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Originally Published:  On 9/11/2010  As: TO THE FAMILIES OF 9/11--I WISH YOU PEACE AND LOVE

Republication Date: 9/11/2011 As: TO THE FAMILIES OF 9/11 WHAT MORE CAN YOU GIVE



*Wow today marks the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. As a New Yorker I am really moved by this day as it was a tragic event much like the loss of Michael for me. Today is compelling and quite reflective—it is a true testimonial of just how things can go so wrong. I will not ever forget growing up in Downtown Manhattan during my youth and seeing those towers being erected shortly before I moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. Just as well I watched Michael on my television set growing up as a boy.

Our hearts go out to the families of 9/11 that are seeking justice for their loved ones as we seek Justice 4 Michael Jackson—WE SUPPORT YOU. We are now nearing the time of The Conrad Murray Trial. You the families of 911 and your perseverance, bravery, and due diligence in the plight for justice is awe inspiring. What more can you give?

Till this day you still are motivated to seek truth and justice for your loved ones--thus is the power of love. We have lost so much our legacy--the memories of these tragic events stand as a testament to remind us just how precious life is. We cannot ever take it for granted. Our legacy also consists of strength and resilience which the many families affected have shown us. They which have fought tirelessly from day one of ground zero to the present. What more can you give?

Therefore, on this day we are asking everyone to let the people which are important in your life know that you love them no matter what. Many of the people in the World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2 and all around that area did not get this opportunity on that fateful day. We wish much love, and blessings to you--the families--this goes out from our family to yours, from the bottom of our hearts. You're in our prayers...They survive and live through you.  We must continue in our fight for justice just as there are so many injustices regarding the world in which we live.  An injustice against one is injustice against us all. We stand together in this what more can we give?

We would also like to humbly request that every please continue to support our cause as we actively rally against injustice, racism, and hate. The movement must stay strong, current--in the forefront of the minds of everyone. Please invite everyone which can help us here! Together we can make a difference!

I must express that MJSAHR is working!  To date this movement which was started by a few individuals that care now has over 15,300 people that feel the same way about it. We are all connected, we are also all successful. To date we have been able to remove over 150 hate groups off of the Facebook social network. It appears as if they are starting hear us. However we are not done here we've got a long way to go to remove lots more of this hate. We're just getting started please join us in a rally of support if you have not already.