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X1 For The Record:

I would like to personally address some statements which are currently unfounded and making their way around the internet. There are some statements which reference members of the community as “Branca Fans” this is just one among many baseless and meritless claims. Please allow me in my vehemence to be emphatically clear and candid regarding this.  We on IXL & INX are supporters! We support the preservation of anything which is for the enrichment and betterment of Michael Jackson’s legacy which is to be a continuously beneficial foundation for his children. Yes, we support that--we always have and always will!

After stunning revelations some members of the community took it upon themselves to act as official spokespersons for the Michael Jackson Estate. These individuals automatically operated under the assumption that the estate had actually succumbed to the demands of the HTWF Charity via a settlement of litigation.


Some also referenced (in their own public addresses) that the public statement which was in circulation via the estate was false! Aside from that people were also called “Stupid Branca Fans” or the one I love most "BRANCA PLANTS"! These statements are the most absurd, puerile, stupefied, and let’s not forget downright dim-witted!

In all actuality The Estate of Michael Jackson was able to gain control over the many trademarks and the charity name. This would mean effectively that the special administrators once again not only protected Michael’s interest financially (IP Rights)--they also protected an important part of Michael’s legacy (Charity) and his image!  To deny this would be absurd, puerile, stupefied and let’s not forget dim-witted! As I've stated prior there was more to this than what was being circulated by the tabloids at first glance.

Michael Jackson Estate v. HTW Trial Brief What You Did Not See In Circulation

There is now a great hypocrisy transpiring. For several months now, The Estate of Michael Jackson and its administrators have been subjected to a beating--erroneous claims, numerous falsehoods, many lies, and, concocted rumors.  Yes, what do they say now??? All of these rumors and fictitious statements are distortions so far from the actual truth. None of them are backed by any substantial proof—just unsubstantiated hearsay and conjecture! With all of the accusatory statements and blatant lies which have been verified as unfounded claims regarding The Estate of Michael Jackson--it appears now we are seeing a different sort of “Gravy Train Approach”-- vainglorious via the Twitterloid.

Finally, someone has stepped up and kept it real regarding all of these insinuations and frivolous claims! Yes indeed, what do they say now that we have the statement of Mrs. Jackson which is totally against what Latoya Jackson has stated about The Estate of Michael Jackson & its administrators?  You have people which have based their entire status in the community on the "GET BRANCA MANTRA":

"Katherine Jackson, the mother of the late Michael Jackson, says she is aware of NO evidence to support any sort of conspiracy surrounding his death. A number of people, including MJ's sister La Toya Jackson, have suggested there was a conspiracy among people close to the star to kill Michael. La Toya said she believes people were involved who remain closely involved with the singer's estate, but Katherine has all but shot that down."
"It is only natural for people who loved Michael, including family members, to be suspicious about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s untimely death. So far I have not seen one shred of evidence that anyone associated with Michael’s estate conspired to kill him. She continues, "If such evidence ever comes to my attention I will be the first to bring those facts to light.  No one loved Michael more than I loved him, but no one should be falsely accused, as Michael was, of a crime they did not commit."

On one of the pages I administer called INX someone even went as far as to suggest Mrs. Jackson was a liar by saying that she was being diplomatic with her statement!  Either you are saying it is a lie or you are not there is no diplomacy when dealing with tarnishing the reputations of people! To even suggest such a thing without there being a formal investigation (Interfor is hearsay no wrong doing was ever found!) and no merit regarding any allegation of these proportions is slanderous! I am clear this is why Mrs. Jackson stepped in and corrected this as she knows the particulars surrounding what occurred with Michael moreso than the general public or anyone else does for that matter.

There is now language being utilized which is along the lines of allowing “The Parties” to continue their work and, “Tone It Down” references (Abundant Laughter).  Now all of a sudden—low and behold-- there are requests to “Tone It Down”—since they have been exposed as being incorrect regarding several statements which they have made. Pardon me; last I checked there are no parties because there is no further litigation transpiring at current time! Furthermore, that would be the incorrect way to utilize this term. Moreover, now that the estate has the charity and will monitor it—that’s what I call sweet justice--victory. Michael gets his charity back—good work special administrators—BRAVO, Hip Hip Hooray, A Standing Ovation I applaud you!

I WILL BE EXTREMELY pleased when Mrs. Jackson starts contributing to HTWF. This will be a wonderful thing! Then we can stop all of this riff raff surrounding what is the estate doing with the charity money for once and for all! Also, Michael’s children will have the benefit of seeing what rewards come from helping the disadvantaged and the happiness that making a difference in someone’s life can bring. This is what Michael was about. We can now cut a rug and do the “VICTORY DANCE” for that!