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We the Michael Jackson fans of Argentina require a moment your time and support. Please help us to stop the Infinity Channel-one of our cable channel providers! The Infinity Channel refuses to respond favorably to our many requests NOT to broadcast the Living With Michael Jackson documentary on June 25th, 2010 at 10pm and on June 27th at 12.00 pm.

In continuing with the defamation of Michael Jackson's character even after his legacy to the world it seems that they still wish to proceed with broadcasting this type of biased programming. Respectively, should this be the case- the Infinity Channel should collectively give a thought regarding the option of broadcasting the other side of this. Take Two should be run directly after this biased account to show the masses how this is public slander concerning Michael. Major networks such as the Infinity Channel have the task of maintaining objectivity and a moral standard of media which includes broadcast ethics.
We have sent numerous emails of protest requesting that the Infinity Channel NOT broadcast this biased account of Michael which was manipulated and altered from its true form with respect to content and tone. This documentary was manipulated and used as a weapon to distort the truth and evoke mean-spirited responses.

We have received an answer from the Infinite Cable Channel-it states as follows:

The Infinity Channel has claimed they have no intention  of tarnishing the legacy of Michael Jackson and plans to broadcast a documentary about Michael before his death.

Thus we as Michael's supporters and fans are once again being taken for fools. This is the reason why I am requesting the union of all fans in Michael's name all over the world to prevent further damage to his image for the sake of his children! The URL to the channel to send your complaints to is listed below:

*Thanking You Very Much For Your Support In Advance!

-Ms. Mabel Padder

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Footnotes By X1:

Turner Broadcasting System:
The Infinito Channel which is set to broadcast living with Michael Jackson is part of the Turner Broadcasting Network. 

Turner Broadcasting System:
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, is a major producer of news and entertainment product around the world and a leading provider of programming to the cable television industry.

Turner Latin America:

The channels in Latin America are controlled by "Turner Broadcasting System Latin America", headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It broadcasts Latin American versions of U.S. channels, and also channels that are exclusive for the region.

Here is the contact information for the US/Latin Division of Turner

Contact Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. at the following address:

One CNN Center
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: 404-827-1700

Infinito Channel Contact Information:

Street Address     Melian 2752
City     Buenos Aires
Country     Argentina
Postal/Zip Code     1430
Telephone     +54 11 4546 8000
Telefax     +54 11 4546 8001
Home Page

Juan Iramain
Turner International Argentina
54 11 43183107

Here is some additional contact information:

Contact Info:
Caroline Rittenberry
(404) 827-1035