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PIMPING: The Exploitation of Michael Before and After Death

I have been aware for some-time now that Michael has incredible marketing power. It is so incredible that the 02 Concerts sold out in a matter of hours! Michael crashed the internet people! Before his death as well as after it-his enigma of power has just gotten greater. I do not know what has been more of a contributing factor to this. Perhaps, the media sensationalism and, the sheer star power warranted the sudden influx of "Michael Mania" based products. My goodness the profit it has made for people marketing them.


Let us expose the truth about this now! Not so long ago when Michael was alive he was paraded around like a freak show and NO company in the U.S. would dare market products with his image-lest dare a small group out for a meager profit. This was unheard of! It seems now that everyone has jumped on the Michael bandwagon. Upon further observation, I have noticed from what is seemingly everywhere that people are mass marketing Michael! There are small groups pimping t-shirts to larger companies pushing products that bear his image and likeness. There are some groups that even seem to market items during and after events-when they know that people are likely to purchase memorabilia! Even the street vendors here in NYC saw June 25th, 2009 as the day to capitalize. I am all for supporting a cause and giving my hard earned money as a declaration promote my beliefs.


However, what I am not comfortable with is the pimping I see going on here. The companies are really having a field day on this. The media (the BEAST it is) is elated as they pimp untruths and falsehood regarding the siblings of Michael to the masses. As for the smaller groups, I comprehend that it takes resources when you are trying to do advocacy actions. Subsequently, lots of what I am seeing is that it does not cost a dime for these events that some groups are promoting they are just gatherings of support. Since Michael's passing he now has a new legion of supporters and fans from a different generation. Now there are children singing Michael's songs just as I was back in the 1970's. This is all happening now in the year 2010. It is now time to separate the fact from the fiction. If I am to support something I need to see concrete proof that my money is not going into the hands of a plotting profiteer. I need to be reassured that my money is going to the right place and for a greater good.