff of the Daily Beast will be at the hearing fully equipped with picket signs, soap boxes, and banners which state Justice 4 Conrad Murray! It is amazing to see what the strategic agenda is here.  Is the purpose of intent here to brainwash the masses into believing that this Mr. Murray is very honest and upright?  I think I forgot to mention that they will have bull horns and be calling for the immediate release of Conrad Murray!  Can you hear them in the distance?  

FREE CONRAD MURRAY-and here we thought that this was only applicable to the movie Amistad!  Now above all of the aforementioned, they have insinuated based upon the article written by Gerald Posner that Mr. Murray is a scape goat!  I can somewhat follow this theory by stating what most people think is the case here-that Mr. Murray was not working alone. 

I will also state to you that I trust in the phrase:

Innocent  Until Proven Guilty:

Now, before you tar and feather me please allow me an opportunity to expand on the prior statement.  They have not convicted Mr. Murray in a court of law by a jury of his peers.  However, Mr. Murray has already incriminated himself by stating for the record to the police that he willingly gave a patient drug which was not to be dispensed outside of a proper and well monitored environment.  To add insult to injury Mr. Murry was not trained (*according to various news reports) to administer this drug.

Not only do I pose to you that Mr. Murray stated for the record that he did this-he also seems to presume that this was ethical behavior.  Mr. Murray has also stated that he did nothing wrong as depicted in past news/tabloid reports!  Therefore, Mr. Murray has admittedly confirmed that he has broken several laws and violated the doctor patient relationship.  Wait there's more!


We are going to revisit a blog that was composed sometime ago by me called:


An excerpt is below taken from that blog:
There are serious implications to what you are fueling. Suppose that your family member is a victim of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE??? (*GOD FORBID!*)

*Would you then support the ideal that it is justified for a doctor to abuse his power and prescribe and addict people to serous medications with or without the proper trainings?? Do you also subscribe to the notion that it is acceptable to cause harm or cause the death of another human being in this way??? Fact of the matter is every doctor takes a Hippocratic Oath in the medical profession in the U.S. This means that:

 *The Hippocratic Oath is an old oath historically taken by doctors swearing to ethically practice medicine.

*Therefore we strongly urge you to please be mindful of what you support-lest you find yourself in a situation which the KARMA of this paragraph will remind you of one day...

Having stated that for round two it is imperative that I request you to focus your attention to the actual story where the reporter insinuates that Mr. Murray was very honest and forthcoming with information.  Now if you recall how forthright was Mr. Murray in the days proceeding June 25th, 2009? The LAPD put out an all points bulletin to locate him.  Mr. Murray did eventually comply with the authorities regarding questioning; however, he was not able to be located and questioned on the spot by law enforcement.  Does this sound honest to you?

Furthermore, if I did not know any better it would appear that the writer was really attracted to Mr. Murray as he went on to describe his appearance and demeanor.  It  appears as if he was infatuated and taken with Mr. Murray!  I ponder if they knew of one another from a different time-other than the interview for this report.  Are they prior acquaintances? I am very clear that the writer was impressed with what he saw regarding Mr. Murray's character.  The writer of the article appeared to be very concerned with the personal safety of Mr. Murray.  There was further elaboration regarding eyes locking coupled with a few other details.

 During this interview the writer alluded to the LAPD by reflecting that  the defense for Mr. Murray stated information was being leaked by the police department.  Moreover, it appears that every attempt was made to paint a favorable image of Conrad Murray in this article!  Forget the fact that he just disavowed knowledge of the Hippocratic Oath which every doctor here in the United States must take!

This article was simply stellar regarding the attempt to find a pool of jurors that will agree with Mr. Murray-special emphasis placed upon the exoneration and clearing of his name.  I have seen a unwillingness to take responsibility for one's actions-simply put this is by far the worst ever!  I have not ever seen anyone in denial to the degree that Mr. Murray and the writer is.  I am starting to think that the actual analogy of the Conrad Murray Supporters was just a metaphor for the media portrayal of someone that they are trying to pass off as honest and upright.  Bottom line this was a pro Conrad Murray article if I have ever seen it in my opinion!  The writer does his very best to paint a picture of decency and it is not working at all.  This was a lame attempt to cover up the facts which Mr. Murray has already admitted to.  Nice try, however it is not good enough!