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To anyone reading this blog entry if you are standing up right now please take a seat . Please I am very serious.  Please grant me a few moments of your time while I appeal to you. What I am about to say is being done out of love.  It is better that I prepare you for this should it come to be.  The trial of Conrad Murray will be up and coming in 2011 and before we get there I think that I should warn you guys of a few things.

THE KING would tell us to be strong! Scheme as they may no one will take the crown!-X1
Please be prepared for an onslaught of media coverage-- quite possibly none will be very flattering for Michael.  This may very well be the worst assassination of Michael’s character to date. The media will take the most hideous and controversial aspects from the testimony of the hearings or trial and exploit it for financial gain.  This is nothing new.  The tabloids have been doing this to Michael for the duration of his life and just as well in Michael’s afterlife. Quite simply, they hate that which they cannot comprehend.  Michael will always be THE KING.  No matter how they attempt to defame him it is not possible!
Therefore, please, prepare yourself for information about Michael’s private life--that  which you may not have ever heard of before--should they attempt this.  They may dismantle Michael’s life should this become an actual trial. And you know what, some of the most private moments which we have not ever been privy to may be exposed if it has anything to do with medications. The defense team for Conrad Murray may attempt to make Michael out to be a doctor shopper.  Furthermore, anything they can do to deflect the attention from Murray’s self-admission of guilt they may try—gloves off no holds barred. I pray I am mistaken about this.

The picture that Conrad Murray’s defense team may attempt to paint regarding Michael may not be too nice.  This may be a three ring circus and a smear campaign!  If Conrad Murray should decide to plead out (which is something that he stated he will not do) this may not be the case. In his mental convolution and dementia Conrad Murray has concocted this story about how he has done nothing wrong.  He really believes this!  Conrad Murray is in denial big time!

Conrad Murray No Remorse
The defense team of Conrad Murray may pull every dirty trick in the book to free him.  Please be advised that Conrad Murray may not get a four year sentence.  He could get from probation up to four years as his charges stipulate four years as the maximum  possible sentence to be imposed.  Another key point to make is that the judge may not allow the case to be admitted due to the lack there of/or tampering with the evidence. I know that something of this magnitude will upset many people-including me.

There may be witnesses called to the stand that you did not expect to hear from.  Anyone in that house on June 25th, 2009 is a potential witness and subject to cross examination via Conrad Murray’s defense team.  There may also be potential witnesses for the defense you did not expect. Michael had many types of people around him.  I want you to remember this.  

Us doing what we do best in this situation:) being there for Michael!
On a positive note I don’t think they will put Michael’s children though this and I do think they will record their testimony should they require it.  At this time I pray for the best and my hopes are that justice will prevail.  I indeed pray that some closure shall derive out of this--closure for the Jackson Family as well as the supporters and fans which have fought so tirelessly and endlessly in the defense of Michael since that fateful day on June 25, 2009.  I will end on this note may God Bless us all and see us through.

Love Your Brother,



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