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Stop the Press wait a minute I know that they are not suggesting that Mrs. Jackson is responsible for the business ventures of another individual!  SHE IS NOT! Did it ever occur to them that Mrs. Jackson had no idea of the other parties business ventures?  Even if she did know how is she at fault?  Does a book about Michael seem like hard core porn to you? To me if this is the case the deal was strictly above the board. Also, why are they releasing this information now?  It seems that whensoever there is an event regarding Michael or an important day that they exploit people to gain interest and cause controversy. Perhaps they are quite a bit rabid and in a frenzy over the actions of another!

Mrs. Katherine Jackson Mother of Michael Jackson Under Attack by the Media
*Please leave Mrs. Jackson alone during this time and allow her to mourn her son properly.  I think what you are doing is disgusting and you are acting like low lives-have some class.  For you to even have the thought to run a story like this as we are coming up on the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing is cruel and despicable!
Michael Jackson with Mother Katherine & Brother Jermaine Jackson 2005 Trial
Have you not put Mrs. Jackson through enough trials and tribulations?  Have mercy on Mrs. Jackson please I am requesting this because it is morally the right thing to do here. I am in a desperate attempt not to loose my composure here and call you all sorts of things.  Out of respect for Michael I will refrain from doing this.  Respect is something you evidently do NOT know ANYTHING about.  *This is distasteful!

Some say that the PEN can be a mighty WEAPON of MASS DESTRUCTION!  I am aware of what you can do to defame a person and character assassinate them before the public eye-lest they fall from grace.  *When I am done with you-you will comprehend how this cuts both ways.*  Before I drop this pen you will comprehend what it is like to have this done to you as well.  The only difference between what I do and what you do is that I tell the truth.  You twist the truth.  Your publication has been put in some very embarrassing situations and I have seen it.  You have no journalism ethics this is clear.  You and your cronies will do anything to publish a story!

*I hope you enjoy my little publication.  I may not have the access to reach as many people as you do; however as long as their are social networks my word has the power to travel.  Someone else will see what you have done here.  For those that have not I will awaken them.... Yes, I think you should see how this works the other way around.  Just as well as you can publish things so can we:)

You have also brought up a very important detail here in this quagmire.  You have actually made me explore how the family is not able to use the image of their sibling.  Who is any business or entity to tell a family how it can choose to promote or remember them?  Mrs. Jackson gave Michael LIFE as such she is to be respected as a mother and a caregiver!  Should she choose to write a book to set the record straight regarding the actions of the media or Michael's life in general*THIS IS HER RIGHT!*

It is evident that you have distorted everything that has been done by this family.  Why are you so against them?  What is your agenda?  The tabloids have the right to exploit Michael's image under freedom of press all day long and Mrs. Jackson cannot pen or author a book regarding her son?

*Don't worry Mrs. Jackson keep on doing what you do we support you.  We see what these creeps are trying to do here. ** X1 got your back-don't worry about a thing!