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AND NOW IT SEEMS THE LAW- Sharon Wilson Guest Blogger

X1 on Behalf of Sharon Wilson X-Press Yourself 4 Michael Senior Administrator:

The media crucified Michael for many many years and now it seems the law, the same law that is there to protect the innocent, is now doing the same thing by letting Conrad Murray get away with murder. How can someone who knowingly administered a drug he was NOT licensed to give, hid evidence that he later retrieved, failed to inform medical authorities of the administering of such a drug and more, be allowed to get away with it with what tantamounts to a slap on the wrist.

This man should be put away for life, if he had done the same thing to anyone else he would have been handcuffed when first appearing in court, not ushered in like someone who had done nothing wrong. Michael on the other hand has handcuffed, treated like a criminal and was completely innocent. Can't see the logic in all this, can you?

Try thinking about what if Michael was your brother or your father or even a friend, would you like to see this man walk? Would you like to see this man continue pretending to be a doctor because in my eyes, someone who tries to do cpr on a bed, does not have the proper equipment to protect his patient, calls a child into the room of his dying father, tries to cover up his crime and does not have one bit of remorse about it, is not a doctor, I doubt if he is even human. Calling Prince into the room should be enough to send him to prison for life, what kind of scars will that leave on Princes' mind. It's about time someone in authority did right by Michael Jackson and that is to put his murderer behind bars for the rest of his life. Give him a life sentence like he has given to Michael's family, to his friends and to his fans.

It will be eleven since months Michael passed but the grief is still there like it was yesterday. Help those who loved and still do love Michael to heal by doing the right thing. We leave this in your hands and pray that justice will be done finally.

-X1 On Behalf Of SW