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I need to request something of you all here today. We know that the stuff that is on FB meaning the groups and some of the horrible stuff we see is not right. I am just here trying to do something good. There is so many other things that I could dedicate my time to however I choose this. In my heart I know that this is the right thing to do. I am a person to stand up for what I know is right and I think many of you are out there also. If you were not you would not be on this page day after day. Please show your support for Causes. It is one way that we can come together for Michael and take a stand to show that we are not at all happy with this mistreatment of him. This is just the beginning as this will be an ongoing effort.

Please realize that doing this path that I've chosen has not be easy for me as I have had many sleepless nights doing all of this. * I do it because it is right. I am not here for what people think about me or what they would say behind my back because my actions speak louder than any gossip on the internet. I truly believe that Michael was right when he said know someone before you judge them. Walk a mile in their shoes and then determine how you view that person.
You know I see things in our own community that are very sad. It deeply saddens me to see people that attack each other because of differences or disagreements that are sometimes - or most often - pretty minor. I choose to go beyond the gossip and the hype and focus on doing just what you see me doing now If there is ever a need for me to address something I do this right away with no delay.

It is very important that we stand up against things that are not right. Often times I see people and they know that things are not right and they will not say anything. Day after day I literally beg people to stand up and say something against what we are seeing not just with Michael but in our WORLD!
*I am going to end on this note, please support this Cause as it is a way to show unity amongst us. Michael stood for these things and I don't think I know he spoke the truth.