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Wow OK, we are beginning to grow here. MJSAHR would like to carve this time out to say we appreciate all of you that are brave enough to have joined us thus far. To the people that will soon arrive here we are reaching out to you to request that you join us to show people that change is possible.

What we are doing here is very important. Often times we are very busy looking for things which exploit our world in a negative way. Forgive us, we do not often get a chance to say that we appreciate your bravery it is an honor to stand with each and every one of you which have put Michael's statement to the world "Make That Change" into practice. You incorporated it into your daily lives.

We create the world we live in. It is possible for people to join together in the harmony of change. It is very possible for us to make some changes--we have to stick together to succeed in doing this. We have begun to make changes you see them this works!

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MJSAHR is not just about taking on websites; we are about taking on misconceptions and untruths. In taking a stand we show people that we can address larger issues that affect our world. It is our responsibility! It only took a few dedicated people to say hey this is not right! Why are you doing these things? Look at what we have done thus far! AMAZING!

Today is the day we dare to say to the world hey this is not right look at what is happening here. We have to do our best to say something. MJSAHR is going to start to look at some issues that affect us on a global scale as well very soon.

Michael was/is/and forever will be a great humanitarian and we need to lead by example. Michael cared about humanity and the state of the world! It is now time for us to graduate to some other things while keeping the focus on how we started as well. Who said that Michael's supporters and fans could not be a vehicle of change on a large scale? I know we didn't. Love to you all with a smile while we move forward in "Making That Change". Let's take a stand together.

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