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The BeLIEvers Question Mr. Shaw's Authenticity


Oyq Mjj Jacky-Jean Jackson Andromeda Greece Lucy Pruem Claudia Wulfsen Leticia M. J. Love

I just received these vids from a friend of mine yesterday. She is a BeLIEver and she is stating that Mr. Shaw is not authentic. Now I have my own doubts as from what I can see here this is Michael! All of these vids that I see below the pictures seem to be Michael to me personally. I am coming to the BeLIEvers community to ask them to weigh in on this issue because this is getting to be quite a serious matter. So far I have had Ms. Jacky-Jean Jackson and Ms. Leticia M.J. Love who are both BeLIEvers say this guy is not authentic. If this is the case and it is determined by the BeLIEvers community that Mr. Shaw is misrepresenting himself as BeLIEvers it is the responsibility of you all to weigh in and report this guy. If you have been presented with the research and it does not add up then you know what the right thing to do is here.

**Me personally I do not think Mr. Shaw based upon what have I seen nice human being or not was an authorized double for Michael. Michael was very open about his relationships with the tribute artists and impersonators that we know of. He has pictures with people like ECasanova, and many others. So why would he have not one picture with Mr. Shaw this just sounds weird to me. Also, what I find more strange is that Mr. Shaw has not provided one picture of himself in a normal public place where he can show his resemblance to Michael in anyway. I mean it is one thing to have faith in a person and I mean blind faith. However it is another when this person is unwilling for the record to be open regarding information for which he states to be the case.

To the people that think otherwise here so be it however if this man as nice as he may very well be is misleading people this is not right and it needs to be addressed. I will let you guys review the email and the material that was sent to me by my friend again she is a Believer. Here are the videos below in question and some youtube BeLIEvers has taken to thinking that Mr. Shaw is authentic also:(

**I am not the bad guy in this I just do not want to see anyone hurt read below:


Dear X1:

Someone needs to report this to the family or whoever else will be able to get him banned from YouTube, MySpace, facebook or ANY other social networks! I can't believe people are actually falling for this IDIOT!! He is crossing the line now, really. He needs to be stopped!!

I am sorry to bother you with this, but you were the first person that came to mind able to spread the word and calling people to take action and REPORT this low life!

*I am outraged... I am going to inform Randy. Enough is enough!