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I have seen many letters and petitions around regarding Michael.  They all have good points and they are going to very prominent people.  I think it isn't so much about the facts regarding what occurred with Michael that we need to address when we are drafting letters/petitions of this type.  They know the facts the government(s) has access to files and information that we will not ever see or hear-we can only dream of the access they have trust me on this. I am finding that people often forget that there are perhaps millions of different people that have abused prescription drugs-and they got them from somewhere.  Things like these are social issues that affect us all and as such when we forget that there are many others that have suffered as a direct result. We are losing focus on how serious this issue really is. The time is NOW to think outside of the box. 

*Michael taught me this as he was a GREAT MIND-also a serious thinker....

What's important to realize is the serious issues such as these have to be pinpointed and addressed.  The flaws exist not only in the United States with this sort of abuse.  I see that someone has a very good petition to ban Propofol administration outside of a hospital setting and without proper medical professionals to administer it. 

**Now it is not just that one drug that many doctors are dispensing like candy! 

Having stated this fact it is imperative that we do not limit how we go at things.  As huge as the issue is-is as huge as the response is.  That means that if you are talking about prescription drug abuse that you look at the entire topic. Don't limit yourself by just giving attention to the Propofol because this is the drug which was administered to Michael. How can you say HEAL THE WORLD and only focus on Michael-there is a BIG WORLD out there!  There needs to be stronger guidelines which clearly define things like this to prevent future abuses of the system.

*This is what I see going after tougher regulation for prescription drugs:

It is now paramount to invoke a structural evaluation of the justice system here in the United States; the devaluation of certain laws exists. At best, the infrastructure of law enforcement requires direction concerning the DEA-which does in fact prohibit the dispensing of prescription pharmaceuticals-without tracking and monitoring. The aforementioned pretense, the condoning and, ignorance of what is stipulated is being abused by doctors ignoring the Hippocratic Oath. The medical boards in every state need to hold doctors accountable. This means when it is proven that a doctor has violated the Hippocratic Oath meaning they have engaged in non-ethical behavior with patients they should be stripped of their licenses. No exceptions to the rule and no preferential treatment allowed-no exemptions!

Moreover, the time has come for the introduction of a clearly definable language-touting some serious legislative weight. The United States requires new legislation to hold doctors accountable for abusing these broad powers within a clearly definable scope. The lives of millions people are at stake and dependent upon the introduction of a law which will preserve and protect the doctor/ patient relationship.  We need to be taken seriously.  If we come seriously this is indicative of being generalized and NOT just about using Michael as the scope.  We all miss Michael-when doing something in his name it needs to be reflective of this.  I remember that Michael was about everyone.  I honor him in the best way I can by trying my very best to be inclusive and not exclusive.  That means to generate the sort of support that we require, it is important that we step outside of our comfort zone-meaning out of our world realm of Michael to reach the mainstream masses. 

Not everyone sees Michael like we do and we know what we are up against.  We have to take a stand in major policy and issues so that we cannot be pushed aside and ignored. When we start to address politics and governmental order by holding them responsible bottom, line-we win.  If we become vocal regarding the issues that Michael was passionate about we win...He had the formula-this requires no adjustment:


Yes, Michael was and is an architect he drafted a blueprint for us to follow-now we must be the brick layers the foundation is already set.  When I am in doubt I go to something that Michael said about the topic matter.  By allowing this to be my guide and adding some of myself into the equation, I live his legacy as we all do.