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Diane Dimond I have come to the conclusion that you were the victim of some sort of pedophilia as a child. Perhaps you require some therapy for what ails you? You're a person who supposedly reports the news and you give more of your personal opinion than any factual content--for this reason I don't think you worthy of the title journalist.  The public doesn’t require you to do the thinking for them as you unleash an ill fated attempt to disseminate this garbage to the mainstream masses.  Pardon me lady, however, who cares what you assume?  It is your primary assumption that Michael Jackson was guilty of a crime he was acquitted of--it's your job to report facts.  

You as a media person are supposed to be impartial. We live in the United States!  Last I checked when someone is proven INNOCENT it means just what it states.  Michael Jackson isn’t the one which got away! Meanwhile, back at the ranch-- you consistently speculate and continue make your dubious comparisons!  With frankness and candor Diane you’re an absolute embarrassment to ethical journalism and professional integrity as a whole.  And when your personal career disintegrates many of us will be there to witness you self-destruct and implode. Yes, Diane Dimond, the journalistic trash peddler--an uncut, unpolished diamond with a multitude of inclusions!  You have no color, cut, or clarity to your madness—you’re Z Grade!

Michael Jackson went through the judicial process where he was judged via his peers.  Who are you to decide that you were a part of that jury? Moreover, the evidence proves that Michael Jackson was innocent and set up as a matter of extortion.  Any imbecile would see that and you don't need to particularly be fond of Michael Jackson’s art form for you to weigh the evidence!  What you can't do Diane is ignore the evidence presented at that trial which highlighted that child’s mother and showed us many inconsistencies with regard to testimony—crystal clear! Perhaps you should write an article on that?
What you're presenting here is a biased view; it’s non-factual and solely formulated by immense speculation. Conclusively the majority of your writings are derived solely from personal opinion. On a personal level I don't care for your opinion!  What I want are facts lady put your pen where your mouth is. Therefore, if you can't produce that in any of your writings the IMO's belong on Facebook and Twitter as they are the proper setting for that speculation and assumption.  You are quickly becoming a media parasite and a tabloid maggot.
What have you gotten out of your career thus far Diane?  Honestly lady, in what circle you’re taken seriously or considered even remotely important?  What are your contributions to journalism Diane a penned hate article here or there?  No one finds your brand of yellow journalism influential you’re so nasty and arrogant! You naturally assume by drafting such trash you can get some syndication?  There are no comparisons to be made between Jerry Sandusky or Michael Jackson this is all a figment of your imagination--the troubles of a beautiful mind.  Let’s face it Diane you’re a mental health issue with a pen!


yel·low jour·nal·ism 

Noun: Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.