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X1 & BX Thank MJSAHR For Their Continued Dedication & Support

I would like to request a moment of your time to thank everyone here and in other groups that report these very troubling things. Remember, changes starts with us first! We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and know that we are doing the right thing here.

There are children surfing these channels. Moreover Michael's children are surfing youtube the should not have to see content like this! Therefore, MJSAHR you ARE making it happen for them by doing just what it is that each and everyone of you do! We need to show people that we are not going tolerate this sort of behavior.

Now this is going to be hard I am not going to lie to you all-it will also be an ongoing effort. You are doing this for Michael and NOT for me as I have stated this from day one. I do what I do because it is just the right thing to do. I also report other content which is objectionable which just happens to span across many social networks.

We are responsible for what the children of tomorrow process today. We will be at the mercy of the children which absorb this content and are influenced by it today and tomorrow. 

So having said that this is a serious thing we are doing here as we do not want these sorts of influences to harm the children of today/adults tomorrow/leaders of the free world making decisions the day after the next...

*MJSAHR We Will Make It Happen For You!

L.O.V.E. ,


We are the Web - part of which is Youtube - and we, all the users, all of us, we keep the Web going. It is nothing without us. It is *us* then who can stop the abuse of it! It is in our hands - as there is very little control of the Web. If we want to keep it open and if we want to ...keep it as our platform to find out about things and learn from each other without being confined to fixed channels (TV, papers, magazines..) with their known or unknown backgrounds - we, the Web, we must act. We created it, we need to protect it. This fight against video jacking is about standing in for all the good things that the Web has provided to us and has the potential to provide to us in future. We need to protect its integrity on all accounts.

-Blanaid X Lives