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The games that people play on Facebook cease to amaze me.  The dirty tricks and how fans actually claim to support each other when in all actuality behind each others backs they are reporting certain people and groups.  This is one of the reasons why I am not around as much as I used to be.

It deeply saddens me that as supporters and fans of Michael this is what we have reduced ourselves to.  Michael's message was not what I am seeing around here on Facebook.  What I am seeing is people trying to further their own agenda--it is not even about Michael anymore!  It is about them!

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MJSUPPORTERS AGAINST HATE & RACISM IS MICHAEL'S ARMY!  This group does NOT belong to me it belongs to us all. I do realize that there are people that cannot fathom nor wrap their mind around this thought.  The thought is that someone actually created a reporting group that works.  I have seen many reporting groups however none are as organized or as successful as MJSAHR is.  There is a reason why this is so, we believe in what we do--simple!  We are a bunch of brave supporters and fans that are tired of seeing people produce these hate monger websites and we have set out to challenge this in the open by exposing it!  If you choose not to be one of us we understand. However,  please step aside and let us do what we are doing respectfully.

MJSAHR is a coalition which deals with the ugly reality of the minds of many people in the world we live in. We support freedom of speech however we don't support hate speech!  You may not like Michael Jackson (although I cannot see why) however you need to be respectful when you are voicing your opinion.  It is not the opinions of people that we wish to smother it is the blatant hate that we wish to eradicate. MJSAHR is the reality of the world which we live in.  Like Michael said the world is sick with a fever!

So we have created "M.J.S.A.H.R The Page".  MJSAHR the group itself will not ever close however we need to broaden our horizons. I think if we can put our strength behind a page you will see the difference.  Please support us by adding everyone you can to this group as there is power in numbers! So here is the URL to our new page that will also continue the fight for Michael:

So now having said that to summarize this blog entry here is what BX & Lulu had to say regarding what transpired with MJSAHR:

Hello Everyone,

"I have some information to share with you. We are currently not able to send out our daily mails with information on groups, channels etc. to report. Based on some research we did this is due to the following:

Some member (or members) seems to have reported group mails containing links as spam. As a result, we are currently not able to send group mails containing links.

Thus I would like to ask everyone who considers our daily group mails *containing information* SPAM to leave this group.

And to the particular person (or persons) who reported our informational summary mails: You severely damaged the ability of this group to work for Michael. You put your own interests or opinions *above* the purpose of this group. If you do not wish to receive these *informational* mails - just leave the group. This is what I do when I think it goes a little bit overboard - I am in many, many groups, and I left some because of the amount of group mails (with at times less than informational content) but I would not ever report any group of Michael supporters here on Facebook - each of us has his or her own ideas how to support or be a fan of Michael, *and I respect that*.

We are now trying to clear this up with Facebook. We have better things to do, I want to add!"

- BX

Here is what Lulu had to say:
"It is beyond my comprehension what types of people could do something like this.  I wonder haven't they learned anything from Michael?  I am really shocked! I think some don't like it that MJSAHR is really successful.  They don't like it so badly that they had to do something about our success.  The problem is I guess that many out there don't even remember that this is all being done for Michael!  They are too busy promoting themselves to remember that."

Let's end this with Black or White:)  Enjoy!