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Michael had incredible resolve in the face of adversities and obstacles. To me Michael was a fighter! *Michael just out did other humans this is where all the hate and envy came from. I feel often most times supporters and fans the like put Michael on this angelic plane as if he did not have problems.  Yes I do believe that Michael was sent to us by GOD to do work here on earth however GOD chose to send Michael to us in the form of a human being.

Michael Jackson's Will You Be There

When Michael experienced the horrible burn accident that happened to him he required something for the pain--he had sustained third degree burns!  A part of me thinks that Michael was in pain long afterward.  I don't think that the pain he experienced from that accident ever subsided.   He again was human and as a direct result of that he formed an addiction to the pain killers that were prescribed to relieve this pain.  Michael was not exempt from experiencing an addiction to any substances because he was "Michael Jackson". 

I honestly think that it is time for supporters and fans to face reality that Michael was a human being.  He might have been a super hero to millions of people however he hurt, bled, and felt pain just like the rest of us.  It is not impossible for him to have formed an addiction to anything.  Millions of people have suffered with addictions as the direct result of pain killers which were prescribed after a very bad accident.  Why would it be impossible for Michael to have experienced this?

Michael was no exclusion and he was not perfect.  I often think that Michael was under enormous pressure!  I would like to invite someone to try and cope with everything which he was subjected to and then tell me if you would...

I am starting to think that if you say Michael was anything but angelic--you will have personal attacks coming from every which direction. It seems that some people are in a serious denial about Michael's humanity. There is also a serious denial factor transpiring regarding Michael having no exemptions from experiencing pain or problems just like the rest of usI apologize for having to be the one to destroy this illusion and fantasy world that some people are in.  It is not my intent to shatter anyone's glass house.

Did it ever occur to anyone that Michael still experienced pain and was unable to sleep as a direct result?  We are not even going to get into the various adversities which caused him pain of a different kind--which Michael had to suffer and endure.  I think Michael was the most exploited person that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  

Michael Jackson Artwork by Deviant Art Artists

Through out all of this exploitation that Michael was confronted with--he still got on that stage and put on one heck of a great show.  Michael was superhuman from this perspective!  Michael was a showman by trade make no mistake about it--phenomenal and riveting performances are what you got from him.  I think this is a testament to Michael's natural strength, ability, genius, endurance, and perseverance as a man. I am not singing the Michael was perfect song here.  I am singing the Michael was a great human being song here.  Michael was a human being that cared more about others than he did his own-self!

We as fans and supporters also put Michael under lots of pressure.  All those concerts flying from country to country this puts a great toll on a person.  Not only that Michael could not go out like a normal human being to the store or to explore normal things which we all take for granted.  He was consistently being mobbed and harassed by people that posed a security risk to him.  Imagine being confined to a several million dollar home most of your life and the only time you can leave your home is to perform for people. What is much worse about this is your home is nice--and it has become a virtual prison. Your are sentenced to a lifetime of virtual confinement in your wonderful and fabulous home. I am quite sure that Michael did not wish to spend every waking moment confined to his home as a recluse.

When Michael wanted to take to the world and explore real life without being noticed--he had to utilize a disguise to do it.  How about him having the ability to just be Michael??  What happened to that?  I can recall a statement that Michael made regarding how when he would go to parties how they would expect him to perform and he was there to enjoy himself and the environment.  It was like if he went to a party or any public venue a performance was expected.   

Imagine what it must be like to not have privacy or not be bothered when you just did not feel to.  I think we as fans need to consider that Michael was human and he had problems just like everyone else.  Make no mistake it took lots of resolve to be Michael! 

**However, I am still trying to figure out what is the crime regarding being human aren't we all???


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