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Lots of people seem confused as to just what this page is about so let me tell you what it is. This page is a unity and IT IS the first of its kind to put BeLIEvers and Conspiracy Theorist on one page all at the same time. All for Michael! This has been going on for way to long now that we are separated because we have a difference of opinion. MICHAEL WOULD NOT WANT THIS...


**Having said the prior I feel the need to say that we can work together and we will continue to do just that! Michael is important to all of us. We have to show others that it is possible to work through our differences to respect one another!


How else can we address things like WORLD PEACE, HUNGER, FAMINE, WAR, GLOBAL WARMING, SICKNESS if we cannot work together. See this is the root of the issue-people are NOT respecting the individuality of others. You have a right to be a BeLIEver or a CONSPIRACY THEORIST and still have a love for Michael! This is about respect here on this page respecting the fact that we all have differences and respecting HUMANITY! THAT IS WHAT THIS PAGE IS ABOUT WHILE TAKING ON SOME SERIOUS ISSUES IN MICHAEL'S NAME WE WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT IS JUST! This is what he wanted for people to come together and this is what X1 is about INX/IXL are the same with respect to this.