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Beyond A Song & A Dance

You know I realize that I am different.  (No I am not like other guys--seriously.)  I say this because the average everyday person does not consider the things that I do and most often they find it difficult to follow my thought patterns.  Please don't attempt any misconstruction of the aforementioned statement--to take it and manipulate it into something more complex than it already is IS A CRIME.

I am starting to notice that people are associating Michael with Alchemy.  This started to transpire when I started doing many different types of posts on this very page regarding Michael and science.  My posts were not meant to be taken out of context or made to be something different from what they were.
Solve et Coagula The Great Beast

I need to say that these are my personal views and I have not ever seen them personally anywhere until I started to mention things like this.  So where are we going now?  We have some people taking what I have posted conceptually and distorting it without any knowledge of what the true meaning is.

*If you don't know what something is to act as if you are and expert in that area shows you are not.  This is not the act as if game.  Do I personally think that Michael was an Alchemist--NO for the record.  Do I think that there were people around Michael like this--YES for the record.

I consider the science of things and while others are engrossed in Michael's dynamic lean (Smooth Criminal)--I am trying to figure out what mechanics he utilized to make this happen.  This is where we differ.  My mind is not limited to just Michael.  Although, I have a great respect & brotherly love for him--I have a great respect for the world and the people in it as well. We are part of a bigger picture.

INX is about the WORLD.  As Michael was of the world so will INX be it is a page that pushes the mind to the brink of bewilderment.  This page was created because I could find NO page on Facebook where I fit in.

*NO--not any of them.  Most Pages associate themselves with Michael's sexual elements, strictly videos, or just his dance moves this is why I did not fit in anywhere as I don't have a mind that operates this way.  I am all over the place with thought not just isolated in one area.  I look for the deeper meaning in things and I think Michael's life had a deeper meaning.  Meaning Michael was more than just a song and a dance--Michael was complex.  Michael had a way of being just a song and a dance for the people that did not bother to ever look beneath the surface.
Michael Jackson Blood On The DanceFloor Cover Art Artist Will Wilson

**To them that is what he was song and dance.  For the people that are thinkers  he was  beyond a song and dance.  Michael was very complex as you could see.  You can still see things that he did like the B.O.T.D.F. cover.  You see from my perspective Michael got to the science of things...This is what really matters and if you can do that with a song and a dance that makes you a genius:)