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You Know Why They Are Ignoring Ms. Batten?

They are ignoring her because they have a specific agenda!  The agenda here would be a smear campaign for the masses.  Take for instance the recent reports regarding the children to date.  They are as convoluted and distorted as lies can get.  Now the children have been placed in a basket of exploitation!  There are some serious forces that do not wish for those children to be with the Jackson family.  After all ponder just how much are worth! Follow the money train! This is evident and crystal clear-transparent even. 


What is even more suspect there is that the timing of things are meshed and interwoven-as if some sort of a prelude-to just what?  I often find myself pondering this very thought!  I ponder just who it is that is circulating these false stories that are being published every second of the day and force fed to the masses!  The media is just the puppet in this whole grand scheme!  They are being used also-where the directives are coming from is what is to be investigated here!  Find the source and you will find that this is a very huge complex web of deceit, lies and trickery-sham and flim-flam!  


*Now, I do not know if people realize this but since Michael's passing the media has now taken to exploiting his children and family.  Yes people this is a sad day when this sort of thing is acceptable...