Insanity X Lives (-X1) Blanaid X Lives



I am just sitting back watching the media frenzy as the broadcasts and the tabloid publications continuously evolve and surmount! They are going for the gold here-this is about$$$$! Plain and simple cash in on the case and Michael is generating plenty of revenue even for people that would otherwise be making NO money of the kind! People that have otherwise faded to black have now surfaced with new and shocking revelations-out of the wood work-all of a sudden.. The banter resumes with the true intent hidden in the shadows-ANYTHING FOR MONEY$$$ DOLLARS MAKE SENSE!

The vultures are swarming-swarming they are-to get a piece of anything that they can get. The irony of this! For those that know me well know that I predicted this time and era regarding what is transpiring. You see X1 is NOT delusional and I see the EVIL THAT MEN DO! Murray has now according to tabloid reports taken to saying that Michael injected the fatal dose of Propofol on his own! It has been stated that while Murray took a brief intermission for personal reasons- Michael awakened and injected himself with the fatal dose!

Now I do not know about you-I know about me! I know that my common sense tells me that this is not possible. I do NOT need to be a fancy lawyer to figure this out! I do not need to pass the NYS Bar examination to see that Michael was given many different pharmaceuticals on this particular day. In fact he was given so many that the tabloid reports allude to what they claim to be factual-that he had over 100 times the amount of pharmaceuticals required in his system! So how did we go from this to Michael injected himself with the fatal dose? Whosoever these people are they must think X1 is illiterate or stupid!

The simple fact that anyone would try to sway public opinion to believe this non-sense is asinine at the very least! I am waiting for the real time updates from the tabloids which will try Murray in a court of public opinion! I am waiting to see how they prepare the supporters and fans for what the final outcome of this legal charade will be. I am waiting for them to announce what jail sentence Murray will do with respect to the time factor! I am waiting for Michael to be the catalyst for change regarding doctors and prescription drug peddling!

*Yes I think also that the WORLD is waiting don't you???