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Michael Jackson RIP By Sorceress2000
INX is an adult page.* The content here is about reality as it is. Here we take a look at things which most people don't & this is how we deliver a blow by blow account of things.  As you can see we have figured out a great deal of many things. We have highlighted things not just about Michael here but about the world which we live in. Everything is not a song & a dance. To make things a song & a dance we have some problems to solve. Michael was about that--solving problems. However, how can you ever solve anything if all the material is based on videos, & light posts--meaning no food for thought! 

INX page is for people that like to use their minds--it is virtual brain food! Just as you have things which stimulate your brain in terms of art and visuals you also need something to stimulate you educationally as well.  Often times I see many different pages out there some good & some are just down right out horrible to be honest. What many pages are missing is Michael's Message! You don't always need a video or a picture of Michael to see that message--it is universal. How are we honoring Michael in any capacity if we are not promoting his message??? I ask. While the videos, pictures, and art are all wonderful I think the essence of what Michael stood for often gets lost in them. 

Often times the infatuation regarding Michael is so powerful that sometimes his message is being lost in it. The most important thing that Michael had to offer us all in my opinion WAS HIS MESSAGE.  If we loose that we have lost everything I am afraid:( We have to be brave enough to take a look at some things that are not nice and figure out a way to fix them. If you have any children think of how the world is today and then consider what their tomorrow will be like...



Michael Jackson RIP By Sorceress2000