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You know just when you thought it was safe  When you think that you have heard it all regarding Michael--the media sends you on a tail spin. We cannot just have nothing at all to do with the news outlets. We would not know what is transpiring. This means Michael, his music, message, court actions and lots of other things--might I add--which have nothing to do with Michael directly...

*It is a dilemma that I have been faced with for sometime now. I am trying to stay away from the media and its sensationalism--stick to the facts. So what do I do? I create a page/environment wherein all the news regarding Michael is in one place. This is so that we can reduce the clicks they are getting from us.

***When I read certain stories I question the motives of the writer and news outlet. I know for a fact that they do not have the best interests of Michael or his children in any circumstance. I know--it is factual-- that the media doesn't have the best interests/intentions for the Jacksons either. So now I am left to process and decipher all of this information while remaining objective. Mind you this regardless of how I may feel about any given situation as these pages I post on publish the news for lots of people.
The Devil Is In The Details..
The fact remains we are going on second hand information here. We are not getting this information directly from the source(s)--most times we don't even know when it has happened we only know what we are told. Even the hearings against Conrad Murray seem to be shrouded in secrecy!  The Devil Is In The Details...

Even being in America could not help me with digging up news regarding just what transpired in that hearing against Conrad Murray. Did anyone notice this or was it just me in observation mode again??? I will say this for sure bet your bottom Dollar, Euro, or Yen that we are not getting all of the information and what we do get is being fed to us in bits and pieces....Just a thought...Happy Halloween....





The games that people play on Facebook cease to amaze me.  The dirty tricks and how fans actually claim to support each other when in all actuality behind each others backs they are reporting certain people and groups.  This is one of the reasons why I am not around as much as I used to be.

It deeply saddens me that as supporters and fans of Michael this is what we have reduced ourselves to.  Michael's message was not what I am seeing around here on Facebook.  What I am seeing is people trying to further their own agenda--it is not even about Michael anymore!  It is about them!

Just In Time For Halloween

MJSUPPORTERS AGAINST HATE & RACISM IS MICHAEL'S ARMY!  This group does NOT belong to me it belongs to us all. I do realize that there are people that cannot fathom nor wrap their mind around this thought.  The thought is that someone actually created a reporting group that works.  I have seen many reporting groups however none are as organized or as successful as MJSAHR is.  There is a reason why this is so, we believe in what we do--simple!  We are a bunch of brave supporters and fans that are tired of seeing people produce these hate monger websites and we have set out to challenge this in the open by exposing it!  If you choose not to be one of us we understand. However,  please step aside and let us do what we are doing respectfully.

MJSAHR is a coalition which deals with the ugly reality of the minds of many people in the world we live in. We support freedom of speech however we don't support hate speech!  You may not like Michael Jackson (although I cannot see why) however you need to be respectful when you are voicing your opinion.  It is not the opinions of people that we wish to smother it is the blatant hate that we wish to eradicate. MJSAHR is the reality of the world which we live in.  Like Michael said the world is sick with a fever!

So we have created "M.J.S.A.H.R The Page".  MJSAHR the group itself will not ever close however we need to broaden our horizons. I think if we can put our strength behind a page you will see the difference.  Please support us by adding everyone you can to this group as there is power in numbers! So here is the URL to our new page that will also continue the fight for Michael:

So now having said that to summarize this blog entry here is what BX & Lulu had to say regarding what transpired with MJSAHR:

Hello Everyone,

"I have some information to share with you. We are currently not able to send out our daily mails with information on groups, channels etc. to report. Based on some research we did this is due to the following:

Some member (or members) seems to have reported group mails containing links as spam. As a result, we are currently not able to send group mails containing links.

Thus I would like to ask everyone who considers our daily group mails *containing information* SPAM to leave this group.

And to the particular person (or persons) who reported our informational summary mails: You severely damaged the ability of this group to work for Michael. You put your own interests or opinions *above* the purpose of this group. If you do not wish to receive these *informational* mails - just leave the group. This is what I do when I think it goes a little bit overboard - I am in many, many groups, and I left some because of the amount of group mails (with at times less than informational content) but I would not ever report any group of Michael supporters here on Facebook - each of us has his or her own ideas how to support or be a fan of Michael, *and I respect that*.

We are now trying to clear this up with Facebook. We have better things to do, I want to add!"

- BX

Here is what Lulu had to say:
"It is beyond my comprehension what types of people could do something like this.  I wonder haven't they learned anything from Michael?  I am really shocked! I think some don't like it that MJSAHR is really successful.  They don't like it so badly that they had to do something about our success.  The problem is I guess that many out there don't even remember that this is all being done for Michael!  They are too busy promoting themselves to remember that."

Let's end this with Black or White:)  Enjoy!




Beyond A Song & A Dance

You know I realize that I am different.  (No I am not like other guys--seriously.)  I say this because the average everyday person does not consider the things that I do and most often they find it difficult to follow my thought patterns.  Please don't attempt any misconstruction of the aforementioned statement--to take it and manipulate it into something more complex than it already is IS A CRIME.

I am starting to notice that people are associating Michael with Alchemy.  This started to transpire when I started doing many different types of posts on this very page regarding Michael and science.  My posts were not meant to be taken out of context or made to be something different from what they were.
Solve et Coagula The Great Beast

I need to say that these are my personal views and I have not ever seen them personally anywhere until I started to mention things like this.  So where are we going now?  We have some people taking what I have posted conceptually and distorting it without any knowledge of what the true meaning is.

*If you don't know what something is to act as if you are and expert in that area shows you are not.  This is not the act as if game.  Do I personally think that Michael was an Alchemist--NO for the record.  Do I think that there were people around Michael like this--YES for the record.

I consider the science of things and while others are engrossed in Michael's dynamic lean (Smooth Criminal)--I am trying to figure out what mechanics he utilized to make this happen.  This is where we differ.  My mind is not limited to just Michael.  Although, I have a great respect & brotherly love for him--I have a great respect for the world and the people in it as well. We are part of a bigger picture.

INX is about the WORLD.  As Michael was of the world so will INX be it is a page that pushes the mind to the brink of bewilderment.  This page was created because I could find NO page on Facebook where I fit in.

*NO--not any of them.  Most Pages associate themselves with Michael's sexual elements, strictly videos, or just his dance moves this is why I did not fit in anywhere as I don't have a mind that operates this way.  I am all over the place with thought not just isolated in one area.  I look for the deeper meaning in things and I think Michael's life had a deeper meaning.  Meaning Michael was more than just a song and a dance--Michael was complex.  Michael had a way of being just a song and a dance for the people that did not bother to ever look beneath the surface.
Michael Jackson Blood On The DanceFloor Cover Art Artist Will Wilson

**To them that is what he was song and dance.  For the people that are thinkers  he was  beyond a song and dance.  Michael was very complex as you could see.  You can still see things that he did like the B.O.T.D.F. cover.  You see from my perspective Michael got to the science of things...This is what really matters and if you can do that with a song and a dance that makes you a genius:)




IXL & INX are complex pages that take extreme amounts of time and dedication to bring you what you see.  There are no other pages like these two.  Each person that posts on either of these pages is an extremely dedicated individual.

Sometimes we need a break also.  It is sometimes people always expect us to keep running without a shutdown or a reboot like a never-ending battery pack.  This is not so although you see our virtual forms we are very much flesh and blood human beings with real lives.  We do this page because we love to do this.  

We do it for Michael's message and we pray the day things will change.  *Then perhaps,  people can see who and what Michael was and his importance to the world.*  

Pages like INX also play an integral part in bringing people together.  You see, over the last year I have grown and learned to respect the differences of people.  Although, we may disagree with a few things I can stand side by side with a believer that thinks Michael is alive and call that person my brother or sister and mean it.  

I think much of the time these differences exist because we do not know how to respect the differences of others.  

*You can factor what I just stated into just about any situation you like--and you will see that this somehow plays an important role.*

*Love & Mutual Respect Is The Message...



Social Networking "Real People"


Just what defines real person???  For sometime now Michael's community has taken to the internet under many assumed aliases.  Many aliases include the Jackson family last name or portions of Michael's name like MJ or even the affectionate Peter Pan moniker which I personally happen to love.

However, what defines a real person on the internet or in life in general???  I have long searched for the answer to this question.  I now think I can furnish it for the person that is just as inquisitive about the same subject matter. I think often times people say things without giving any consideration to what they are saying.  Just this week I had a very close friend state that they were leaving social networking to be closer to "real people".  
Now here is the thing about this--people are fake be it on the internet or in life in the physical sense.  I further set out to show that there are people regardless of their many aliases that are real on the internet.  There are good and bad people wherever you go.  No matter where you go you will find people that are not real.  

Please allow me to expand:

On the internet you get the real/real fake person.  People will say and do just about anything as they don't fear any reprisal because they are virtual.  You get to see the inner mentality of the individual that you are dealing with on the internet.  Yes, they divulge who they truly are by way of your monitor.  Most people would not dare attempt to do or say some of the things which they do on the internet.  I can assure you that there is such a terminology as cyber gangster it is an Ebonics term.  I seriously doubt that someone would divulge what they do to you on the internet--in person.  This leaves you to seek an occupation as a mind reader, or the services of a fortune teller. 

*(X1 Smiles & Flashes A HUGE Grin)  :D

On the internet everything is uninhibited and direct sometimes it is sad because you see also the sickness of people. You will often see people that travel in like flocks because they are of the same mold.  Human nature is interesting and as BX (Blanaid X) stated to me social networking is a medium that has yet to be discovered to full capacity.  So we have not yet begun to harness its true capabilities. 


 REAL Definition:

: of or relating to fixed, permanent, or immovable things (as lands or tenements)
a : not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory : genuine <real gold>; also : being precisely what the name implies real professional> b (1) : occurring or existing in actuality real live celebrity> real life> (2) : of or relating to practical or everyday concerns or activities real world> (3) : existing as a physical entity and having properties that deviate from an ideal, law, or standard real gas> — compare ideal 3b c : having objective independent existence real> d : fundamental, essential e (1) : belonging to or having elements or components that belong to the set of real numbers real roots of an equation> real matrix> (2) : concerned with or containing real numbers <real analysis> (3) : real-valued <real variable> f : measured by purchasing power <real income> <real dollars> g : complete, utter real fiasco>
re·al·ness noun
for real
: in earnest : seriously for real>
: genuine for real>
: genuinely good or capable of success (as in competition) for real>


OK there are several words I like in this definition for the word real.  Here are the words that I like:

This is what "real" is not.}

not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory

*This is what real is.}

genuine; fundamental, essential & ideal

*Keep It Real.*

BX (Blanaid X)


THE BLOGOSPHERE--A Close Encounter Of The Third Kind

X1 On Blast: 

"For I decline the soapbox utilization, it is exclusionary!" -X1

The Blogosphere is currently lodging preemptive attacks against fellow bloggers with character assassination attempts and verbal machinations!!!  What are all the theatrics for???  Please sit down somewhere and take a series of time outs LOL!  You are like children in a school yard seriously; all sorts of wild accusations have been hurled!!!  

***I am just sitting back doing the observation deck waiting for the one that thinks they can pull the "Close Encounter Of The Third Kind" with X1.

There is a reason why I don't choose to utilize my real name I actually have a great occupation and career which I would very much like to keep.  Blogging is my hobby not my living!  I am clear--I know just how to adjust and prioritize. Some people have crossed this line of distinction. You will not publish my information all over the internet to suit your own agenda because you don't approve of me dropping factual content like I do.  

*Many other sources publish people's information such as addresses, telephone numbers, credit information ect.

The only way you can do something like this is if I give you the ammunition.  I am hearing people stating that their information is being leaked and published all over the web.  If anyone can Google you--then kick your name into the White Pages database and it comes up--Houston, we have a problem...How did  any blogger publish your information if it is already in the White Pages silly.  Think about what you are saying here the White Pages database published your information!!!  They are responsible for this.  The blogger is just publishing a link to the source (if they are smart).  Call it dirty or call it what you like.  I did not invent the rules but I know how to play the game well. 

It does not take a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist to figure out that there is a reason for web based anonymity!  Retain your right to remain anonymous if you are any type of real professional and/or you don't want your name coming up in this non-sense! The reason???

What we have here are non-professional Michael Jackson advocates that are actually self proclaimed--making a name and a living for themselves doing this sort of thing.  Did Michael ever ask for someone to advocate on his behalf with such hate???  NO--I don't think Michael would approve of some individuals that are using his name as a certified meal ticket or to gain attention. The reason??? 

This is the case, many are too busy slandering people instead of just producing the facts involved.  Instead of doing this, just present the facts and allow them to resonate for themselves clearing the air--thus bringing the light of truth.  Then allow yourself  to see the clearing of the funk of dust--in the midst of a pool of scattered lies, and hidden agendas if you will... 

**Blog not smog we are looking to clear the air not pollute it!!!

Let me tell you something every time I publish a blog that is a research blog you can bet your money that it is intensive research.  I will go to any entity that is a reliable source to obtain required information.  What do you know about that there???  In the blogosphere we call it put up or shut up!  If you want an opponent it will take the mind of you--and like the rest of your camp to be equivalent to one of me.  Are we clear yet???  The reason??? 

I blog because I like it not for notoriety or fame.  Any action that I do it is because I believe in it and I am true to it. Stay true to you.