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Me personally I am just sitting back watching some things here.  Does anyone realize that people which had nothing to do with Michael for years are now involving themselves in this situation daily?  Yes, now everyone knows and loves Michael most. Where were they in 1993, 2003, and any other time Michael needed them most?

When Michael was alive because of his status everything around him was questionable meaning the people.  What makes anyone think that any of this has changed since Michael's passing? Michael has journeyed into the afterlife. The same people that had a hand in this are still alive, well, and around. 

Truth of the matter is everyone has their hand out for a pay-out/pay-off/pay-up.  Now this is a far cry from Sony these are just people that are opportunists and want to live off of Michael.  There are people making a living by living off the legacy of Michael Jackson. They have been doing this for many years when he was alive and now they are professionals at it.  It is a profitable business and everyone wants a cut. 

I believe that people are making a living by pulling the purse strings of Michael's fan base now.  What infurates me even more about this situation is that the fans often think that everyone that says Michael's name is genuine. I assure you this is not the case.  There are people in places that have connections which in this case most could only imagine to have an idea about.  When you really begin to look at things from the top instead of looking superfically at what is presented to you--it is amazing what you will find.

Everyone is on a team. Pro, con, you can call it what you like.  The real people are sitting back and watching this entire thing.  There are people which appear to be working on the same team; however, in reality they are not.  All you need to do is listen to their statements conflict and contradict each other. The real players are pulling major strings here and calling the shots from behind the scenes.  All I have done is gotten to know the players by following their actions.  

*Everyone is on a team.

If people truly think and believe that justice will be found via an album and a boycott--and that someone's heart will skip a beat behind it think again.This goes far more deeper than that album--far more deeper than present occurrences. Pay attention to the people calling the shots then look at the people behind them for your answers.  Whatever your decisions are you have the right to them just please look behind the front men.