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The Hippocratic Oath 1

It has come to the attention of Team IXL that people are supporting this page. *Please be mindful regarding what you choose to lend your support to. There are some people that believe that Michael is ALIVE and amongst us-*for the record Team IXL does not judge anyone. You have the right to support what you choose; however take a look at the bigger picture here. There are serious implications to what you are fueling. Suppose that your family member is a victim of MEDICAL MALPRACTICE??? (*GOD FORBID!*)

*Would you then support the ideal that it is justified for a doctor to abuse his power and prescribe and addict people to serous medications with or without the proper trainings?? Do you also subscribe to the notion that it is acceptable to cause harm or cause the death of another human being in this way??? Fact of the matter is every doctor takes a Hippocratic Oath in the medical profession in the U.S. This means that:

*The Hippocratic Oath is an old oath historically taken by doctors swearing to ethically practice medicine.


*Therefore we strongly urge you to please be mindful of what you support-lest you find yourself in a situation which the KARMA of this paragraph will remind you of one day.