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You know (X1 Smiles) INX is the only page where I can discuss some of the things that I do. I need to say that here people have open minds. Although, somethings you may not quite agree with if I post it is backed by proof.

I have noticed that some people blog about feelings--me I blog about fact:) Nothing that I post or blog about is fictional. I am a source code I take time to find out what I present to thousands of people. (You don't need to join a page/blog to read a page/blog) *My blog has more hits than followers! You don't need to get a like for your content to be dynamic as well. You will know when you are indexed by certain types of engines what it is.

Just because I don't like something does not make it an untruth. Just because it bothers me to the core of my essence does not make it untrue. I have noticed that in this community we are a people which are unwilling to accept the truth. They are like children, you need to add sugar to the medicine for them to take it. As harsh and as cold as it very well may be you will accept it one day no matter if you like it or not. This is just a simple dynamic of life--Pain vs. Pleasure.


Some of the commentary I run across is downright out childish and of no significance! It is irrelevant and bears no importance on getting justice for Michael or anything else for that matter. People can say what they like about me however one thing they cannot call me is a liar. In all honesty I can call several of them this:) (X1 Smiles) Print factual content first. State your opinion sure; however after you have presented the reader and the community with facts! This is very important. Anyone can author a blog what makes a good blog is not it's followers--it is its content! Please do not author something and make the rest of us "REAL" bloggers appear asinine!  What are you running a tabloid or a blog???

To The Bloggers:

You have a responsibility to your readers to present facts above all. How you feel about the subject matter is not really important at all. If you blog with your feelings I guarantee you anything you push out will indeed be biased!

Since you took blogging on it is your responsibility to be fair and impartial and not use your pen as a weapon against anyone unless it is required (ex: in the case of a scam). If it is jaded then why should I consume that??? I need to remind you that media biases did Michael very wrong. How can you say in one breath you are for Michael when you are spewing hateful and nonfactual content???

*Please get it together quickly as people are reading what you print--you would be surprised who is reading it.


**To The Information Seekers:

Please watch what you read if you notice that an individual is on an unjustifiable rant and not producing any factual content for claims they make monitor what you ingest. It is your responsibility to yourself not to ingest garbage--trash is for the waste receptacle. Anything which sounds intellectual and does not back itself with proper references and proof question it.