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What Kind Of Name Is Insanity X Lives A.K.A. X1???


Many people have asked me to define what the meaning is of the moniker/Blog name that I use.  I will try to do this with some simple diagrams LOL:)  However, first allow me to give you the history surrounding my name.  Back in the early 1990's I took to political science and I was an active blogger in this arena.  I perceived the policies and laws to be very insane especially how the United Nations began to create these charter laws.  If you are interested in what I am referencing and you have no clue here is a link that will give you some information regarding the United Nations and its charter laws.  

*The picture below is the link please click it:

760 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA

It seems that the United Nations wishes to create international laws which govern all of our countries.  I have noticed various embargoes and tough restrictions that were placed on countries in the form of sanctions. This can cripple the people in that country.  Some of the sanctions are in humane. With all of these international laws where was/is the help for the poor nations.  It seems that international law was not designated to help these poorer countries and they still continue to suffer till this day.

This is why Michael always appealed to me because he spoke out against these things-apart from his art Michael was a born activist!  I think Michael actually taught me  the most regarding social injustice and the things going on abroad and at home.  I mean Michael would show things in his videos you would not see on prime-time news often.  Michael was not scared and in fact very brave when it came to speaking out about these things that are just not right.  People busy themselves everyday and don't even give a second thought about what is transpiring in different nations and how people are being wiped out moreso than the animals and our environment--mass genocide! Is not a human life important???!  I think the time has come to go beyond a casual or serious conversation with this.  We as a people have a duty to stand up for something which we see that is not right!  Mark my words you can turn a blind eye to this today and tomorrow it can be your nation experiencing this calamity!

O.K. now you know my blog roots and around this time I began to speak out about this sort of thing.  I would always say this is insanity.  I have a blog brother and he suggested that I utilize this name for posting on various forums because I adapted it into my vocabulary so often.  This is not unusual many Bloggers take on pseudonyms and X1 is no exception. So thus was the birth of the first part of the pseudonym name you see Insanity. 


However we were not done yet:)  My brother stated that most people would think that I was saying that I was "Insanity" (although I would tend to agree with them at one time or another). The meaning of my avatar does not represent this.  Actually, it represents what I am seeing as being the "Insanity".  Due to certain character restrictions on certain forums I adapted to leaving the hyphen out of "IN-SANITY".

I am not one to form personal relationships with people over the internet as I have seen some very "insane" things.  I have however made some exceptions to this rule from time to time as warranted and applicable.  Now if you are referencing me you would spell the pseudonym name like this:

What this effectively means is that I am IN-Sanity.  I am of my full faculties and not mentally challenged whatsoever.  The "Insanity" is of the world and the things I see.  I am not referencing myself with the spelling being "Insanity".  This pseudonym is also a metaphor.

Now I will add another element to this and that will be the X.  X is the first letter of my middle name and it represents the unknown in math.  This also means that because the X is unknown it can represent anyone or anything. In this case I would like to state for the record anyone and anything good.  During my political science blogging stint the meaning of the X was me being a representation for people that did not have a voice.  Today it also has taken on a much more deeper meaning.  We will explore more of what this means later when we delve into the meaning and reason for X1.

Lives was a blog terminology amongst me and my fellow bloggers back then because we lived on our blogs.  So the Lives came in with regard to residing on your blog in a  cyber sense.  The Lives portion of the name is also important as you will see later.   It is also metaphorical in context as it has a hidden meaning as well.

X1 is how I am referenced.  I once used an X however as people of like minded thoughts began to join with me I noticed they had the same ideals.  We share a common bond and this is why they also have a X. And to prevent confusion I am named X1 so that you know the difference between us all.  If you notice the people that have the X as a logo have their own names! If you recall earlier on I stated to you that X can be anyone and anything good--which means well (we come in peace).  So now there are people in my group which share the same principles and therefore they have an X.  No, they are not making an attempt to emulate me or anything of the sort. We are different people with different personalities.  We just happen to share the same foundation.  X as a foundation belongs to NO ONE PERSON.  Although I am the founder of the X Foundation I do not totally direct everything you see.  Everyone that bears a X has just the same stake we are all equal parts of a whole.  I just happened to be the one that created the  X Foundation.  I do make major decisions regarding X as a foundation when it is required for the betterment of the whole.

Below is the final breakdown of what my pseudonym means.  It is an equation you should get this:
This has a dual meaning if you get rid of the "Insanity" X (number) of people LIVE or plain ole X Lives...Get it???