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THE BLOGOSPHERE--A Close Encounter Of The Third Kind

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"For I decline the soapbox utilization, it is exclusionary!" -X1

The Blogosphere is currently lodging preemptive attacks against fellow bloggers with character assassination attempts and verbal machinations!!!  What are all the theatrics for???  Please sit down somewhere and take a series of time outs LOL!  You are like children in a school yard seriously; all sorts of wild accusations have been hurled!!!  

***I am just sitting back doing the observation deck waiting for the one that thinks they can pull the "Close Encounter Of The Third Kind" with X1.

There is a reason why I don't choose to utilize my real name I actually have a great occupation and career which I would very much like to keep.  Blogging is my hobby not my living!  I am clear--I know just how to adjust and prioritize. Some people have crossed this line of distinction. You will not publish my information all over the internet to suit your own agenda because you don't approve of me dropping factual content like I do.  

*Many other sources publish people's information such as addresses, telephone numbers, credit information ect.

The only way you can do something like this is if I give you the ammunition.  I am hearing people stating that their information is being leaked and published all over the web.  If anyone can Google you--then kick your name into the White Pages database and it comes up--Houston, we have a problem...How did  any blogger publish your information if it is already in the White Pages silly.  Think about what you are saying here the White Pages database published your information!!!  They are responsible for this.  The blogger is just publishing a link to the source (if they are smart).  Call it dirty or call it what you like.  I did not invent the rules but I know how to play the game well. 

It does not take a rocket scientist or a nuclear physicist to figure out that there is a reason for web based anonymity!  Retain your right to remain anonymous if you are any type of real professional and/or you don't want your name coming up in this non-sense! The reason???

What we have here are non-professional Michael Jackson advocates that are actually self proclaimed--making a name and a living for themselves doing this sort of thing.  Did Michael ever ask for someone to advocate on his behalf with such hate???  NO--I don't think Michael would approve of some individuals that are using his name as a certified meal ticket or to gain attention. The reason??? 

This is the case, many are too busy slandering people instead of just producing the facts involved.  Instead of doing this, just present the facts and allow them to resonate for themselves clearing the air--thus bringing the light of truth.  Then allow yourself  to see the clearing of the funk of dust--in the midst of a pool of scattered lies, and hidden agendas if you will... 

**Blog not smog we are looking to clear the air not pollute it!!!

Let me tell you something every time I publish a blog that is a research blog you can bet your money that it is intensive research.  I will go to any entity that is a reliable source to obtain required information.  What do you know about that there???  In the blogosphere we call it put up or shut up!  If you want an opponent it will take the mind of you--and like the rest of your camp to be equivalent to one of me.  Are we clear yet???  The reason??? 

I blog because I like it not for notoriety or fame.  Any action that I do it is because I believe in it and I am true to it. Stay true to you.