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You know reporting groups are only for those that can stomach them। I for a long time would be on the various TABLOID boards and see how Michael was bashed on them। I am guilty of fighting fire with fire as I can give just as good as I get। However, today I am different instead of wasting my LIFE FORCE (**haters will suck you dry of this) I do productive things now. I think this is a very proactive and productive way to deal with some of the social issues that have caused all of this in general.

Now there is a new breed of people that call themselves of Michael when in fact they are actually very UNMICHAEL and they are among us now. This is scary if I cannot trust another within my own realm then whom am I to trust. It seems that people are playing cloak and dagger these days. This is some very UNMICHAEL behavior! I try to avoid it, I try not to let it get to me when I see these sorts of things however I must say that it is just so very UNMICHAEL that we fight amongst each other like so! Nothing is perfect; however, some of what I see amongst us is just down right out UNMICHAEL!

Who was Michael to me? Well, Michael was a leader and he did things that people could not fathom nor comprehend-he helped people. This is why people hated him-in contrast many more loved him. People that take on serious issues are often shunned as society has serious issues with dealing with reality-meaning what is. Many would rather turn a blind eye to what they see transpiring in the world. Now one day I thought to myself in serious reflection-the thought crossed my mind that one day that could very well be me.....I was once one to think this way. NOT anymore.