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It seems that if you say anything against certain individuals that hold high office in Facebook that they will sabotage your page. For the past three days I have watched them sabotage and manipulate Facebook HTML/FBML coding on my pages.

If you don't know what this is really simply it is an an application within Facebook which allows you to embed coding of your choice to display pictures, videos, and .gif images. This operation is very sneaky they have also taken to forcing me to enter a NON-SPAM code when I post my own blog to my pages! *Now I am one for quality and control however, this is too much control for me.

What they think is that I am not watching that page. Well Facebook, guess what I am and so are lots of other people. My coding is correct and it has not been altered in anyway so therefore there should be no malfunctions. *Actually the only malfunctions here are the ones you are making deliberately occur.  The objects and coding in my tabs and boxes have been rearranged.  All of my .gif images in my tabs have been disabled so that they appear to be still jpegs!

It seems that you can give HATE Groups Freedom of Speech and free reign on Facebook; however, when something is published regarding your tactics you do not like that. In engineering they have a phrase for this sort of attack-it is called a Social Engineering Attack! I am not that stupid to miss the little efforts that you have been putting into making me change my password over twelve times the night the story was published on Insanity X Lives Light (IXL) regarding Facebook Co-Founder Mark Z.

*So this is just to let you know that I am aware of what you are doing and now everyone else knows also enjoy your day:)