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Changing Charges While Changing Public Perception

There has been lots of focus on changing the charges for Conrad Murray regarding Michael Jackson.  Now I am a realist, I need to say this.  You cannot change any charges if they are not based on the evidence that is supporting the case.  If there is evidence to show that the charges can in fact be changed this is another story.  I support what people are trying to do here-thus the glimmer of hope by doing this.  I only hope that they can support what they are trying to do with concrete evidence- facts not just hearsay.

*Hearsay will not float in a court of law and you must convict a man based on the evidence.  Having stated this do you ever wonder why the charges for Conrad Murray are so minute-why are they not Murder 2 (or) Voluntary Manslaughter.  The District Attorney is going to go for the charge(s) that will ensure a conviction-this is why.  That is what it comes down to these are the facts. This is not a myth, now this is it!  We need to continue speaking out with our voices in a unilateral way. We need to do this until we are heard; during the sentencing the judge perhaps will take the outcry of the masses into consideration.  Most of all  what he will take into consideration is the tragic loss of a parent to the children and, a sibling to the family as they were directly affected by this tragic event. Considerations will be made based upon these factors!

Now having said all of the aforementioned I am pondering if there is actually some sort of hidden evidence-another bombshell to be released at a later date.  There has been serious information withholding concerning this case this is the bottom-line here! They release it in a slow trickle like a time release capsule seemingly the evidence is psychotropic like Prozac.  I also notice right before any major events this is what seems to happen.  Perhaps it is just me being overly analytical; however, I am not the only one seeing this!