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♥ *His Music Will Live Forever*♥

You know it's interesting this time around last year as I look back I can remember the many people in the community just "Estate Bashing". From the beginning I've been one of "those people" which defended actions of the estate. Because of my views I am not well liked in the community--let's put that out there. Not that it bothers me as I have a way of alienating people which I can see coming from a mile away because I stick to my convictions. 
 *Therefore, I'm good with that.

(Insert Smile)*
Anyway, back to the estate and why I chose to support it. After Michael had passed on what I saw was a calamity. In my view there was so much disorder and chaos! This wasn't just involving the business aspect but it was the entire fan base. Everyone was so divided on their views. Some thought that the family would be best representative of the estate and very few thought like I did.

*Yes, this was in the beginning.*

While I respect the Jacksons as a family they've made some not so good business choices in the past. I am not a Jackson hater. I've listened to their music growing up just like everyone else. They're a part of my childhood years just as well. They're also an integral part of history for me.

What blew my mind was that everyone had a fight going on. I recall when the Michael album came out how much division there was all because some had their own interpretations that the music included on the album was fake.

*You see, I have what you call a gift and a curse; I possess technical knowledge. I have a good comprehension of what it takes to record. I also comprehend how record labels can store outtakes and different vocal segments in a bank (some reference this as a vault) for many years.

Just because a particular song may not make the final cut on an album doesn't mean it's totally scrapped forever in many cases. I was the first to do a comparison of 2,000 Watts & Breaking News which some have heard on the Internet. Many others have done comparisons as well. However, I knew what I heard was Michael, minus all the pitch bending, the posthumous techniques, and the technology which was applied to get his vocals to match the music production. This is not an easy task.

I believe that the Jacksons knew that it was Michael on those tracks. Perhaps they were just very angry and hurt at the way everything played out regarding John Branca. Yes, you know the will, the trust--the estate as a whole. Deep down I think they were angry because they may have felt they should control Michael's assets. They’re Michael's family members for better or worse--after all... In the aftermath of it all Michael's estate still flourishes. Amidst the lawsuits, satellite estates, and recreated charities Michael still wins. He's equally as groundbreaking and epic as he was yesterday and still is today.

What I find amazing is that during the eye of evolution in the storm I've witnessed that estate transition from a point of cyclonic and brute force to evolve into what it is today. The BAD 25 ERA is upon us now and for the most part I can see some positive reaction from the community regarding this latest project. It is a very different tone from what it was back then when the Michael album was first released. People are actually looking forward to BAD 25 and everyone wants that darn BAD 25 jacket LOL!
Michael's estate is flourishing according to plan headed for the billions in profit margin. Sony/ATV coupled with the merger and acquisition of EMI has ensured that. This was what's called a business power move. This is on the next level to mega proportions. This what Michael ventured into so many years ago when he made an investment into the Beatles Catalog. Should Michael have been physically here to take part in this acquisition he would be a considered a business mogul! 

(Insert  Huge Smile Here)!!! *Does anyone realize this?*

The scope of this has changed drastically since we first began with the news on June 25th, 2009. We all miss Michael a great deal. I think it's safe to say that we miss him beyond what's possible to communicate through the expression of words. They're just not good enough or adequate enough to express this successfully.

For all the people which held Michael back or did anything which caused him any strife even in the afterlife he is doing it. Don't you just ♥ LOVE ♥ that? There are entities and forces which can't be controlled even in death there's life.

♥ *His Music Will Live Forever*.... ♥


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The CONFINEMENT of Constance:

Welcome to this episode of Connie's Chronicles and I have been designated to be your host, X1.  No this is not a joke whatsoever, I am about to read this dude. Perhaps I need to re-read the verdict for him just in case he has earwax buildup! Conrad Murray (A.K.A. Connie according to TMZ) appears to be playing the media card here--AGAIN!  Is it just me or does anyone seem to notice at the most inopportune times he seems to appear in the press with some wild tabloid story? Mostly this occurs during a significant day for the community.  

Whensoever there is a large event it seems he rears his convicted head like the plague--a horror! What an unwanted pest--does anyone have a can of Raid handy?  Poof, be gone, and please do go away!  This time he decided to appear unforgivably right before the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's death--and he also had the audacity to do this on June 25th, 2012!

(A Video Is Hidden Here Above)

Tell me, what are the odds that there is always an issue involving him or his camp on selective days? These issues coincidentally have a tendency to appear at a heightened state--at times when tributes are being done in remembrance of Michael Jackson.  There aren't that many coincidental instances of chance here.  What this appears to be is that Conrad Murray has gotten well versed in how to exploit a situation to his best advantage. His statements can't appear genuine because the releases to the public seem to be scheduled (on or around June 25th or August 29th)!  On or around these days in particular he always seems to have some issue.



Conrad Murray tried to pull a Floyd Mayweather on the judicial and corrections system.  There's just two things about that:

Here's a little background on Floyd so you can see clearly where I'm about to go with this here:
  • "Floyd Mayweather Jr. got hammered by a judge, who just sentenced him to serve 90 days in jail for beating up his baby mama in front of their kids. Floyd was sentenced to 6 months in jail, but 3 months of that sentence was suspended.  He also gets 3 days credit for time he has already served. TMZ broke the story ... the boxer was arrested in September 2010 -- after his ex-girlfriend accused him of striking her "multiple times in the head with his fist" and then threatening to kill her. Floyd struck a plea deal with prosecutors in the case -- in which he pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence ... in exchange for getting a pass on the felony battery charge."
  • "Floyd Mayweather, Jr. says he's begun to shrivel up into a puny regular person during his first 12 days in the big house ... and he's worried he won't be able to bounce back in time to save his boxing career.  Mayweather made the statements in new legal papers ... in which he begs the judge to release him from the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada and let him serve the remaining time in his 3-month sentence on house arrest.  FYI -- Floyd is currently locked up for beating his baby mama in front of their kids last year.  In the docs, Mayweather says he spends 23 hours-per-day locked in isolation for his own safety. But he claims the imprisonment is taking a "cruel and inhuman" toll on his rippling physique because he can't train at a world class level while serving his time.  Mayweather claims his doctor is concerned about his "dehydrated appearance, his lack of muscle tone and his dry mucus membranes." Floyd says his doctor also "expressed deep concern for [Floyd's] health and explained that any lengthy period of time with an inappropriate diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise, will most likely lead to irreversible damage to Mr. Mayweather's physique." Floyd's doctor also told the court he's concerned about Floyd's diet ... because he used to eat 3,000 to 4,000 calories per day ... and now, the doc believes FM is eating less than 800." 

Jail is KILLING My Boxing Career 

#1. Although undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Conrad Murray both have instances of domestic violence on their records they are not exactly carbon copies of each other.

#2. Floyd Mayweather--no matter what you think about him and his actions which are certainly not acceptable under any circumstances--DID NOT administer Propofol to his patient unwarranted without any legitimate surgical procedures being performed thus resulting in the death of said patient.

OK now that we've gotten into the sinister particulars of the situation at hand let's address the actual allegations and claims made via Constance & his camp:


Queen of The Dragon:

Please don't take what I'm about to say in a disrespectful nature--this is in no way being stated to disrespect any "REAL WOMAN"!  However, he needs to tell this woman to shut up! She is saying things which relate to his health that don't make him seem in as much of a dire situation as he has proclaimed.

Perhaps her instrument would be better utilized in other areas where she is useful!  I don't see what she has done here as useful regarding grounds which Constance (Conrad Murray) has stated deemed him worthy of an early release due to his health--do you?  And what about all that reading and the migraine headaches any individual would normally get from a tumor?  Oh and what about his inability to wash his personals and him being well liked and around people in that state?  What does this say about his alleged issues with hygiene?  What does this say about his solitary confinement?

Then he wants to be a jailhouse professor--oh what gives...Doesn't he realize that he has to read and be around people in a most vile way regarding the hygienically correct aspect of this!???  It appears that Conrad Murray A.K.A. Constance won't man up and do his laundry in that jailhouse sink!  What does he require after all that his jailhouse issued boxers be starched and pressed--gimmie a break!




What is this has Constance been listening to Tupac Shakur while on lockdown?

OK now that we've gotten into the sinister particulars of the situation at hand let's address the actual claims made via Connie & his camp:

Therefore, please allow me to put things in their proper perspective and get it right on the first go round!

#1. The Jury handed down the guilty verdict.

#2. Judge Pastor did the sentencing and issued the maximum sentence allowable by law.

#3. Now, I'm doing the commentary!

It appears dude has this all misconstrued!  I'm afraid that leaves me no other choice but to help him!  He must have gotten a flashback from that hologram--well, to be politically correct, that "Pepper's Ghost".  I mean let's face it here he's already stolen and did exploit "The Floyd Mayweather Early Release Argument"...





Diane Dimond I have come to the conclusion that you were the victim of some sort of pedophilia as a child. Perhaps you require some therapy for what ails you? You're a person who supposedly reports the news and you give more of your personal opinion than any factual content--for this reason I don't think you worthy of the title journalist.  The public doesn’t require you to do the thinking for them as you unleash an ill fated attempt to disseminate this garbage to the mainstream masses.  Pardon me lady, however, who cares what you assume?  It is your primary assumption that Michael Jackson was guilty of a crime he was acquitted of--it's your job to report facts.  

You as a media person are supposed to be impartial. We live in the United States!  Last I checked when someone is proven INNOCENT it means just what it states.  Michael Jackson isn’t the one which got away! Meanwhile, back at the ranch-- you consistently speculate and continue make your dubious comparisons!  With frankness and candor Diane you’re an absolute embarrassment to ethical journalism and professional integrity as a whole.  And when your personal career disintegrates many of us will be there to witness you self-destruct and implode. Yes, Diane Dimond, the journalistic trash peddler--an uncut, unpolished diamond with a multitude of inclusions!  You have no color, cut, or clarity to your madness—you’re Z Grade!

Michael Jackson went through the judicial process where he was judged via his peers.  Who are you to decide that you were a part of that jury? Moreover, the evidence proves that Michael Jackson was innocent and set up as a matter of extortion.  Any imbecile would see that and you don't need to particularly be fond of Michael Jackson’s art form for you to weigh the evidence!  What you can't do Diane is ignore the evidence presented at that trial which highlighted that child’s mother and showed us many inconsistencies with regard to testimony—crystal clear! Perhaps you should write an article on that?
What you're presenting here is a biased view; it’s non-factual and solely formulated by immense speculation. Conclusively the majority of your writings are derived solely from personal opinion. On a personal level I don't care for your opinion!  What I want are facts lady put your pen where your mouth is. Therefore, if you can't produce that in any of your writings the IMO's belong on Facebook and Twitter as they are the proper setting for that speculation and assumption.  You are quickly becoming a media parasite and a tabloid maggot.
What have you gotten out of your career thus far Diane?  Honestly lady, in what circle you’re taken seriously or considered even remotely important?  What are your contributions to journalism Diane a penned hate article here or there?  No one finds your brand of yellow journalism influential you’re so nasty and arrogant! You naturally assume by drafting such trash you can get some syndication?  There are no comparisons to be made between Jerry Sandusky or Michael Jackson this is all a figment of your imagination--the troubles of a beautiful mind.  Let’s face it Diane you’re a mental health issue with a pen!


yel·low jour·nal·ism 

Noun: Journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.