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This is an issue which requires clarification and resolution for once and for all--put it to bed!  Right now Michael's records are being broken.  What I mean is that all of his work is being overshadowed because of this current discrepancy!  Please allow the legacy to shine--untarnished and unmatched--UNBREAKABLE!  Why not hire your own  independent people to evaluate these recordings??? We can go on and on for days regarding authenticity. What moves are being made by doing this??? What is being accomplished by consistently--one by one--each individual coming forward and stating that the songs are not Michael's vocals???!!!

**All this does is keep negative stories in the press regarding the family and Michael!   At the end of the day a bunch of statments are not about an action that was taken regarding the root of the problem.  To tackle this head on you must kill the weed!  Get at the root of the issue and address it properly!  At least if it is going to be challenged make sure that it is done in the proper forum--this is all I am saying. 
I am not saying that Randy does not have the right to disagree or challenge this.  Moreover, anyone of them can do the same. They have this right however, why keep rehashing this on a social network where there is no legal standing??? Should this be the case pick a news show and go on the air about this rather than the tabloids scanning your Twitter Accounts for things. Presentation is everything clear the air in the proper forum with dignity stick to your convictions--stand and be accounted for!!  If this is what you feel that has to be done, do it respectfully with a team of attorneys/ ad litem for your family!!!  
This way no matter what the outcome or the media consensus you will have your pride, dignity, honor, and respect at the end of the day. You will be at peace with your decisions knowing did something for your brother which you believe is real from the bottom of your heart-- something honest, pure, and truthful.  Every man writes what his history and legacy will be.  A man is only as good as his word so if this is your word stand up and address it properly.
Some supporters/fans may not purchase this album. However the scope of  reality dictates that the majority will!!! Just because of all the fuss and controversy made over it-- people are curious and such is life!  Moreover, I am awaiting the Casico's release of these tapes! We don't know what is on them either....I steer clear of commenting on private family issues however if it affects the supporters and fans! I am there! Currently, there is  a huge wedge being driven between us. On one side you have the people that state the tracks are Michael.  And on the other side you have the people that disagree and state the tracks are not Michael. This is separating people this has to stop now. This is where I speak up, really someone has to!