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IXL & INX are complex pages that take extreme amounts of time and dedication to bring you what you see.  There are no other pages like these two.  Each person that posts on either of these pages is an extremely dedicated individual.

Sometimes we need a break also.  It is sometimes people always expect us to keep running without a shutdown or a reboot like a never-ending battery pack.  This is not so although you see our virtual forms we are very much flesh and blood human beings with real lives.  We do this page because we love to do this.  

We do it for Michael's message and we pray the day things will change.  *Then perhaps,  people can see who and what Michael was and his importance to the world.*  

Pages like INX also play an integral part in bringing people together.  You see, over the last year I have grown and learned to respect the differences of people.  Although, we may disagree with a few things I can stand side by side with a believer that thinks Michael is alive and call that person my brother or sister and mean it.  

I think much of the time these differences exist because we do not know how to respect the differences of others.  

*You can factor what I just stated into just about any situation you like--and you will see that this somehow plays an important role.*

*Love & Mutual Respect Is The Message...