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LaQUISHA MIDDLETON one part of the dynamic duo the Bobbsey Twins which makes up LaQuisha & LaQuanda--the joined at the hip sisters-has a tall tale to tell.  Ms. Middleton has an altogether different account of the events surrounding what transpired during the storage shed saga!  See the actual video below to see how she describes the events of the storage shed drama. She is depicted below with her movie star glasses ready for her shot at the prime-time and stardom.
I ponder what was in it for both of them to be so willing to give an account for the day of June 25th, 2009 on the record?  As we can see this account was not so accurate at all. Perhaps it was because someone saw her there--like the eye in the sky camera surveillance which is in most storage facilities?  Let's play devil's advocate here for a moment; let's say that it was all seemingly innocent and coincidental that they were there a few hours before Michael's entrance into the afterlife.  What is a continuous brain bender and a tad bit of an anomaly for me here is the fact that even though these women were sisters they still could not get nor keep their stories straight. 

Upon review of this account given by Ms. Middleton it is clear to me that her thing is deny, deny, deny.  She informed the reporter that Conrad Murray did not advise her to go to the storage shed to retrieve any articles as well. She contends that she did not speak with Conrad Murray on the morning of June 25th, 2009 at all.  Furthermore, Ms. Middleton stated that she would frequent this storage shed on a regular basis without a directive from her boss Conrad Murray. 
Although, it seems to be the voice of LaQuanda on the passenger side of the vehicle commenting on jumping to conclusions you cannot see this person.  The reporter states for the record that this is not the case and this is not his goal.  LaQuisha then informs the reporter that she removed a chair and that was all when questioned about which articles she removed from the storage shed.  The reporter alludes to the staff of the storage facility which stated that Ms. Middleton brought back several boxes in a black Mercedes. 
 I wonder where the black Mercedes came from?  Who could afford such a nice car?

Officially for the record Ms. Middleton states she doesn't know anything about a black Mercedes and also says that she was in the current vehicle which the interview took place in.  The reporter then asks her if she heard about the black Mercedes story and she states she did and when he asks her if she thinks they lied she says yes a bold face lie  Ms. Middleton states that the timing regarding  her trip to the storage facility was coincidental.  She also states that she had not spoken to Conrad Murray in awhile-when ask how long she stated she could not say.  She states that Conrad Murray is OK.  The reporter then asks is Conrad Murray upset--in a bad shape she nods and then states she doesn't know.   
As family we all know one another right?  I mean like my sister-I know her well.  I actually know something she would say and how to reply to something. Although I am not her if faced with a situation regarding her-NO COMMENT would be the operative response.  Yes, since we are speaking of the family we will address the uncle of the now aforementioned dynamic duo Mr. Joseph Middleton.  Now accordingly Mr. Middleton states that on the morning of June 25th, 2009 LaQuisha received a telephone call.  However, unbeknown to Mr. Middleton according to his account is the identity of the caller. It could have very well been anyone which caused LaQuisha (get this people) without her sister--in the company of another unknown woman to go to the storage shed and collect a few articles.

Pardon me, here I go again what happened to the sharps container?  Did it just vanish from planet earth as we know it?  Now it is just a chair???  Pardon me here, how stupid to they take us for to presume we can not pick apart minor/major inconsistencies in a story?  This happens all the time with children if they fib.  You can pick out the parts that are omitted or just a lie.  Why would Ms. Middleton leave out the sharps container? Would it be evidence--is this the case?  I would still like to know what would be the reason to store sharps in a storage shed!  This is a dangerous practice when you really consider it.  What if for some reason the bio-hazard container breaks?  This is why they have professional waste management services as they are properly trained to deal with this situation effectively.

Last but not least Ms. Lyon the Self Storage facility manager in her own words.  Ms. Lyon states that there were two women and they were the managers for Conrad Murray.  She stated that the women were not at the storage facility for over thirty minutes and that they came in a Mercedes. Ms. Lyon also stated that there was another vehicle there that the boxes were being loaded into-she said that it was an old vehicle. To the credit of  Ms. Middleton & Ms. Price--Ms. Lyon stated that the did not look nervous.  

I would not be nervous either if I was not informed until after the fact of what had transpired.  I am just a regular employee. I am doing what I was directed to do-which would be to remove articles from somewhere and bring them to wheresoever I am told.  After the fact I ponder if they were made aware of what had transpired and how to answer questions.  Whosoever instructed them on what to say did NOT do a good job.  The federal agents swarmed the storage facility according to Ms. Lyon now just what could they have been looking for?  

**For the record I do not think that Ms. Lyon was lying do you?  It seems that we can focus on the story of a stripper; however, when things look you right in the face which conflict with one another how easily this is forgotten......