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♥ *His Music Will Live Forever*♥

You know it's interesting this time around last year as I look back I can remember the many people in the community just "Estate Bashing". From the beginning I've been one of "those people" which defended actions of the estate. Because of my views I am not well liked in the community--let's put that out there. Not that it bothers me as I have a way of alienating people which I can see coming from a mile away because I stick to my convictions. 
 *Therefore, I'm good with that.

(Insert Smile)*
Anyway, back to the estate and why I chose to support it. After Michael had passed on what I saw was a calamity. In my view there was so much disorder and chaos! This wasn't just involving the business aspect but it was the entire fan base. Everyone was so divided on their views. Some thought that the family would be best representative of the estate and very few thought like I did.

*Yes, this was in the beginning.*

While I respect the Jacksons as a family they've made some not so good business choices in the past. I am not a Jackson hater. I've listened to their music growing up just like everyone else. They're a part of my childhood years just as well. They're also an integral part of history for me.

What blew my mind was that everyone had a fight going on. I recall when the Michael album came out how much division there was all because some had their own interpretations that the music included on the album was fake.

*You see, I have what you call a gift and a curse; I possess technical knowledge. I have a good comprehension of what it takes to record. I also comprehend how record labels can store outtakes and different vocal segments in a bank (some reference this as a vault) for many years.

Just because a particular song may not make the final cut on an album doesn't mean it's totally scrapped forever in many cases. I was the first to do a comparison of 2,000 Watts & Breaking News which some have heard on the Internet. Many others have done comparisons as well. However, I knew what I heard was Michael, minus all the pitch bending, the posthumous techniques, and the technology which was applied to get his vocals to match the music production. This is not an easy task.

I believe that the Jacksons knew that it was Michael on those tracks. Perhaps they were just very angry and hurt at the way everything played out regarding John Branca. Yes, you know the will, the trust--the estate as a whole. Deep down I think they were angry because they may have felt they should control Michael's assets. They’re Michael's family members for better or worse--after all... In the aftermath of it all Michael's estate still flourishes. Amidst the lawsuits, satellite estates, and recreated charities Michael still wins. He's equally as groundbreaking and epic as he was yesterday and still is today.

What I find amazing is that during the eye of evolution in the storm I've witnessed that estate transition from a point of cyclonic and brute force to evolve into what it is today. The BAD 25 ERA is upon us now and for the most part I can see some positive reaction from the community regarding this latest project. It is a very different tone from what it was back then when the Michael album was first released. People are actually looking forward to BAD 25 and everyone wants that darn BAD 25 jacket LOL!
Michael's estate is flourishing according to plan headed for the billions in profit margin. Sony/ATV coupled with the merger and acquisition of EMI has ensured that. This was what's called a business power move. This is on the next level to mega proportions. This what Michael ventured into so many years ago when he made an investment into the Beatles Catalog. Should Michael have been physically here to take part in this acquisition he would be a considered a business mogul! 

(Insert  Huge Smile Here)!!! *Does anyone realize this?*

The scope of this has changed drastically since we first began with the news on June 25th, 2009. We all miss Michael a great deal. I think it's safe to say that we miss him beyond what's possible to communicate through the expression of words. They're just not good enough or adequate enough to express this successfully.

For all the people which held Michael back or did anything which caused him any strife even in the afterlife he is doing it. Don't you just ♥ LOVE ♥ that? There are entities and forces which can't be controlled even in death there's life.

♥ *His Music Will Live Forever*.... ♥


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