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Lots of people seem confused as to just what this page is about so let me tell you what it is. This page is a unity and IT IS the first of its kind to put BeLIEvers and Conspiracy Theorist on one page all at the same time. All for Michael! This has been going on for way to long now that we are separated because we have a difference of opinion. MICHAEL WOULD NOT WANT THIS...


**Having said the prior I feel the need to say that we can work together and we will continue to do just that! Michael is important to all of us. We have to show others that it is possible to work through our differences to respect one another!


How else can we address things like WORLD PEACE, HUNGER, FAMINE, WAR, GLOBAL WARMING, SICKNESS if we cannot work together. See this is the root of the issue-people are NOT respecting the individuality of others. You have a right to be a BeLIEver or a CONSPIRACY THEORIST and still have a love for Michael! This is about respect here on this page respecting the fact that we all have differences and respecting HUMANITY! THAT IS WHAT THIS PAGE IS ABOUT WHILE TAKING ON SOME SERIOUS ISSUES IN MICHAEL'S NAME WE WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT IS JUST! This is what he wanted for people to come together and this is what X1 is about INX/IXL are the same with respect to this.






HEY How is everybody doing today?? I need to let you guys in on a little secret. There are many people posting on this page. Every post that you see here is not all X1. There are initials after every post check the initials to see who is posting.




1. BX

2. N.Z.

3. SS

4. JJA

5. X1

6. A.A.


*Therefore you are not always talking to me; however, the people you are speaking with share lots of the same views but we are different individuals. Well I guess that is not a secret anymore. For those of you that have made it into X1 if you wish to speak directly to me you may do so there. X1 my personal page is all X1 all the time LOL!


*There is a method to my madness LOL!





iReport —
Earthquakes, tsunamis, unprecedented seismic activity, disastrous weather patterns, and environmental pollution are all clear and visible warning signs that we have wreaked far too much havoc on Planet Earth. The evidence, unfortunately, is all around us. The most recent examples are the disastrous earthquakes this year in Haiti and now Chile. Before that, in 2005, there was Hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans with Category 3 and 4 intensity, and in 2004, the horrific Indian Ocean tsunami that killed over 200,000 people. We can all appreciate the devastating effect those tragedies have had on humanity.
We seem to live in a world where pollution, mass evacuations, gridlocked escape routes, declared states of emergency, rising death tolls, and emergency disaster assistance are now the norm, not the exception. Every time something like this occurs, we courageously shift into action through personal initiative, volunteerism, or by supporting the relief efforts of the International Red Cross, Red Crescent, Unicef, and other humanitarian agencies that are dispatched to alleviate the human suffering and address the physical damage affecting those communities and their citizens.
While those actions are commendable, we need to recognize that we are treating the symptom when we should also be addressing the cause. Otherwise, the vicious cycle of disasters we have witnessed in recent years will continue with increasing ferocity. It's all well and good to sound the environmental alarm and pay lip service to our concerns about the ongoing degradation and destruction of our planet. But, we also have to take responsibility for our actions and recognize the ways in which we have contributed to the growing number of major disasters which have hit us worldwide with accelerating regularity. Most importantly, we have to take concrete action towards making a positive change. Our environmental stewardship has never been more urgently needed.
If we don't learn to respect our planet before it's too late, we will not have one left to enjoy even in our lifetime. Each year the evidence is increasingly apparent that our continuing irresponsible treatment of our environment is ruining the planet as we know it. Clearly, time is running out. The question is, what can we do about it? There's an old expression that our currency in life is how we treat one another. We need to apply that same ethical standard to Planet Earth because, if we don't, we won't have to worry about how we treat one another in the future. We will all be extinct.
In his lifetime, Michael Jackson was always deeply concerned about the environment and what was happening to our planet and its citizens. He had great faith in us. We must honor his legacy and his confidence in humanity. It is up to all of us to think globally and recognize that we are all in this together and have a vital role to play. Together, in a spirit of cooperation and moving towards a common goal, we must take the appropriate action - "There's nothing that can't be done if we raise our voice as one." Michael Jackson.
March 25, 2010 - Justice for Michael.





You would not be getting this message if you did not believe in Michael and believe in this Cause which is synonymous regarding the fight for him. We NEED EVERY ONE OF YOU NOW please help us get to the next level. Anyone that you can ask to join or anyone that will lend their support-is most welcome here. Together we can make this a reality look we are doing it now! When this CAUSE Petition first started, it was very hard to get it going. Actually, it was a online petition first-at a petition site. I guess because of the navigation regarding FB people did not want to have to go all the way to another site just to sign it.

So one day sitting on my bed I came up with an idea! The idea was to list this petition as a CAUSE and 6,700 members later here I am writing you and I am elated to say this. The entire CAUSES Team connected to you each and all 6,700 of us are a family! We stand in unity-as one- a people of many different countries, languages, and cultures. So you see it can be done! Michael would have loved this - This Is It! This is what he stood for; this is what he was about. Michael was about global unity - the world helping the world!

This is the beauty of this! We know if you are reading this you are smiling this message was written during a serious reflective state. It was meant to reach out and touch you regardless of what end of the planet you are on. This note crosses many different time zones and all barriers just like Michael did-NOW THIS IS IT! (Smiling) All that we have been through; trying to join people in unity is beginning to flourish. It is not about just about me or us as a team, we are not requesting any donations for what we are doing. We are doing this because it is the right thing to do-simple. We have seen many HATE Groups flourish on FB and we cannot comprehend for the life of us why some people HATE other people. We will continue to do this until we see some changes then we will move on to the next thing that needs to be changed.

There is a page dedicated to this very CAUSE Petition many people have asked me the following:

Q: Insanity X if you page is dedicated to Michael as you claim why do you have your name on it?

*You know lots of people have asked this question so I am going answer it:

A: Because the intellectual property of Michael's name is owed by the estate I think it wise not to have pictures and videos uploaded to any Facebook Page. Lots of people have not taken into account that in all actuality the estate does retain rights to everything Michael. I do not want any legal issues to arise as a result of not being mindful of these laws. Also, if they ever were to do FB crackdown on this sort of thing lots of the videos that people have uploaded and the songs would be taken down. Some of them might have passed FB encoding however this is something I try to be very careful about. I do not want them to have the abilities to attack this page. So there this page is really not about me it is about Michael - as the new page INX will be also.




I made this video in support of this cause because I believe in it! We can make this stop! We have to say something and Michael has Millions of supporters and fans why are there only 9,000 people here.
**These are 9,000 beautiful people here and I know that there are many more!

**I am happy to have gotten this far-I would like everyone of Michael's fans and supporters in the entire world to join this cause together we can make that change! Please look @ the Man In The Mirror
and help us to make that change so that as many of us that there are we can stand united as one. Thank you so much and I love all 9,000 of you:) PLEASE watch the video below called I Have A Dream-it is in support of this cause.

*I have also included the CNN Ireport Planet Earth-What About Us in support of the COVE Petition and our sister cause STOP MICHAEL JACKSON HATE GROUPS BY SPREADING LOVE with the hopes that you view/sign/and join them all the links are below and thank you:

-Nicoleta Zancu

Senior IXL Administrator
CAUSES Team Member

Silence may speak a thousand words, but the truth in the eyes can speak a million more.



About The Cove Petition:

In the feature documentary "The Cove," a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story. It's critical that we get the word out in Japan. Once the Japanese people know we believe they will demand change. In the feature documentary "The Cove," a team of activists and filmmakers infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat.

The Desired Outcome of this Petition:
We urge President Obama, Vice President Biden and Japanese Ambassador to the United States Ichiro Fujisaki to address this issue and urge the government of Japan to stop the slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji, Japan.

"The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year, and how their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan and other parts of Asia, often labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening as the Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. The focus of the Social Action Campaign for The Cove is to create worldwide awareness of this annual practice as well as the dangers of eating seafood contaminated with mercury and to pressure those in power to put an end to the slaughter." BX

Michael Jackson loved this planet. He saw what happened to people, and he saw what happened to this planet, to animals, to trees, to nature. And he realized it all belongs together. It is all one. What we do to the nature surrounding us - we do to ourselves. We cannot survive without all that exists on planet Earth - the rain forests, the clear water in the rivers, and the abundance of fish in the seas, the clear skies when we see the Milky Way and realize the endlessness of the universe. If we do not stop to destroy the nature on this planet, if we keep polluting our rivers, our seas, our skies - hate and war will ensue as we lose our sense of being connected - to nature, to our planet, to our neighbors, to our communities. Resources will be limited more and more, which again will lead to hate and war. This is why Michael created Earth Song - he showed the connection between the destruction of our planet and the destruction of humankind - by our own hands. You cannot separate those two. That same message is in front of our eyes when we read the Bible. *Let us stop the mindless destruction of our planet and all that lives on it - trees, men, animals, and plants. Let us stop hating and destroying our own kind. This is what the cause "Please Stop Public Michael Jackson Hate Groups" is about, and this is why IXL chose to support the cause and petition "The Cove - Save Japan Dolphins". All that is living on this planet shares the same resources, breathes the same air - we share this world.

-Blanaid X


You know I sit back every day and I watch many pages. If it is a nice thing people like it. But when it comes to dealing with some serious issues people run the other way! This is why we have the issues we have with our planet and us as a human race! People are scared to confront things head on! They think that it will not affect them eventually. *Let me tell you something here pollution, sicknesses, war and, many other things that would take too long to list here- will eventually affect everyone in some capacity. You can run now but you will pay later.

Now is the time to STAND UP for things that are right and just! It is only a matter of time before these things will end up at your front door. You may close the door for now; however, eventually you will be affected when it knocks. Now, I don't know but Michael has millions of supporters and fans the like. When I look @ the number of the Cause that we sponsor I cannot see how there are just under 9,000 people there. Are people oblivious? Do they not see what is going on in the world-are they in a fantasy land or a fairy tale? I have been standing up for a long time now! I cannot do this alone everyone has a part to play in this.

** Michael took things head on that is why from MAN to MAN I have lots of respect for Michael. Michael was NOT a COWARD! He showed the masses things that they did not wish to see. What I see mostly is that people avoid the THE TRUTH @ ALL COSTS! They say it is not me and I am NOT affected by these things it is sad but it is NOT me so what can I do!? This attitude has been the CAUSE-THE ROOT of the problems we now have. If you act like you cannot see you will one day perhaps when it is too late to do something about it.

*So while we can let's start to take on these serious issues for the Generations of Children to come in the world! STAND UP!




Copyright Infringement on Facebook Reporting HATE Groups

Please be mindful if you are doing copyright reporting on any groups that this may just affect all people that use Michael's image for their profile pictures. This does not just go one way! All a HATER with spare time would have to do is a FB search to compile a list of people that use Michael's image and just report them for copyright infringement also. The estate has access to all things Michael.


*Although this has not occurred this is just a reminder of what could transpire as a result of a mass action like this.





There are NOW 7,777 of us that feel what we are seeing here on Facebook is WRONG with respect to these HATE Groups! I am talking about us as MJ Supporters and Fans Against this sort of thing ALL of the HATE GROUPS! Look @ how many of us there are wow and we are still continuing to grow-as this CAUSE makes its way through Facebook! We will speak out and stand up against this. Facebook is Social Networking NOT HATE NETWORKING! We have a very important job to do here and it will not be easy-I will not lie to you. This will be an ongoing effort here and we can do this. We can actively speak out against this sort of thing in MICHAEL'S MEMORY!


YES, we will do this in MICHAEL'S MEMORY because this is what he was about! He was NOT about HATE or RACISM! Michael was of the world and he helped as much as he could and he did GREAT THINGS. Now together we can do GREAT THINGS also. We can take a stand and make a difference by not just staying silent while this is taking place. We can take a STAND AND UNITE AS ONE ALL OF US. NO we will not be quiet while this is happening! There are MORE of US than there are of them I am out to PROVE THIS! We are FAMILY and we are NOT going to allow this to flourish. Please the CAUSES Team needs you to get EVERYONE YOU CAN involved here! We LOVE YOU ALL.


-X1 & The CAUSES TeamJ



PIMPING: The Exploitation of Michael Before and After Death

I have been aware for some-time now that Michael has incredible marketing power. It is so incredible that the 02 Concerts sold out in a matter of hours! Michael crashed the internet people! Before his death as well as after it-his enigma of power has just gotten greater. I do not know what has been more of a contributing factor to this. Perhaps, the media sensationalism and, the sheer star power warranted the sudden influx of "Michael Mania" based products. My goodness the profit it has made for people marketing them.


Let us expose the truth about this now! Not so long ago when Michael was alive he was paraded around like a freak show and NO company in the U.S. would dare market products with his image-lest dare a small group out for a meager profit. This was unheard of! It seems now that everyone has jumped on the Michael bandwagon. Upon further observation, I have noticed from what is seemingly everywhere that people are mass marketing Michael! There are small groups pimping t-shirts to larger companies pushing products that bear his image and likeness. There are some groups that even seem to market items during and after events-when they know that people are likely to purchase memorabilia! Even the street vendors here in NYC saw June 25th, 2009 as the day to capitalize. I am all for supporting a cause and giving my hard earned money as a declaration promote my beliefs.


However, what I am not comfortable with is the pimping I see going on here. The companies are really having a field day on this. The media (the BEAST it is) is elated as they pimp untruths and falsehood regarding the siblings of Michael to the masses. As for the smaller groups, I comprehend that it takes resources when you are trying to do advocacy actions. Subsequently, lots of what I am seeing is that it does not cost a dime for these events that some groups are promoting they are just gatherings of support. Since Michael's passing he now has a new legion of supporters and fans from a different generation. Now there are children singing Michael's songs just as I was back in the 1970's. This is all happening now in the year 2010. It is now time to separate the fact from the fiction. If I am to support something I need to see concrete proof that my money is not going into the hands of a plotting profiteer. I need to be reassured that my money is going to the right place and for a greater good.





The Hippocratic Oath 1

It has come to the attention of Team IXL that people are supporting this page. *Please be mindful regarding what you choose to lend your support to. There are some people that believe that Michael is ALIVE and amongst us-*for the record Team IXL does not judge anyone. You have the right to support what you choose; however take a look at the bigger picture here. There are serious implications to what you are fueling. Suppose that your family member is a victim of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE??? (*GOD FORBID!*)

*Would you then support the ideal that it is justified for a doctor to abuse his power and prescribe and addict people to serous medications with or without the proper trainings?? Do you also subscribe to the notion that it is acceptable to cause harm or cause the death of another human being in this way??? Fact of the matter is every doctor takes a Hippocratic Oath in the medical profession in the U.S. This means that:

*The Hippocratic Oath is an old oath historically taken by doctors swearing to ethically practice medicine.


*Therefore we strongly urge you to please be mindful of what you support-lest you find yourself in a situation which the KARMA of this paragraph will remind you of one day.


Changing Charges While Changing Public Perception

There has been lots of focus on changing the charges for Conrad Murray regarding Michael Jackson.  Now I am a realist, I need to say this.  You cannot change any charges if they are not based on the evidence that is supporting the case.  If there is evidence to show that the charges can in fact be changed this is another story.  I support what people are trying to do here-thus the glimmer of hope by doing this.  I only hope that they can support what they are trying to do with concrete evidence- facts not just hearsay.

*Hearsay will not float in a court of law and you must convict a man based on the evidence.  Having stated this do you ever wonder why the charges for Conrad Murray are so minute-why are they not Murder 2 (or) Voluntary Manslaughter.  The District Attorney is going to go for the charge(s) that will ensure a conviction-this is why.  That is what it comes down to these are the facts. This is not a myth, now this is it!  We need to continue speaking out with our voices in a unilateral way. We need to do this until we are heard; during the sentencing the judge perhaps will take the outcry of the masses into consideration.  Most of all  what he will take into consideration is the tragic loss of a parent to the children and, a sibling to the family as they were directly affected by this tragic event. Considerations will be made based upon these factors!

Now having said all of the aforementioned I am pondering if there is actually some sort of hidden evidence-another bombshell to be released at a later date.  There has been serious information withholding concerning this case this is the bottom-line here! They release it in a slow trickle like a time release capsule seemingly the evidence is psychotropic like Prozac.  I also notice right before any major events this is what seems to happen.  Perhaps it is just me being overly analytical; however, I am not the only one seeing this!



You Know Why They Are Ignoring Ms. Batten?

They are ignoring her because they have a specific agenda!  The agenda here would be a smear campaign for the masses.  Take for instance the recent reports regarding the children to date.  They are as convoluted and distorted as lies can get.  Now the children have been placed in a basket of exploitation!  There are some serious forces that do not wish for those children to be with the Jackson family.  After all ponder just how much are worth! Follow the money train! This is evident and crystal clear-transparent even. 


What is even more suspect there is that the timing of things are meshed and interwoven-as if some sort of a prelude-to just what?  I often find myself pondering this very thought!  I ponder just who it is that is circulating these false stories that are being published every second of the day and force fed to the masses!  The media is just the puppet in this whole grand scheme!  They are being used also-where the directives are coming from is what is to be investigated here!  Find the source and you will find that this is a very huge complex web of deceit, lies and trickery-sham and flim-flam!  


*Now, I do not know if people realize this but since Michael's passing the media has now taken to exploiting his children and family.  Yes people this is a sad day when this sort of thing is acceptable...