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Wanna Be Startin Somethin' Heckler Spews Trash

The nerve of you tabloid smut publications. Who are you to submit a comment in the form of a news publication regarding what one should spend their hard earned money on for enjoyment? This commentary is highly opinionated-and biased! This is NOT a news report! However, you tired to pass it off as one didn't you? Yes, the tabloid reporter always -you humor me with your attempts. You sicken me, as well. Why are you trying to paint millions of Michael's supporters & fans in a unfavorable light? Yes, I see what it is you do. You wait until you find something which you can distort while achieving financial gain by using Michael's image to promote it!

Michael Jackson MTV Awards 1993
This is something that I cannot comprehend! Then what you proceed to do is push it on the mainstream masses to make us look distorted...You Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' all of the time. This picture that you are attempting to paint and sell to the public regarding us is not a favorable one. Why is it that you cannot just allow people a moment to pay homage to the entertainer and his contributions to society? In life you ostracized Michael in the public eye! Now in death you continue to attempt to destroy his legacy?

*Enough of this already seriously!

What's it to you if people gather together in harmony for a show of support? This is much better than what you are doing by making an extreme effort to tarnish a legacy! What you are trying to do is keep people from coming together by depicting them as strange, weird and abnormal! What is devious here is that you are still attempting to defame Michael. Why do you need to keep at these fruitless attempts? This is not going to change and we are not going anywhere! Can't you comprehend that your efforts to date have failed!

Your agenda here is not working. Your sick and pitiful attempts at attacking Michael's character really show what your agenda has been all along. Your meaningless character assassination attempts are frivolous at best!

What are you oblivious to the fact that Michael has awakened a new generation of people? And guess what??? They are not listening to you! Everything that you have done to date has been exposed. Your diabolical plots do not work anymore. Stop trying to mold a jaded view of Michael's supporters and fans to the world. All of the ranting and tirades in the world cannot hide this from the general public!

Your feeble attempts are not working people are coming together. They see through your lies and envy. What you do is use your pen as a weapon! You write poison and it infects society as they believe whatsoever you put in print. 

Well I am here to say that you tabloids misconstrue and twist perfectly innocent things while making them appear to look wicked and abnormal. Is this the best you've got??

If you only knew-you have no idea! The majority of his supporters and fans are involved in humanitarianism and social issues. The outpouring of LOVE which came from Michael's base has been well documented! From HAITI to CHILE we have been involved in efforts to assist people world wide!

**It seems that you have a serious issue with printing propaganda which is a gross distortion of the truth! This is it we are not buying what you are selling. Heckler Spews Trash!