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Hello, pardon me may I monopolize your attention for a moment. Where are these women?? *They must have dropped off the face of the earth.  You know here today gone tomorrow?? Well actually they did not--at least NOT with me around they will not get off so easily trust me on that.  I have one better than that--their stories are conflicting accounts.  *That was not a figment of our imagination!  

Therefore, I will now highlight these two women.  Should they try to disappear again I will keep at this for the duration of the entire trial.  I will pursue this until I see that they are questioned regarding these two videos and any other pertinent information that they may have quite possibly withheld from the authorities.  I will be unrelenting with the exposure which I will place upon these two women! Every waking moment which I have an opportunity to ask why are they not being highlighted--I shall.  If you ask me these two videos need to be entered into evidence!  These are direct questions which these two women were asked and they answered! There are two variations of the same story told by these two different individuals.  I would like to take this time to remind all of you that they are speaking of exactly the same event! Thus it makes these videos valid evidence--now if this does not constitute evidence then what does????!

I would love an opportunity to review just who is on the list for the prosecution--NO REALLY!  Now based on the video of one LaQuanda Price she alluded to a statement which was very suggestive that she no longer worked for Conrad Murray.   Ms. Price also stated that she did not wish to answer any more questions. She deferred further requests for questioning by the reporter to her sister LaQuisha Middleton. She stated that she did not go with her sister LaQuisha to the storage facility. Ms. Price also stated that her sister went to the storage facility on her own.  She stated to the reporter that the she did not know when Conrad Murray had contacted her sister.
 *Please note that this is NOT the actual storage container used by Conrad Murray for this instance
there were actually two sheds and this is the second one pictured here.  This picture is just for illustration purposes only.

Moving forward, Ms. Price was questioned by the reporter regarding some vials in a box her answer: "what vials"?  She also stated that her sister took out a box from the storage facility she then alluded to stating that it came here.  Now having some comprehension at this point I am going to presume that she did mean the medical offices of Conrad Murray by stating the word "here".  Ms. Price stated when the medical offices were being raided  they could have taken everything.  It was also stated by her that "we" did not talk to Conrad Murray  (*Please be clear here Ms. Price who is "we" can "we" get a name?) until after (after what?) she got back. 

I also find it odd that they were doing some spring cleaning in that medical office (note: spring cleaning is usually done in the spring not the summer)how convenient.  The reporter then posed a question just where did she get the directive to move the boxes or anything around from?  The reporter clearly inquires if it was Conrad Murray which issued the directive to her sister. Ms. Price clearly replies that there was no directive issued by Conrad Murry at all which called for the collection of this container to be removed from the storage shed.  By this time Ms. Price appears to be under stress and quite flustered; moreover, she is noticeably agitated.  She appeared to become increasing uncomfortable; this was extremely evident during this line of questioning.  *Ms. Price then references a bio-hazard sharps container.
She states that it was not a box that her sister moved and that it was a device in which you place needles in.  If this was the case this is called a sharps container. I do hope this was not a hazardous waste product removed from a storage shed!  It is extremely difficult to comprehend her addressing the sharps container because of word pronunciation with regard to the device utilized to store needles. She appeared to state that this was the item removed from the storage shed!

Please pardon me while I interject for a moment here if you will. If you are any type of medical personal reading this you should be horrified!  No professional--(M.D./ R.N./ P.A./ N.P.) or otherwise  is required to move any sharps containers which are marked for proper disposal ever!  There is a hazardous waste company which comes to dispose of all of the material labeled in red with the hazardous material sticker/sign!  What medical professionals are trained to do is ensure that all safety precautions and procedures are followed regarding the safe handling and disposal process of bio-hazardous materials.

It is NOT only this; moreover, out of that comes a bigger revelation. There had to be a sharps container at Michael's residence--by right there should have been!  Michael was being given intravenous drugs. The hazardous waste guidelines dictate that there be a sharps container to  properly dispose of the catheter and/or any or discarded needles!  YES, this sharps container which should have been at Hombley would have held the key to many things. It would have contained Michael's blood; therefore ending the mystery regarding what medications he was given. This would have been  solved early on by locating the sharps container and in the disposed materials therein. If you recall there were early reports that Michael was given Demerol and like substances. Please see the link below for an outline of the proper disposal of hazardous medical waste materials:
Sharps (2)
Here is really great resource regarding the proper disposal of bio-hazardous materials.

What is more of a stunning revelation is that there is not a listing in the search warrant when they were conducting the investigation of  Holmby  of a sharps container!  *I am guilty of having missed this while I was sleeping-to Michael I apologize for this oversight.  It is also very hard to locate articles which reference Michael's home being searched after the ensuing chaos/aftermath regarding the disappearance of Conrad Murray.
Search Affidavit Vegas

 Warrant issued for Applied Pharmacy Services6370 West Flamingo Suite '1 Las Vegas Clark County which included information regarding what was found on the  premises of Michael's Home in Hombley Hills.   
*Please direct your attention to pages # 4 and #6.

This gets me seriously why is there no mention of that sharps container?  Where is it???  Who is it-that took this container.  Please do not tell me that Conrad Murray was not taking special precautionary measures concerning the proper disposal of hazardous materials!  Do not tell me that he had no sharps container present!

Now mind you in all of this there was a wild goose chase for evidence conducted by the LAPD regarding Murray's vehicle which presumably contained some medications or other evidence early on do you recall this?  There was even talk of some evidence which the police seized.  Well here please allow me to refresh your memory below:

I will now switch my focus back to Ms. Price.  She states that her sister LaQuisha was her office manager. She has also stated many times that she no longer worked at the medical offices of Conrad Murray was this true on the day of the storage shed visit? How is it that Ms. Middleton would know her sister's every move that particular day if she was not present with her?  She alluded to this by stating that Conrad Murry did not contact her sister and request that the bio-hazard sharps container  be removed from the storage facility.

Having stated all of this we are going to now have a look at part two of this INX-Tigation series.  The focus of this will be LaQuisha Middleton's statement which conflicts with that of her sister. It seems that we can focus on the story of a stripper; however, when things look you right in the face which conflict with one another how easily this is forgotten......