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Personal Reflections Of X1


Michael was about a message!  It took a while for this great epiphany of a revelation to be imparted upon me; however, I heard it...  I heard it so loud that it changed me when I did!  I do not recall when this first happened-when I actually started to pay attention to the lyrics of songs.  I have always been involved in music.  When I was a boy and my mother had me take piano lessons, later I morphed into a  hip hop DJ, afterward I did personal music production for a while.  This is where I think I began to pay attention to the lyrics and the effect that music has on humans.

I have always been different.  Being Black in the 1970's in NYC--going to private school and, having things that other children of my culture could not afford automatically made me different!  As a direct result  I was automatically drawn to anything different. Often times growing up in NYC I would listen to the music of Michael as a child.  I can remember my mother playing Michael along with her favorite oldies music.  I would get up and dance up a storm as soon as anything MICHAEL or JACKSON 5 came on!  During holidays like Christmas, New Years and, Easter this was common place--the family celebration. The madness in the music had gotten to me. I am just as guilty as the rest-status nonexempt.

It seems that for many years I did not realize there was a message in the music.  I was too caught up in the wonderment of the sound and the feelings it produced to ever really hear or for that matter feel the words in the music.  Now a days it is common place for people to sing a song and NOT even recognize its message! *With Michael he was an eye opener!  As I got to my teens and Michael's music of the 1990's became a call to the masses I heard it! I am a product of Generation X....A.K.A. The wasted generation. X is also the first letter of my middle name. I have always been referenced this way since a young child.

What I have learned from this in short is that people often listen-however, they DO NOT HEAR! I have learned to have an open mind and be aware of what I consume.  You know, I hear many people say they love Earth Song.  **I have not seen many of them do anything to promote awareness regarding this and try to stop or speak out about the destruction of our planet that is occurring. I cannot fathom how people can say that the are for Michael and not promote anything that is about saving the planet or togetherness of us as a people!  How can people sit by and witness starving or sick children or people and go about their everyday lives as usual--without any attempt to assist them!

I just DO NOT get it~!  I guess I just Will NOT either.  Pardon me, I apologize sincerely I do-in FACT get it!

What this is here is the:

*"It does not affect me policy and I am NOT concerned!"  I do get it, one day this might knock on the door for the people that have ignored Michael's message in the music and they will wish that someone hear them and have mercy!

We live in very serious times and if there is no message then we are really lost.  Life is not all wonderful.  I am sorry to be the one to break this news to you.  So while you are sitting there having the time of your life some child is orphaned in Africa or some other nation and their mother or father is dead because of poverty, war, famine or disease!  This was the message--do not be so selfish and only have considerations for ones own welfare.  We live on this planet together--it is a GLOBAL Village in case you have not noticed.  If you sit back and watch this take place and do not raise your voices in objection to it then you are just as guilty as the people that have made this all possible!

*Yes, there was a message in the music and I heard it Loud and Clear did you?

**If NOT just what did you hear?