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In a few days, on June 14, Conrad Murray will face a judge the third time - following the court dates in February and April. We, Michael's supporters and fans, pursue the same objectives - we want the truth to be acknowledged. We want everyone who had a hand in the tragic events of June 25 - in the open, in the light of day - to face the consequences for this. 

Michael Jackson Scream
We are all aware what we are up against. I do not need to remind you - all of this we all know! Anyone who followed Michael and the events in his life has an idea of the extent and the magnitude of the powers which may be and are involved. *I personally think it is a combination of various powers coming together here.

There is another layer on top of it, covering it and manipulating public perception and opinion - the media. When I think back of the days, weeks, and months following June 25, there were two main issues supporters and fans were facing - the shock and the pain, and the massive intake of often contradicting and incomplete pieces of information. Contradictions and gaps - this is what was prevalent in what we got to see and read.

If you make a step back now and look at what I just presented to you - the extent of what we are facing - one thing becomes clear. We may come from different backgrounds and angles, we may have different opinions, we may see the events of June 25 from different perspectives, but above all - we, all of the supporters and fans of Michael, must not allow anyone or anything to divide us. We need to be united - and stay united, having one voice. Or we will fail. By unity, we will achieve what our hearts desire - let the truth be known.

- Blanaid X Lives