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I made this video in support of this cause because I believe in it! We can make this stop! We have to say something and Michael has Millions of supporters and fans why are there only 9,000 people here.
**These are 9,000 beautiful people here and I know that there are many more!

**I am happy to have gotten this far-I would like everyone of Michael's fans and supporters in the entire world to join this cause together we can make that change! Please look @ the Man In The Mirror
and help us to make that change so that as many of us that there are we can stand united as one. Thank you so much and I love all 9,000 of you:) PLEASE watch the video below called I Have A Dream-it is in support of this cause.

*I have also included the CNN Ireport Planet Earth-What About Us in support of the COVE Petition and our sister cause STOP MICHAEL JACKSON HATE GROUPS BY SPREADING LOVE with the hopes that you view/sign/and join them all the links are below and thank you:

-Nicoleta Zancu

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