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You know just when you thought it was safe  When you think that you have heard it all regarding Michael--the media sends you on a tail spin. We cannot just have nothing at all to do with the news outlets. We would not know what is transpiring. This means Michael, his music, message, court actions and lots of other things--might I add--which have nothing to do with Michael directly...

*It is a dilemma that I have been faced with for sometime now. I am trying to stay away from the media and its sensationalism--stick to the facts. So what do I do? I create a page/environment wherein all the news regarding Michael is in one place. This is so that we can reduce the clicks they are getting from us.

***When I read certain stories I question the motives of the writer and news outlet. I know for a fact that they do not have the best interests of Michael or his children in any circumstance. I know--it is factual-- that the media doesn't have the best interests/intentions for the Jacksons either. So now I am left to process and decipher all of this information while remaining objective. Mind you this regardless of how I may feel about any given situation as these pages I post on publish the news for lots of people.
The Devil Is In The Details..
The fact remains we are going on second hand information here. We are not getting this information directly from the source(s)--most times we don't even know when it has happened we only know what we are told. Even the hearings against Conrad Murray seem to be shrouded in secrecy!  The Devil Is In The Details...

Even being in America could not help me with digging up news regarding just what transpired in that hearing against Conrad Murray. Did anyone notice this or was it just me in observation mode again??? I will say this for sure bet your bottom Dollar, Euro, or Yen that we are not getting all of the information and what we do get is being fed to us in bits and pieces....Just a thought...Happy Halloween....