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The audacity and total lack of credibility--the arrogance of these doctors turned journalist! When they cross this invisible realm or threshold of the media there is no turning back. Once having crossed the line they become part of the pobagandizing machine! The media uses this machine to convince anyone which is foolish enough to listen. These are the systemic brainwashing techniques used upon many individuals which don't possess the capacity to think for themselves. The masses are brainwashed into the belief that everything which the media publishes or televises is correct!  The public automatically assumes that because these individuals have the backing of a MD, Ph.D,  ABC or a simple doe--re--me, that they are receiving credible information. Please be mindful that this information is being disseminated to the masses via the media worldwide!

Under what justification do you brand an entire fan base or paint many people with the same brush? Moreover, where is your conclusive and documented research evidence which allows you to address the issue of fans or supporters of Michael Jackson? Furthermore, how is it that you presume to know about the fan base of Michael Jackson? Does Ms. Walsh rely on reports by going in the trenches with the supporters & fans during the court dates to see what it is they are attempting to express? Or does Ms. Walsh rely solely upon what society labels and brands people as--you know the stereotypical, mundane, conservative garbage? OK one for the trash
receptacles please.

Please see the following Video:

It's evident she hasn't done any research for her to make any type of valid television psychoanalysis or character assessment. She cannot do this regarding Michael's supporters or fans because she has not had ANY OPEN DIALOGUE WITH THEM!

Ms. Walsh apparently requires us to be very psychoanalytical regarding her approach. She's attempting to insinuate that what Conrad Murray did does not warrant any emotion or outrage. I have news for you and your theory Ms. Walsh--the entire world isn't loosing their minds! Ms. Walsh should be stripped of her license she knows nothing about critical thinking, humanity, or the study of the human condition. People are passionate and emotional regarding this trial because it is a travesty of justice and a mockery of the justice system!

As to your implication--regarding the diagnosis of "fantasy" this relays that you're the dreamer here. The entire medical community is up in arms regarding Conrad Murray's actions. I now suggest that you seek therapy if you don't comprehend the reality and ramifications of this situation. It appears that you are out of touch. Please, Ms. Walsh allow me to enlighten you. Here's what your colleagues in the medical community have to state for the record regarding this:


"Dr. Marc Siegel Internist and Associate Professor NYU School of Medicine:
  • "The drugs that were found in Michael Jackson’s body included the sedative lorazepam, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, ephedrine, and most importantly propofol. These are not the kinds of medications that good medical standards of practice would allow. And yet, very little was done by the board of medical examiners, both in California and in Texas, where he practices, to keep Murray from continuing to practice medicine." "I believe that anyone is “innocent until proven guilty.” But the oath to “do no harm” taken by all physicians must to be taken seriously. Patients and families trust physicians to do good by them. When any patient – including celebrities – requests that we provide them with things that we as scientists know can be harmful, there is very little one can do but to take away the privilege from the health care provider"

"Dr. Elaina George An Otolaryngologist In Atlanta:
  • "No," says Dr. Elaina George, an Otolaryngologist out of Atlanta. Dr. George argues that Jackson was not the one to blame for his untimely death. She explains that physicians have an oath to "not do harm" to their patients and that by giving Jackson such a deadly combination of drugs, Dr. Murray violated that oath. Michael Jackson did not have a chance' was my first thought when I read the report that just came out about what caused his untimely and tragic death," says Dr. George, who generally serves as an advocate for other physicians. "I was unprepared for the absolute disregard for the first tenant of the doctors' Hippocratic Oath – 'First do no harm." There was no way that harm would not have come to Mr. Jackson. It was beyond negligent to give him a mixture of three different kinds of sedatives, a muscle relaxant, an antidepressant in addition to Propofol, a general anesthetic that is only used in an operating room setting (because it can stop someone’s breathing). Each of these drugs by themselves can be lethal, but together it is a recipe that will almost definitely kill someone. I can think of no medical scenario that would justify mixing these kinds of drugs. Hopefully, Mr. Jackson’s death will teach us that prescription drugs, though helpful are no substitute for doctors doing everything in their power to protect the health of their patients, including just saying no when it is appropriate.Anna Nicole and Heath Ledger are two celebrities that died from drug interactions. The death of Michael Jackson and his relationship with Dr. Murray is the most recent example that highlights the danger of the ‘doctor on retainer’. This relationship is based on a contract that makes the doctor an employee, in essence changing a relationship that should be equal, to one where the patient can dictate the course of treatment. This shift in power can potentially blur the lines that must be maintained for a healthy doctor/patient relationship. It then can place a physician in a position where he/she may be prescribing medication in a way that is not clinically appropriate because the patient demands it. This needs to be examined and changed. As a society we need to take a look at the culture of prescription medication as the cure all. There is a perception that we can treat anything by taking a pill. This concept has been fostered by the pharmaceutical industry and their constant advertising. There are pills to make you happy, perform better sexually, help your memory, make you feel younger etc… In reality all of these medications have one thing in common; they simply manage the symptoms instead of healing the problem. Perhaps the best thing that can come out of the tragedy of Michael Jackson’s death is the examination of our culture of disease. Maybe it will change the paradigm to prevention and to healing disease instead of managing it with an endless list of prescription medications."

Dr. Lloyd Saberski, A Yale University Anesthesiologist Editor In Chief The Pain Clinic:
  • "Propofol has no place in a household," said Dr. Lloyd Saberski, a Yale University anesthesiologist and editor in chief of the journal The Pain Clinic. "This alone is a deviation, and many laws were likely violated just to get the propofol there."

Dr. Howard Nearman, Chairman Of The Anesthesiology DepartmentUniversity Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland:

  • "Moreover, an injection of the drug requires that someone be present to continually administer it intravenously, said Dr. Howard Nearman, chairman of the anesthesiology department at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. Nearman said there "absolutely" had to be a second party with Jackson if indeed he was using the drug to sleep."
  • "But despite the effects and risk profile of the drug, Nearman said that patients who've had the drug describe it as inducing "a very pleasant sleep" that "has the potential to be habit-forming."
  • "Propofol is an agent that requires very close monitoring and is often limited only to use by anesthesiologists," said Dr. Richard Page, head of cardiology at the University of Washington medical center. "The main issue with this agent is respiratory depression, which in turn could cause cardiac arrest."

Dr. Brian Olshansky, Cardiologist University Of Iowa:
  • "It is a very dangerous drug," said Dr. Brian Olshansky, a cardiologist at the University of Iowa who said he often uses the drug to place patients in deep sedation for certain heart procedures. "It is not for sleep. I cannot imagine anyone would use this outside a very regulated environment such as the availability of emergency respiratory equipment."
  • "It rapidly induces unconsciousness and apnea," Olshansky said. "People stop breathing within seconds of being given the drug."
  • "These characteristics of the drug make it an exceedingly unusual choice for abuse, said Dr. Jeff Guy of Vanderbilt University, who said such a situation would represent "a quantum leap in the issue of substance abuse."

Daniel K Sokol, Lecturer: Medical Ethics & Law, St George’s, University of London:
  • In medical school we teach students to be aware of the power differential between doctor and patient. In a hospital setting, patients may be sick, frightened, and medically unsophisticated. Doctors, on the other hand, are generally healthy, medically knowledgeable, and in a familiar environment. Such is the typical clinical encounter."

*Quotes As Cited Above From X1 Blogger Hippocratic Oath 2 Blog Entry:

Do these members of the medical community--which would more than likely be ashamed to be mentioned in the same sentence as you appear to be having any delusional "fantasies"? The Michael Jackson base which you have just banded as "fantasy" are the ones which have the medical community at large supporting and supplying them with facts. Ms. Walsh what pages or websites did you visit to come to this conclusion? You surely haven't visited any of mine. If you visited one of my sites you'd be clear for the record and not exhibiting delusional tendencies. To state that we are "all in a fantasy" is a broad sweep by definition.  Lady get real it seems we supporters have more sense to back what we state with valid and conclusive evidence than you do. Ms. Walsh, what have you got to say for your psychological or journalistic integrity now?