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As previously stated, today's hearing was merely a formality, originally to set a date for the Preliminary Hearing, and later, to discuss the revocation of Murray's medical license. That did not stop representatives from countries around the world, making their voices heard in Los Angeles today. At times, the emotion was absolutely overwhelming, leaving many, speechless. From a legal perspective, nothing that happened today surprised me. I fully expected Murray to retain his license to practice medicine. Specifically, because this request had been previously denied, and because he has outstanding child support obligations, as well as having to bankroll his defense. Now, many of you are saying, "Let him get a public defender, like anyone else who cannot afford an attorney" But remember, no matter what OUR personal feelings are, Murray has simply been CHARGED with a crime, not convicted of anything yet. A defendant has the right to retain private counsel if they can afford it and choose to do so. As long as he keeps working, he can afford it. The court cannot deny him that right. Ultimately, however, I do expect to see some permanent sanctions placed on his license and for the scope of his medical practice to be somewhat limited.

The next hearing on June 14th, will not only address the medical license matter, it will also be the Preliminary Hearing date. This hearing is a standard part of the legal trial process. By the time this hearing takes place, the defense must be in full receipt of all disclosure that the prosecution plans to use against the defendant. This means that all the evidence the State has against Murray, must be turned over to his attorneys by the time this hearing occurs. This allows his lawyers to determine which strategies to employ when putting together his defense. This is important to ensuring a fair trial. A fair trial is paramount in this case, because if there is a question of ethics, or there are technical mistakes, it can result in a mistrial, which would be disastrous for the prosecution. At this hearing, the judge will decide at that point if the evidence warrants the case proceeding to trial. (This is a no-brainer in this case...there is plenty of evidence, but this is a necessary formality in accordance with our Justice system) Once the Preliminary Hearing is complete, a date for the trial, (along with jury selection dates) will begin. During the course of a court case, often other small technicalities may come up in between this time, and time will be scheduled for judges to rule on any other matters that may need to be addressed beforehand.

While today's hearing was not earth shattering in terms of justice being served, it was part of the journey. This is what we must focus on as we all enter into this quest for Justice for Michael. Step by step, we WILL get there. When I looked around today, the corridors, out the windows, hearing news reporters speaking foreign languages, and just observing people, I realized something. Michael is STILL doing it. He is STILL bringing people together. STILL uniting people for a cause. I saw people from other countries who had no clue that the other existed yesterday, sharing a common cause, and sharing overwhelming emotion today. I saw pain, I saw sadness, I saw smiles , I saw laughter, I saw anger and I saw tears, but above all, I saw US, I saw the L.O.V.E, and I saw the Warriors, and in THAT, I saw Michael.

Stay strong Warriors, and keep the faith. We have won the battle, but the war is not over yet.

Love Lives Forever.

Samantha Jelly